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The Sleigh of the Storm is a large wooden sleigh with what appears to be some very ordinary sacks in the back. A Shard of the Storm is mounted in the front of the sleigh, which can detect and repel rain, snow, hail, sleet, lightning and most other forms of bad weather, and which keeps the driver warm in the nastiest coldest winters. Arrows and spears that are fired or thrown at the sleigh are blown away and any evil magic cast at it is turned back on the caster.


Nine centuries ago, Father Olaf, who lived in Vallermoore, was a priest of Mammon with a difference. He cared about his people, and not just those in his flock, but those who worshipped other gods and goddesses. He would help the poor and those in need without demanding anything in return, most of all at the Festival of Sunreturn, the shortest coldest day in Vallermoore.

The Bishop heard of this and was outraged, requesting the secular authorities to arrest him and throw him into prison on charges of misuse of church funds and heresy. But when the City Guards turned up to arrest him a beam of bright sunlight shone down upon him and when it vanished in a few seconds, he had gone as well.

The next year on Sunreturn Eve there were strange rumours of a flying sleigh pulled by boars, the sacred animal of Mammon. People of all religions woke with gifts in their stockings and socks, mostly children, but some adults as well, providing they had been good. Bad people only got lumps of coal. Since then the same thing has happened every year. There have been attempts to capture the sleigh but they have all failed,and resulted in the people involved having their spare socks stuffed with coal.

Nobody knows where Father Olaf lives. Some say he lives in Heaven, others that he lives with the Gods and Goddesses, others that he lives in a cave in the Sabertooth Mountians or at the inaccessable ice-gripped North or South Pole of the planet.

Noone has seen the sleigh except on Sunreturn Eve either.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The sacks are in fact magical dimensional one-way portals to what is thought to be some kind of heaven. They contain an endless supply of toys and small gifts.Things can only be taken out of them-nothing can be put inside.Anything put inside is slung out again.

The sleigh is pulled by a team of eight flying pigs.In the case of this item, pigs really can fly.

Providing that the driver is driving on Sunreturn Eve and carrying out his or her duties of delivering presents, time stops on the planet, until the last gift is delivered. Guards, dogs, golems, and nasty booby traps are frozen in position and even Undead will not attack the driver of this sleigh. For the driver, it grants a whole year of immortality, after the duties are carried out. Should the driver ever resign the duty he or she would forfit the immortality gained. (see below.)

Should he or she attempt to use the position for evil purposes, the guards/dogs/booby traps/Undead will attack him or her, and the immortality will be forfitted and as many years that have passed will be added on.In the case of Father Olaf, he would crumble to dust, ageing nine centuries in as many seconds. It is thought that Mammon Himself, touched by the priest's kindness, granted him the position and the sleigh.

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Some time ago, I posted up the Shards of the Storm. In essence, they are fragments of a goddess's essense, containing a piece of the driven fury of the concept of the Storm. Much of their purpose, from a GMing point of view, is to provide a common thread for items of power. So? So, so far I have only been able to come up with two not-weapon items to make out of these, and I'd like to see what better minds than mine can do with them.
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