Full Item Description

This blade and tang are constructed from a single long shard. The blade is irregular in shape, with grooves along the edges, and variable width along the blade (The forte is thick, the Foible is thick, in between is thinner). There is a wide and deep fuller along both sides of the blade, which is not a straight line, but a gentle curve. The two fullers are asymetrical.

The grip is brown leather strips wrapped around the tang. It is always soaked, and can never be dried. Fixed to the grip is the pummel, which is modeled after a sea conch, and made of gold. The quillions of the blade are elegantly carved snails of gold, and the Ricasso of the blade has a intricate Annellet of gold. The annellet is constructed of loopings of gold.

(You can find out what these sword parts mean here: http://www.historicalweapons.com/swordparts.html)


The descent of this shard, after the sundering, rested it along the shores of an ancient lake, the exact name and location have been lost into time. It is known that the shard was found, by elves, and became a matter of contention among the elven people. This shard had the gift of water.

After being struck with sufficient force, or during times of storm, the shard would pour water in a great deluge. Its fullers would fill, the water would run and large puddles would form with each blow.

After the splitting of the elves, and the creation the hated drow, the knowledge of the shards was not forgotten. The drow sought the shard and attained it. It is not known how long the shard remained in the underdark, but it became a source of life to the drow. With its powers the deep unclean places, where the water is fetid and wrong, could be settled.

It is thought that the shard was forged into a blade by a drow Matriarch, who wielded the blade - symbolically and paradoxially, life and death in one woman's hands.

But all empires fall, and in the great battles the disperesed the drow finally and forever into the furthest reaches of the underdark the sword was recovered to the surface world. Once on the surface its history is hazy; lost and found, traded and sold - in the large human inhabitants where clean water is ample the sword is a novelty. It has passed undocumented through the hands of many people.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The sword is always wet to the touch, and dripping of water. In times of storm the output increases, till the sword is pouring drinkable water. On impact the sword releases a burst of water. The amount of water is so great that when wielded as a weapon, and planted harshly into the body of an opponent, the quantity of water will dilute blood and rearrange tissue. Its possible to drown a man by stabbing into the chest or mouth.

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