And around the many headed demons, the swords of the Enemy numbered One Thousand, One Hundred and eleven. And their bloodlust had gone beyond the pale reaches of man. The demons had risen.

And Azenail knelt, And Azenail prayed: "May the force of a thousands spirits fill my blade, May the strength of the earth strengthen my shield, May The purging light fill my will"

And his blade glimmered, And his blade cut, And Azenail Prayed still. And the sun fell, and the night rose, And Azenail Prayed still. And the sun rose, and the sun fell and the night rose, And Azenail Prayed still.

And when the glory of the morning sun fell once more upon the valley of the crow, Azenail stood alone. And praying still, he saw that the many headed demon was dead.

And Azenail knelt, And Azenail gave thanks. For on this day, men would forever remember courage.

General Info
In Elbelos, Magic translates Simply as the ability to manipulate the fabric of Spacetime itself. This can actually be achieved in a wild variety of ways, but most 'users' use a combination of natural ability, focuses and by manipulating latent magical energy which runs through the mortal plane. (actually, it originates there, but that is another story.)

Obviously, the ways a man may manipulate magic are as varied as the practitioners, and the intricacies of each school are best left to their own submission. This is an explanation of how each school goes about enchanting an item. The digressions are only here to clarify how magical abilities are imbued into a lifeless object.

Rune Magic
And it is said that Azenail's Blade was named Thornforge. And it is said that upon it was written the holy tract of Pallas, God of war. Some even said that the entire cosmic chronicles had been etched with inhumane precision, gilded with the finest strands of adamantium and gold, to forever keep the blade true, and the edge sharp.

The manipulation of reality through runes is one of the most studied, and yet least understood forms of magic and enchantment.

Chant Magic

Will Shaping(sorcerers)


Ritualism(Mystic Mages)

Aspect Binding(House mage)


Blood Binding(Warlocks)

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? Quest

What Makes a Weapon magic?

And for that matter, what makes any item magic?

What imbues our swords with supernatural cleaving abilities?

Who allows our maces to smash through stone?

Why do our spears hum with bloodlust?

Where does one find this wondrous font of MAGIC?

How exactly are these weapons created?

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