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March 1, 2006, 10:19 am

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manacles of fury


Three manacles created by a devout priest of the Storm Queen. Connected to the storm queen via one of the shards of the storm they are used to take control of any person who wears one.

Full Item Description
Two of the manacles are made for a persons wrists and one is designed to latch on to someone’s neck. The manacles are dark grey and unordorned with no decoration at all. Other than a shard of the storm the manacles are made of an alchemical metal which conducts the power of the storm queen brillently. The manacles can be tightened and can fit any human neck or wrist.

Calus was a priest of the Storm Queen from the age of 7 as was traditional among the Storm Cult, that inhabited the desert of storms. His people were favored by the Queen and they worshipped her absolutly dedicated to her as they relied on her protection for survival. The Zealots however were obliged to search for the legendary Shards of the Storm which would grant the people a great reward form their goddess. If they found all the shards of the storm then their queen will transform the desert of storms into a paradise where the Storm Cult would start a great nation, protected from all enemies by their grateful queen.

However after hundreds of years not one shard had been found. The Goddess was getting impatient and as a warning her protection started to slowly lessen, and would continue to until a single shard was found.

Calus, who was always one of the most dedicated priests, the Queen had now began to search like never before. He was not driven by greed but by the need to protect his wife and children. Even the month after the Goddess began to remove her protection, 2 dozen died.

He searched long and hard, despite the harse storms. Calus was a warrior like every single Storm Cultist and he traveled far into the desert of storms. Where the storms were so harsh even the strongest storm cultist would die after a few minutes. However it occured to him that he was close to at least one shard in that area.

He realised that if he had another shard he could use magic to track down another shard. By going to an area where the storm was strongest he would be close enough to track the shard down with one he could find every other.

That very second he prayed to his Queen asking for a tiny grain of her strenght and in return he would find the shards of the storm. The Queen new her priest was sincere and granted his wish. The Shard was only half an hour away from him.

With this Shard he saved his people and with it he claimed rulership over the Storm Cult as the Tempest Lord. He hired the best smith they had to forge three manacles at Calus’ order. With them he hoped to finally finish the quest for the Shards which had taken centuries in his lifetime.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Manacles allow the wearer to sense the shards of the storm. The signal is faint and only someone with great wit and mindpower and will can track a shard down. The manacles are connected to the divine storm queen who has the wearer at her mercy to either guide, control directly or just force to search for the Shards. The wearers has minor power over storms as well as protection from all damage by them.

With unwilling wearers (which are necesary as the Storm Goddess knows there are less devout, smarter people out there) The queen unleashes her rage and anger into their minds. If the wearer is weak then he/she can go insane and the Storm queen does not bother with them anymore. If they are strong then the wearer will get enraged by the anger and end up embracing it by becoming angry. The Storm queen then has total control of that person. Stormwalkers as the wearers of the manacles are called are the best searchers the Queen has sent looking for the shards and are quite formidible. They are extreamly powerful and have the Storm Queens’ anger. The ONLY way to free someone of a manacle is by making the Queen release them somehow (or is she lets them go willingly of course). The Stormwalkers are chosen of the smartest and strongest heroes around.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Scrasamax
February 22, 2006, 17:22
Looks like this submission was overlooked...

I think the Desert of Storms could be more fleshed out, as well as the Storm Cultists who seem to live there. What sort of homes and such do they have that survive the storm, or are they nomadic wanderers? Why has the Storm Queen favored them over other folk? Are all children 7 years old 'given' to the Storm Queen?

It seems that the SQ has no respect for the Storm Cultists, since she lashes them with storms and withdraws her protection, and allows for her shards to be made into a tool for non-believers, otherwise I dont think that the chain and manacle idea would have come up. The idea feels like having a chained tracking dog...
March 1, 2006, 10:19
Updated: Thats kinda the point she knows that the best searchers are not going to be storm cultists so the manacles are created to provide more hunters.
Voted valadaar
January 8, 2014, 12:04
Only voted

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