The Medusan priestess known to humans as Blind Mary is special by anyones standards.
Born lacking eyes, this was seen as a sign from Amarane, and young Marnico was inducted into the priesthood at a young age. As expected, she was proficient in her studies and devout in her worship, and she was granted a rare gift: the ability to see blood, even when it still happens to be in the body. With this gift, she became an able healer, able to see from a glance where the problem area was.

Recently, she was chosen to be the head of a missionary expedition to a small farming town. She was an unusual choice, for she is the equivalent of an 18-20 year old human, due to the fact that Medusa age slower than men. In order to fit in better and seem less alien to humans, she has taken on the nickname "Mary".
Unknown to her, having never seen, she has a reasonably attractive shape. In part due to this, the local miller of the town she is preaching to has fallen in love with her.

Andrew Miller, appropriately named, first met her when she set his arm that had been broken and almost crushed in the millstone. Enamored from the start, his feelings only increased when she wasn't put off by his physical unattractiveness. He has recently started bringing her various small gifts, loaves of bread and such. Having been raised a priestess, Mary has no idea how deep his affection runs, and thinks that he's just a good friend.

Of Mary's responsibilities, one of these is to help teach the inhabitants of the town ways to overcome persistent problems. Of these, the most common is bandits, especially when traveling to other towns or on market day. To this end, Mary has been teaching them how to use the only weapon she has any skill with: the three-part staff. Thanks to her training sessions, a couple of bandit attacks have already been fended off by grateful townsfolk.

Mary is a kind soul, generally out to help. Quick to smile, she has the ability to make people like her without trying. If someone should threaten those that she cares about though, she will try her hardest to defend them. She often has the element of surprise, for those attacking see little threat from a blind girl, even if she has past shoulder length snakes for hair. Along with being able to see their blood, and through it them, she has made a special modification to her three-part staff: a very thin hole straight down the center of each section that was filled with her blood (VERY thin, only a small amount was needed) and then sealed, so her weapon is perfectly visible to her as well.

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