An armor once used by the great warrior of Ashantar Empire. Averemarn Gre' Lornarn, first born child of Emperor Sarth III. During his childhood, Averemarn was trained by his uncle in the aspects of military. He grew up as a discipline, bold and a courageous warrior. His fighting skill was seen by all Ashantarian, when he lead his army onto thousands of demonic forces. Although the cost was too great, but he possessed a victory worth fighting. His uncle then, knew that Averemarn one day will lead the empire onto the highest peak of their glory. A year after the glorious moment, Averemarn was given a gift by the finest blacksmith in the whole of Ashantar land. And the armor was given a name The Conqueror Armor, or known as Fo Derarer Agger in the toungues of Vuderan. Like any other typical heavy armors, Fo Derarer Agger was forged to defend his master and to symbolize the heroic grandeur Averemarn. Some of his royal army had stated that the armor is just perfect for him, which had display his heroism. Cas'Bar, which is Averemarn' eternal enemy had stated to his fellow followers that the armor was fearsome. The armor resemble as a body of a fearsome creature with stripes that look close enough as a tiger. Each of the shoulder pad resemble the head of two Ashantar famous mythical dragons, Tornalak and Ermpythius. Which was said had ruled the world with their fellow brethren. The gauntlets and the boots was close enough as a claw either a tiger, lion or a dragon. The helmet looks like the head of a four horned dragon. Rumors has it that every arrow that hit on it was reflected and any blade that tried to surpass the armor will break and shaterred in front of the wielder eyes. No one knows what kind of material the blacksmith used to forged the armor. And no one would ever succeed on getting the answer. Even the prince himself.


* The design of the armor that resemble a fearsome beasts had affected the enemy psychologically. Thus, lowering their morale to fight the wielder on a duel.

* A curve concept that applied on the armor had an ample chances to reflect any incoming arrow. Some part of the armor were very hard than the other part of the armor (crucial part of the body). Thus, any opponents that tried to aim at this crucial part will have their sword break and shattered.

' No one really knows the secret of my creations. Except for Avnon and Pivon '

- Mugandir, the Finest Blacksmith of Ashantar.

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