Full Item Description
A Sigle Sword is a short cutlass with a glowing, amythest -inlaid sigil or sigils (up to a naximum of three) set into the hilt where the weapon is held to protect them from blows that might break them.

The Sigil Swords were created by a young wizard with a son who had joined the navy of Big Red.Wanting to keep his son safe he took some of the spare amythest and carved a small sigil into the sword, causing it to glow brightly in the dark, bright enough to read by. Others wanted such swords for their sons and the wizard grew rich making them.
They were welcomed and adopted by the officers and NCO's as they benifited the armed forces as a whole.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The sigils are small and their powers are strictly limited. Furthermore to gain power these sigils must be blessed by a parent or a parent's child or a lover, and each person can only bless one sigil. Should the one who blessed the sigil die or start hating the person who he or she blessed the sigil for, the sigil will lose it's power.The power of the sigil is caused by the love that the one who blessed it has for the one who will carry the sigil on his weapon.

Each weapon may have a maximum of three sigils, both because of the way they are enchanted and because if there is more then one sigil it interferes with the others-more then three on one weapon cancel each other out totally. So a sword with only one sigil will be able to do one thing well whilst one with three sigils has three weak powers.

Such powers include glowing at night, dealing harder damage in a fight, growing warmer when danger threatens, ect. Anything too flashy is discouraged by the military and naval authorities. These are not wonder weapons, but they are a help and a morale booster to their users. Should one of these swords be captured or stolen from it's owner it will lose any magical powers that it has.

A few of the sigals and their powers

*-makes the weapon glow in darkness
)-adds speed to the weapon's strikes
&-makes the weapon less likely to break on combat
^-keeps the blade sharp
$-makes it look better then it is
!-makes the holder braver in battle

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