Picture a shrew. Now imagine it being the size of an extra-large Grizzly.

Behold the shrewbear!

The reputation of this creature precedes it. Vicious and voracious, the bearshrew is an extremely territorial omnivore, hyperactive in its constant pursuit of prey. Thankfully, they are rare. It should be noted that Bearshrews are not regular shrews magically made giant, but rather a natural occurring mammalian species in its own right.

In temperament, a Bearshrew is utterly fearless and wantonly cruel, attacking nearly any creature it comes across, without prejudice or mercy.


The first thing to understand about this creature’s nature is its incredibly high metabolism rate. The bearshrew’s heart beats approximately twelve hundred times per minute, and this is the reason for their constant, frantic search for food.

The bearshrew is surprisingly quick and agile for its size and wobbly shape. It can make as many as twelve bodily movements in a single second. When attacking, it confuses and disorients prey with its surprising speed, darting back and forth, in seemingly random bursts of frenetic energy.

The shrewbears have a bizarre bone structure, in that the creature’s spine and ribcage is a fused lattice-work of interconnecting bone upon bone. Anecdotal evidence suggests that an oak tree can collapse on top of a sleeping bearshrew, and the creature would just wake up, squeeze its way out from under the tree and go about its way, barely damaged from the force of the impact. Unsurprisingly, blunt weapons cause no damage to the creatures body.

Though their eyesight is extremely poor, their hearing and sense of smell are just fine. Additionally shrewbears have a form of echolocation which helps them hunt.

Their teeth are jagged and spiky, and a sinister dark-red in color. This is due to the over abundance of iron in the enamel, which reinforces their teeth and allows them to puncture even plate mail without breaking.

But wait, there’s more!

Bearshrews can emit a high-pitched “shriek” twice per day, which could easily deafen foes in a thirty foot radius from the creature.

They release a musk so strong at all times that it is impossible to not realize you are in the vicinity of a shrewbear. At least you’ll be warned.

Lastly, the bearshrew’s saliva is highly venomous. The creature is able to paralyze its foes or prey with every bite.  That’s right, they’re venomous.

Odds and Ends

Bearshrews are feared by all creatures great and small, and rightfully so. Aggressive and stupid, a shrewbear will not hesitate to charge a dragon if hungry enough.

Shrewbears and actual bears are not only rivals for territory, but the shrewbears actively hunt ursines. On rare occasion, a bear will escape or survive a bearshrew attack, but most of the time they are fodder for a hungry rampaging shrewbear.

According to some alchemists, the ashes of a burned shrewbear mixed with goose grease, wine, and a few other common ingredients, can create various magical concoctions. From potions of speed to salves of invulnerability, and everything in between.

Shrewbears are hoarders. Whatever they find that they don’t eat, they bring back to their deep burrows. It is not known at this time why they do this, but hey, it keeps the adventurers coming.

Bearshrews are (thankfully) solitary creatures. Their mating habits are unknown at this time.

As one anonymous DM once said to his players, many moons ago, “You guys sure you want to hunt one down? There are *much* easier ways to acquire 1200 XP”

Ye Olde Timey Schooliness

In AD&D terms

HD 10+10

AC -2

# Att/rd: 2 (bite/bite)

DAM 2-12 x2

SA: venomous bite (save -2 vs poison or paralyzed for 2-12 rounds), ultrasonic shriek (save -2 or be deafened 2-12 rounds)

SD: super-bones, immune to blunt weapons

Psionics: nil

XP bonus: 1000 + 2/HP

*automatically wins initiative every round. 

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