Item Description

A Remington no.3, top-break revolver, of the .45 1874 model and cast from a pitted, dark reddish metal. The handle seems to be made from yellowed ivory, but closer examination will reveal that the material is human bone.

The hammer sprouts two small, curved iron prongs, which does indeed resemble horns, and is what has given the gun its sinister nick name. From the wrist-strap eyehole hangs what appears to be a short length of battered rosary which ends in an inverted crucifx.


Supernatural Properties

In function and preformance, the Horned Gun is no different from any other, finely crafted fire arm. It shoots reasonably straight, but is cumbersome, heavy and hard to reload.

The real power of the gun lies in the effect it has on whoever carries it - it supresses the user's empathy and sense of morals, making it easier for him (or her) to hurt, maim or kill other people. The effect is ackumulative, and prolonged use of the Horned Gun wll turn the user into a stone-cold, blood-thirsty psychopath.

The power of the Gun cannot turn anyone against his own nature - it can only manipulate what darkness is already present in it's users soul.

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