Full Item Description
This Rod is really a large pole twenty feet high. It is made from metal, and has a blue grayish tint to it. At the base, it has what appears to be eight long metal pincers that resemble the legs of a spider, which are unfolded and stuck into the ground.

Also at the base, there is a large metal ring about a foot thick that goes around the base of the pole (it is literally welded to the pole). The ring is ornately designed with forks of lightning that cover it, as well as a pair of handles that is actually part of the ring itself.

This set of handles is made from metal, consisting of curved cylindrical bars with finger impressions on them, obviously for holding. There is only one pair of such handles.

Also, underneath the ring, there are very strong metal anchors where straps can be attached. These anchors go all around the base.

All considered, the entire thing is rather heavy, weighing a solid four hundred pounds in all.

Magic Properties
This rod was made using one of the larger Shards of Storms. It always has a fierce storm nearby. Strong winds, pouring rain, and powerful, frequent blasts of lightning always surround the pole's location.

When the pole is raised, and firmly attached to the ground via the unfoldable metal stakes attached to the base, all lightning anywhere near the area always strikes the pole. Powerful blasts of lightning should strike the pole roughly every three seconds (more so if a natural storm also happens to exist in the area).

The Ring at the bottom of the pole serves three purposes.

For starters, it draws the storm to it, and the lightning to the pole. More importantly, however, it converts electricity that strikes the pole, into magical energy, and then acts as a Power Well, storing this energy inside itself until it can be drawn out by a wizard or mage.

The entire process would be impossible without the Shard of Storms enhancing it. For starters, the conversion rate is greatly increased by the Shard of Storms. More importantly, conventional methods of causing this effect are impossible because the magic required to summon the storms that fuel the lightning is normally much greater than the energy received by the lightning itself.

In order to use the magic held in the Power Well, a wizard needs only to grab the metal handles and take as much as he wants. This is converted into temporary mana that must be used within the next eight hours or else it will cause mana burn and cause an equivalent amount of electrical energy to electrify the Spellcaster as well.

The Power Well is not without limit. It can hold about a full week's worth of lightning strikes in magical energy, although this could be transferred into other magic wells as well. Once it has absorbed the maximum amount of energy, additional lightning strikes will cause smaller bolts of lightning to emit from the ring within a thirty foot radius, roughly similar to the effect caused by a powerful chain lightning spell (every three seconds). Anybody without The Breast Plate of Storms (I have not actually submitted this item) or a similar form of electricity protection had better stay clear.

Transporting the item is also very difficult. First it has to be taken down. This alone is very hard, specifically since the ground around it has assuredly been turned into rain soaked mud. Then, transporting it requires a wagon, which has to navigate with powerful winds, heavy rain, poor traction, and of course, the chance of being struck by lightning. Even more aggravation is added by the rarity of horses who won't get spooked by lightning.

Then comes the problem of location. The location needs to be someplace that already has a major stream nearby. Without proper drainage, the place will flood over, and those lightning strikes will start hitting you no matter where you stand (via the large pool of water that you are standing in).

On the whole, it is all a very risky business, but well worth it.

Suggestions and Ideas

Right now I cannot think up a suitable History for this item. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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