These birds come in 3 varieties(detailed below) but they all share the following. The bird will present a small token of what it is going to convey(the token will be directly related for the coming vision).This token(if held) will give a very brief flash insight in the brain of the holder.Their origin is lost to time. If speak with animals is cast the chirping will be revealed as"Take this Please!"i

The Common Remember Bird reveals insight about the past. For example it will give a view of a powerful king if you were in the ruins of his city Or maybe seeing ones grandmother you never met.

The Uncommon Remember Bird reveals the present. You might see the throne room of a noble you should see, Or maybe what your mother is up to.

The Rare Remember Bird will reveal the future. Not a possible future but the definite future. It will reveal an enemy(perhaps showing a weakness) Or your grown up son, who looks a lot like you

In all cases the visions are crystal clear, extremely short and fragmented(still providing the incite necessary to understand the vision

Society differs on how these are thought of. In a primitive culture the bird is sen as a powerful sign and in fact there are tribes that see them as divine. highly advanced magical nations often try to seek out the origins and are rewarded with frustration.

Other than all of this, it is a just a small bird, but it's nesting area is only in one spot, a ruined monastery far from any civilization. The birds will not mate if taken from their home. The bird ihas brown wings and body with a white head, it is sparrow sized.

The fact that it is found in a religious ruin.points to a divine origin but that's about it

These can be used to advance a plot or foreshadowing or to advance the player's back story


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? Quest

When you are under siege, you have nothing but time. But the abundance of time is just as much of a weight as the enemy outside the gates. It is time for the Citadel to develop a creative Stimulus Package to support the Strolenati during this unique time. After no deliberation and no votes, the following will be the procedures followed through the the Citadel Stimulus Quest. (Subject to change, amendment, and adjustment as needed.)

  • Every Monday a minimum influx of $40 will be added to the Stimulus Package to keep the Creative Citadel Economy out of a Recession.
  • The Stimulus Package will accumulate $40 weekly until there are 5 unique author submissions.
  • Authors can write as many submissions as they like and each will be considered on their own merits.
  • On the Sunday after the 5 author requirement is met, the 5+ submissions by 5+ authors will be weighed and measured by the Strolenati.
  • Whomever is determined as the winner(s) will receive funds (as determined by the Strolenati) that have collected in the Stimulus Package.
  • On Monday, if winners were awarded, the Stimulus Package will be re-established at $40 and the quest will restart.
  • The quest will continue in this cycle until such a time that the Strolenati Council has deemed the siege over.
Current Stimulus Package: $40
Next Update: Jul 13
Contributors: Strolen, Murometz

Round 1 completed May 10: 7 Weeks - $280 in Stimulus reserves. Since it was the first round, and the amount was enough to pass around, we decided everyone who took the time deserved something. So sayeth the Strolenati.

Round 2 completed July 6: 8 Weeks - $340 in Stimulus reserves. Incresed funding and a stabilized creative force has allowed some increases in most awards. So sayeth the Strolenati.

Round 1Round 2
1. Scrasamax - $115
2. Ted - $75
3. manfred - $50
4. Siren no Orakio - $20
5. valadaar - $10
6. Aramax - $10

  1. Ted - $120
  2. Scrasamax - $75
  3. Moonhunter - $55
  4. Chaosmark - $ 30
  5. Moonlake - $20
  6. valadaar - $20
  7. WAR10CK - $20

? Community Contributions (1)-1

The Lord of Magic was bored. his worshipers were fat and content. His Clerics and paladins were idyll. His demi-gods were busy trying to catch up with paperwork.

So he hatched a really dumb plan: He would seek to add the portfolio of the god of forgotten lore to his own.

For you see the Magic God had long sought to bring the Master of Forgotten Lore to his knee's.

So he created a small bird hat would take bits of knowledge from the object of his desire. His plan had one very bad factor in it: The bird was from his power and could not take from another(He should have leached a small bit from the Master) .

The remember Bird began to take from it's Lord. And in a last bit of irony:The rest of the story was forgotten!