The school of Entwiners is formed around the art of creating magic with rope and knots. In some cases other materials are woven in to add to the enchantment.

The origins of Entwining reach back far in history and seem to appear older even then the coming of fire. Some ancient graves of primitive peoples have been found with the bodies adorned with knotted leather cords which still bore residuals of ancient enchantments. The early enchantments revolved primarily about abstract defences against evil spirits and the bringing of luck. More utilitarian magics are a more recent development.

The arts of Entiwining appeared to be forgotten with the advent of the written word. The tedium and discipline needed to invoke magic with complex knots exceeded the patience of many mages and so the art fell into disuse, with the exception of those peoples who have not yet developed writing.

A revival was experienced after the recovery of a precious set of works from the grave of a great mage dating back to the transition time between Entwining and Magic of the Book. In the grave was found an enormous volume which depicted in great detail the making of a great number of enchanted knots, long lost to the world. Since many of these enchantments were novel and useful, the study of Entwinement was resurrected and now most mages are at least aware of it's basic principles.

Currently, Entwining is most commonly associated with the sea, the Entwiners are all experts in rope-making and knot tying. Interestingly enough, the Art appeals to many who not lettered and may have other disabilities. There are reports of practitioners of the art who are blind, deaf or both. (See Herithi the Begger for one such person).

The enchanted knots all have the following properties:

1. The knots do not reduce the length of the rope, regardless of how much rope is consumed in tying the knots.
2. The knots do not cause a weak-point in the rope.
3. Any Entwiner-made knot is fiendishly difficult to untie.

In addition, all Entwiners are expert rope-makers and can splice ropes together with great speed.

Although they have many magics to work with mundane rope, rare plant fibres, hair from mystical creatures, and even woven crystal form the raw materials for their greater enchantments. None of their magics involve the creation of rope by magic - this task is considered a fundamental preparation for their magic.

Simple spells will render ropes fire & rot resistent, unusually strong, increase length or knot themselves. Many enchantments common with rune-type magics can also be created with specially tied knots.

Some knots can be tied into a being's hair to provide magical defences, etc.

More advanced spells can allow for attack or defence, with ropes making entangling attacks, spinning themselves into nets, or stiffening and striking like spears.

If high-level magics are desired, at the top of their art, loops of rope can form wormholes to allow for transport over great distances. Still others allow the Entwiner to invoke primal forces creating raw energies, gravitational effects and even distort time.(String theory! :) )

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Low Level enchantments

Enlarge Rope - Increases diameter of rope, improving strength and adding weight.

Lengthen Rope

Lock Knot - Knots are magically secured.

Mend Rope

Resist Rot

Strengthen Rope

Unlock Knot


Mid Range Enchantments

Bind - Rope will entwine itself around a target.

Hauling - Induces strong pulling forces on the rope, up to the maximum capacity of the rope.

Ironrope - Rope is temporarily changed to iron, losing flexibility but greatly increasing in strength.

Leverage - Creates virtual, frictionless 'pulleys' which can afix themselves to any object or even midair.

Ropesnake - Animates a length of rope to act as a poisonous serpent or constrictor.

Razorrope - Knots tied into a length of rope become razor sharp,

High Level Enchantments

Beanstalk - Using specially prepared rope 100' long, will transform into a rope 4' diameter, knotted every 18' and up to 1 mile lone that raises vertically or any other desired angle. Can carry great amounts of weight. May allow access to cloud-castles, and easier climbing of mountains.

Portal - Two Carefully braided rope loops created with exotic materials can be used as linked portals.

Mass-untie - All knots, bindings in area of effect are untied. Causes absolute havock on ships.

Rope Guardian - Creates a short-lived golem-like being from rope.

Mythic Level spells

Threads of fate: Special knot tied to the fate of spell's target. Caster can visit upon them selected fates - including curses, death, unless resisted. Can be used for good effects as well, but in any case requires very expensive rope and the tying is long and difficult.

Rope Behemoth

On a Large Construct kick, thanks to Scras's Game Cliche sub...

The Robe Behemoth is a massive construct composed of many ropes, bundled into a huge serpent-like form. Sometime created from dockyard scrap, the ropes are often festooned with other objects - eyelets, pulleys, belaying pins and various other debris. Some ropes lash about like tentacles while other form the beast's body.

Superficially, it resembles a rope Rage of the Forest but is generally much smaller. (This is due primarily to the cost of the raw materials). The largest documented Rope Behemoth was 2' in diameter and 60' long, weighing more then 3 tons.

The Behemoth is vulnerable to fire should its fire wards be broken - the Behemoth has several layers of magic defences above that which provides its movement. It is warded against Fire, Rot and Damage, these spells being quite strong. Once dispelled or otherwise bypassed, the Behemoth is readily damaged, though still quite dangerous.

It is capable of attacking many targets simultaneously - grappling, strangling, whipping and bashing. If it attacks a single opponent, it can use its many strands to draw and quarter the victim.

Being much lighter then a 'Rage, it is capable of climbing rough surfaces to great heights. It also floats quite well so long as its Water wards are in effect. Otherwise, it risks getting waterlogged and slows down.