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April 13, 2006, 7:46 am

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The Eye of the Pig


Yes my child, the pig can see the winds, and will tell you of the storms.

Full Item Description
It is a small glass orb, small as an eye.  Inside it, glinting in the candle-light as I sit here, is a small piece of metal.  Now that I think of it it’s quite like a sword tip.  Every once in a while, usually when someone nearby is feeling particularly impassioned, it clouds over and looks as if a small storm is raging inside of it.  –Journal entry of Sinou the Elder.

It’s a relic of an ancient world, crafted by one of the first artificers.  It was made mere decades after the clash between the Two.  (The Two is in reference to the Storm Queen and the Mad God)  And even though the true origins of this item have very likely been forgotten by all the mortal races, and it will probably be known only by the eldest of the dragons, who themselves will have heard it only from others.  And, though quite a few of the tales concerning this item have been lost, there are many more tales than even its years should allow.

Some say, and whether this is true or not I cannot vouch, that this relic was crafted for a great archer; who, after losing his eye in battle, appealed to his brother to make him a new one.  His brother obliged him, and after getting the best materials for the eye, set about crafting it.  However, no matter how hard he tried he wasn’t able to complete it to his satisfaction.  Until, near despair, he remembered the day when blood rained from the sky, and the metal shard that was nearly his death.

And in his final attempt, both fatefully wrong and wonderfully right, he succeeded where all his other tries had failed.  And when his brother put it in for the first time it helped him much more than was hoped.  Instead of restoring him his vision, it was increased 3-fold, and what’s more, he could see the winds themselves.  And at first they knew nothing of it’s ills.

You see, it calls out to her.  It’s a call carried to her by the winds themselves, and it gets more desperate the closer she gets.  In those first years, when both of them were still nursing their wounds, it was silent.  But when she finally awakened again, and ran off to her home it screamed for the first time in decades.  And the scream was enough to pick the archer and a score of others and toss them 80 feet into the air, and that after that they flew another 20 yards before they finally landed.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Eye allows the owner to see the patterns of the winds, how they are flowing now and how they will flow.  It also gives the person preternatural vision beyond that, 2 or 3 times what a member of their race would normally be capable of seeing.  And while this will be a great boon to anyone who uses it they must watch out for the seemingly random gusts.  Some of them are light, only 10 or 15 miles an hour, while others are 10 times that.  Though the very high end of this is extremely rare, only to be expected when She is walking close by.

Possible Hooks

The Whistling Caves - A tunnel system miles long, there seems to always be air coming out of the caves.  And the winds rushing through the tunnels create a distinctive, and not unpleasant, whistling or moaning noise.  Though there are many local tales to explain this, from spirits to a portal to Hell it is in fact the Eye that is causing all the winds. 

I Want It - A noble or priest has heard of this fabulous trinket and wants it.  OR The Storm Queen has finally remembered her broken swords and wishes to piece them together again, and so gives the PCs a nice holy quest to complete.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted Cheka Man
December 18, 2005, 20:06
I like it. :)
Voted Siren no Orakio
December 24, 2005, 11:18
It feels a little under-developed, but it's basically solid. A false eye with the essence of a god implanted in it becomes a pale reflection of the eye of that god, especially since it must be a small, and thus 'weak' shard - But what inspires a person to put a sword-tip in an eye?
December 24, 2005, 22:51
Bleh. Underdeveloped is right. I think I might've thought of this about 1130 to 12 at night, and typed it up then. No notes on this sucker anywhere, which means it got developed for a total of 10, maybe 15 seconds. Okay, I'm guessing that it would be because he could feel the power emenating off of it, figured out the it was a piece of one of Her swords, and figured that this would help his brother, maybe even allow him to 'see' out of the glass eye.
December 26, 2005, 15:10
Updated: A little bit here, a little bit there and it stops feeling underdeveloped
Voted Roack
April 13, 2006, 19:21
Wow, I like it, It's a little creepy now, too. Still feels like it's missing a bit of something, but I like it.
Voted Murometz
April 13, 2006, 21:40
I love the name! Eye of the Pig invokes horror/terror, before you even begin reading it. I wish the details were a bit expanded on as others have mentioned. Also, I realize and understand that this is part of the Shards of the Storm Quest, but I feel that if it was a stand alone item, and its powers were radically different, leaning towards something more sinister, this would have been AWESOME!
April 15, 2006, 0:24
Muro I'm thinking about doing another, slightly more sinister eye replacement. You might reconize the next one too.
Voted valadaar
March 31, 2015, 14:54
I like this one - even its odd, unexplained nature somehow works.

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