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July 14, 2006, 5:28 pm

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Dreamweaver Cassiopia


“Do you trust me? Do you feel I can get you through this night?”

They looked unsure. Slowly, each nodded. One even spoke, “I believe you can get me through this night.”

“Good. I believe we can reach the morning light. Now here is what we need to do…...”

Inspired by Dreamweaver by Gary Wright

“She” most often appears as a blue eyed beauty with shiny long brunette hair. While usually thrown back in a pony tail, it can be styled in any way she wants… as can her form. Truly, she can appear as anything she needs, and in any clothing she needs. However, she stays somewhat consistent in her appearance.

All Dreamweavers are strong and durable ectomorphs. Endurance, perception, and communications are their strong points. They are swift spirits in the Slumbering Lands. While they can visit other realms, they seldom if ever do.

Cassiopia can actually take a solid form in the Day Realms. This comes from (or might be the cause of) her attachment to dayside people.

The Dreamweavers are the Guides of the Slumbering Lands. These Dreamling spirits are stewards of the Slumbering Land, independent of any Dreaming Lord or Master. They help herd dreaming minds from the Dayworld/ waking world to their appropriate areas in the Slumbering Lands (dream world).

Most Dreamweavers work for “guilds”. Each guild has its own “territory”. Some of these are day geographical, some are ethnic (all Celts (or of the blood) or all Yarins), or emotional (Lovers are the providence of Erosians, those with fears of spiders go with the Norans). The guilds will often have “disagreements” over a given Dayling (dreamers) disposition.  Sometimes these are solved by words; other times by staffs. Sometimes those in power must step in, before things escalate. No guild officially works for any Dreaming Lord or Master, certain ones tend to work more closely with certain nobles (some for a cut of energy, others for ideological purposes). Most Dreamweavers handle the nightly migration, culling their bit of energy from every dreamer that is their passage toll.  Sure some lordlings give “gifts” to Dreamweaver who bring more sleepers than their due, but generally it is all quite automatic. Some Dreamweavers are outriders, finding errant dreamers and returning them to where they belong (or where they want to put them). Most Dreamweaver treat their charges like cows, dumb herd animals that really don’t understand and are normally bellow their notice. Cassiopia is quite different. She cares.

Unlike most, she makes sure people end up in “just the right spot”. She will often rescue people who have been wrongly placed (herded to a Mareling lordling who feeds on their fear for example). She takes on the burden of rescuing any Dayling from any Outsider who might intrude into the Dreamlands, rescuing from their madness inducing dreams. She likes people, so she tries to make their stay in her realm as wondrous as possible.

While most think her mad as to really care this much about Dayling herd, it has brought her to the attention of many a Dreamling Lord.  So they will tap her for odd jobs as well. If celestrials of any force need a guide in the Slumbering Lands, she is often called for this dangerous job - because when there is one, the opposite side will often try to interfere with it. If a mortal is interfering with sleep or dreaming in some way, some Dream Lordling will dispatch her to Earth to resolve the issue.  Of course, some Dreamling Lords and Masters find her intrusions into their affairs to be a problem that must be resolved. Cassiopia now a piece in the great game of power.

Special Equipment
A small tan pouch filled with sands of consciousness she has scooped up from around various charges over the years. (Spillage from the Sandmen). The sand will cause anyone to simply fall to a natural sleep, or if in a dream - awake instantly.

A good sized green coin purse filled with fairy dust.  This magical substance allows one to manipulate the waking world as if it was a dream. Thus any change must be “dream consistent”, an incremental and emotional change in the world around them. The more that is used in a given area, the more likely that a chaotic effect (something to be avoided) will occur.  So the dust must be used sparingly. 

A few coyns- see A Bag of Beautiful Coyns

A Cloak of Stars: This black cloak will sometimes show faint shining stars. If “swirled” it allows someone to be engulf in its folds, and appear somewhere else that the person knows well of.  Thus in a Dreamweaver’s hand, this cloak can allow one to travel anywhere. These are spirit made magic items, a common item for them.

A Book of Drawings: It appears to be a small slim journal, with only two dozen pages, it has an unlimited number of pages. Each page has a sketch or drawing and perhaps a few notes.  Everything “interesting” that Cassiopia has seen or imagined has been documented in her wishbook. Given that its owner has been around for centuries and is a prolific artists, the book has thousands upon thousands of images and notes. The book is charmed to forever return to her, even if it must fade away, as by magic.

A Staff of Wyrdwood: It is a wooden staff with a birch white sheen, shot through with grains of silver.  In addition to being nearly indestructible, the staff absorbs excess magics. It can dispell glamours and illusions with a touch, weaken any spell running that it “touches”, and stop fairy cantrips cold. Other than these powers, it functions much like a small quarterstaff.  This is a common item for a Dreamweaver.

Roleplaying Notes
Curious. Playful. Caring. Idealistic. Dedicated. Committed in this order. So she first comes across as a flake or fairy, but as things get tougher, her other traits come to the fore.

She has an incredible will of adamantine wrapped up in a guise of laughter, puns, and innuendo.

She does not really plan, she flies by the seat of her pants.

She is actually quite the observant scholar. She knows a great deal about everything dealing with the Slumbering Lands. She is actually pretty spot on when dealing with the Day Worlds.

Unlike most Dreamweaver (or other Dreamlings), who think they know mortals and the mortal worlds, Cassiopia has actually been to the Daylands. She actually understands what is going on in that world, unlike her kin who think the moral world is much like their mockeries in the dreams.

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Comments ( 8 )
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July 12, 2006, 13:38
This was in my work area to be edited for a while. I did 30 views before I released it.

I think I need to do the entire Slumbering Land cosmology. I did it originally for a supers game, but it will work for just about anywhere/ when.
Voted Murometz
July 12, 2006, 14:14
Nice idea. She/They have a place in any genre! Ushers of the Dreamlands. I like all the nifty items too.
Voted manfred
July 12, 2006, 15:26
Interesting view into a completely different world.

Yes, it would be useful to post more around the world. Good work.
Voted Pariah
July 12, 2006, 21:49
Cool idea... Pretty colors.
Voted Scrasamax
July 13, 2006, 10:49
The imagry is nice, and her equipment is pretty nice too. The post does lack a certain amount of polish and the spacing is a bit disjointed.
July 14, 2006, 17:31
Fixed the disjointed spaces.
Voted valadaar
February 26, 2007, 9:35
Mmm. Dreams.

Nicely done Moon.
April 15, 2009, 13:21
Note to Self: I really need to finish the Slumberland and do The Phantasm and The Veil.

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