Rulf and Wulf of the Twins’ Fletchers

Both burly men, the twins have surprisingly soft and beautiful features that give them an odd

look, as if they were maidens mistakenly born into men’s bodies. Do not stare at either of them for too long for they are sensitive about their looks. The twins have garnered a reputation for high quality work for themselves but also an equally ferocious one for bringing headache to customers. Since usually only one guards the shop at a time, the mischievous twins always ask visitors to guess which of them they are and subsequently give small rewards or ‘surprises’ depending on whether they have guessed right or wrong. While the rewards are certainly worth the effort, the ‘surprises’ are… well, embarrassing and certainly set one’s teeth on edge.

In addition, when both happen to be in the shop at the same time (which isn’t often but does happen once or twice a month), the place is turned into a tavern with the two shouting at each other in a hot debate over the proper way to fletch arrows. Any customer visiting on such days will be drawn into the brotherly ‘feud’ and asked to take sides. The one you do not side with will eye you in a speculative way that indicates he might have a ‘surprise’ in store for you and if you do not choose a side at all, you are sure to get one when you leave. Luckily, the memories of the brothers are not that long so there are no carry-over repercussions from such an untimely visit.

Hudo the ship builder, who has a double identity and will reveal some crucial information to you if you catch him at it

Aekiti the half-armourer, who produces low quality ware that you cannot tell at first glance, perhaps this presents an opportunity to resell them at a profit in another city?

Sam “Snake-tongue”, who earned his nickname from carving his signature S- a curly S with an especially long ‘tongue’ at the top, into his carpentry handiwork. When asked about it, he would tell you with a big smile, “I might get famous one day, ya know, so it pays for me to make my work stand out”

Giuseppe the glass blower, renowned for making the most fantastic glass globes with sceneries and objects enclosed within. When asked whether that’s magic or skilled craftsmanship behind his skills, he would just smile enigmatically.

Master Zhong the jade sculptor, who came from a family where all males who have attained a certain level of skills take on the name of “Zhong Rong Yi” in honour of the founder of the family (who was reputedly named by some lord ages past

Mistress Ai the embroiderer, whose work sells for higher price than their quality commends because she is renowned as the ‘blind embroider”

Master Fan the Scholar, a fan-maker living in the poor quarters who supposedly descended from a scholar and so decorated his fans with calligraphy

Old Gan the inkwell-sculptor who refuses to make anything to custom order because each of his handiwork needs to be created from his soul. If you try to reason that none of his current work is to your liking, he would just shrug and say that all of his work have their fateful owners and you are just not one of them

Master Chen the retired potter who can only be found in the short period between 1 p.m and 3 p.m in his shop and spends the rest of his time pursuing other hobbies or just outside admiring scenery

Missy Shao the colour-blind village dyer/weaver who produces high quality than is her ilk but will give you the wrong cloth unless you know the specific colour code that corrects for her condition

Contributions from CM:

Jim the Bartending Brewmaster. Crafts a truly excellent hard beverage of choice.

Crimeo, Mapmaker extraordinare. Produces insanely detailed and truly superior quality maps in an absurdly quick fashion. Is often accused of using magic to produce his results, but nobody has ever been able to prove anything except for the accuracy of the maps in question.

Marble Max. High quality marble statues, but they never have feet. He can't carve feet to save his life.

Alminster "Tick-Tock" Burnisher. A well-known clockmaker.

Thracian, master of all things filigree. Can turn a spool of wire into amazing works of art in the span of minutes.

"Jitters" McLean, a programmer that crafts beautiful websites that give +1 to SEO rankings and +3 to persuasion rolls.

"Murder She Wrote", a serial killer with an artistic streak. Poses victims into grotesque works of art that awe and horrify at the same time.

Julzqar, a botanist that grows plants of all kinds with a vast variety of eye-catching colors, patterns, and shapes that the average person would swear require magic to produce. Thinks square watermelons are the most irritating faux biosculpts to ever catch the public eye.

Utnima Hbzina, a biosculpter that creates one-of-a-kind servants for nobles that want to have eye-catching creatures delivering wine to guests at parties. Prides herself on never delivering the same thing twice, and sends invoices to match.

Rashid of the Thirteen Spires. A temple designer for the royal family in insert Egypt analogue. Designs well-liked orthodox layouts and murals that nevertheless contain unique, fresh elements and motifs that are inspiring to true believers.

Crankshaft. A synthetic mechanic with a flare for wicked-cool vehicle paint jobs.

Node d0cf64a90f674317bc9ad27c453a7e4e, a hyper-advanced terraforming AI for a long-dead race that travels from system to system, deploying legions of worker drones to shred the planetary material and rebuild it into absolutely artificial configurations that are aesthetically pleasing to its hedonic algorithms. Avoids systems with anything more advanced than bacteria.

Xerketh Tv'lgh*bv, a solo magma crystal miner obsessed with drilling perfectly-circular and smooth holes into the crust of target planets to extract the magma crystals that form in the extreme conditions of the mantle. A boring job that xe is perfectly suited to, extracting joy (and expensive magma crystals) from a job perfectly done

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? Quest

When you are under siege, you have nothing but time. But the abundance of time is just as much of a weight as the enemy outside the gates. It is time for the Citadel to develop a creative Stimulus Package to support the Strolenati during this unique time. After no deliberation and no votes, the following will be the procedures followed through the the Citadel Stimulus Quest. (Subject to change, amendment, and adjustment as needed.)

  • Every Monday a minimum influx of $40 will be added to the Stimulus Package to keep the Creative Citadel Economy out of a Recession.
  • The Stimulus Package will accumulate $40 weekly until there are 5 unique author submissions.
  • Authors can write as many submissions as they like and each will be considered on their own merits.
  • On the Sunday after the 5 author requirement is met, the 5+ submissions by 5+ authors will be weighed and measured by the Strolenati.
  • Whomever is determined as the winner(s) will receive funds (as determined by the Strolenati) that have collected in the Stimulus Package.
  • On Monday, if winners were awarded, the Stimulus Package will be re-established at $40 and the quest will restart.
  • The quest will continue in this cycle until such a time that the Strolenati Council has deemed the siege over.
Current Stimulus Package: $40
Next Update: Jul 13
Contributors: Strolen, Murometz

Round 1 completed May 10: 7 Weeks - $280 in Stimulus reserves. Since it was the first round, and the amount was enough to pass around, we decided everyone who took the time deserved something. So sayeth the Strolenati.

Round 2 completed July 6: 8 Weeks - $340 in Stimulus reserves. Incresed funding and a stabilized creative force has allowed some increases in most awards. So sayeth the Strolenati.

Round 1Round 2
1. Scrasamax - $115
2. Ted - $75
3. manfred - $50
4. Siren no Orakio - $20
5. valadaar - $10
6. Aramax - $10

  1. Ted - $120
  2. Scrasamax - $75
  3. Moonhunter - $55
  4. Chaosmark - $ 30
  5. Moonlake - $20
  6. valadaar - $20
  7. WAR10CK - $20