Full Item Description

When not tied to anything, the rope appears as normal, mundane rope appropriate to the culture,tech level, etc of the area it is found. Chain variations can also be found, in that case appearing as a strong, well made chain.


This rope was originally developed to secure irreplaceable volumes in wizard's libraries, but it soon found wider use - securing guardians, being used to provide special effects (Used in theater, it can simulate flying without visible wires), or any other place where strong, but invisible support is required.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Until tied to two objects this item appears simply as a very long, thin and magically strong rope (strong enough to leash an angry Rhinoceros!). Once tied to two objects, it's main properties become apparent. The rope becomes insubstantial to all things except the two items tied and the being(s) who tied the knots.

For worlds which include the concept, the rope becomes Ethereal and those on the Ethereal plane can see and interact with the rope, but even there it is very strong.

While immaterial, the rope can pass through virtually anything not made of pure magical force without disturbing them.

The rope is ideal for trying guardian creatures to an area (provided that they are not strong enough to break the rope, or intelligent enough to untie the knot). As the creature moves around, the rope will pass through furnishings, walls, other creatures, etc, without interruption. Once the end of the rope is reached, the creature will be unable to move further. It is also useful for securing items to a specific location. 'Bloody heck - why can't I take this sword out of the room!'.

If the rope is used with a grappling hook, the user of the rope will appear to be climbing thin air. Since the rope is immaterial to any other object or person, only one person can climb the rope at a time, and then only if the free end of the rope is tied to some part of the climber.

If a being is tied up with this rope it only counts as being tied to 1 object and so the special powers do not take effect. This holds true even if only two body parts are tied - once one part of the body is tied, the entire being counts as 1 of the two objects.

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