Section ZZ, Plural Z, Beta. A small, but mostly charted area of the western spiral arm of the galaxy. Section ZZ is generally avoided by galactic travellers, as there is instability to subspace in the area, due to a war nearly a billion years ago. Because of this instability, many travellers end up places they didn't really intend to go.

Floating deep in space, hanging on the Lagrange between two great giant stars, is one of those places. Here, a twisted mass of primitive spaceships, a stones throw from the stone age of a thousand local races hangs in nothingness, occasionally joined by another, pulled across time and space by the twisted warp beneath reality. Tiny capsules and vessels, powered by the simplest of reaction drives, this twisted wreck bears mute witness to sentient life's earliest impulse to reach out to the stars above.

Among the ships lies a simple, flask shaped vessel, bearing the mark of an ancient Terran nation, the red, white and blue banner of a culture long forgotten in this new era, but a historical treasure to Earthmen none the less. Many hundred other such ships bear the same value to a thousand other cultures spread through the galaxy.

Newly discovered, the ancient treasures have sparked the desires and imaginations of a hundred thousand archaeologists and paelontologists across the galaxy, and the race of discovery is on.

Plot Uses

It belongs in a Museum! - It's got tremendous value just because of age. But who deserves to have it? Bring out your Indiana Jones fantasies.

Our Ancestors Had WHAT? - An ancient military weapon prototype can be found among the wreckage. While the power of the weapon itself is nothing special among modern weapons, the principles that it works on are otherwise unique, and with modern energy generation, it can be used to tremendous, and terrifying effect. Retrieve it before the enemy does!

Here's to you, Herbie - Galactic Civilization is built on a story that is a lie. Within the twisted tangle is the proof of the lie - Expose it, and tumble the corrupt and twisted order which slaughters wolflings and enslaves the uplifted, or protect it from those who would bring chaos and unbridled war upon the universe.

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