An assortment of professional and amateur killers. Some are suitable as key villains or at least henchmen of villains, while others are quite throwaway.

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1.) Meltheric the Old

Meltheric is old, and near the end of his days. He will carry out one more job, and it is not important if he survives. The pay will go to his family for this last job. He likely will use a magical weapon that will kill both himself and his mark, or black powder if available.

2.) Drevil Munker

Drevil is a man of strong convictions, and tenuous sanity. A radical in his circles, it would only take a little convincing to make him turn on a target with abandon. Not likely to employ subtle methods, nor think overmuch about escape plans ('I'll make off in the confusion!'). He is liable to make use of any offered weapons, so long as it promises a chance of success.

3.) Zudarin Asvog- 'The Planner'.

Once a general, Zudarin was released and nearly executed over a botched battle. In his imposed retirement, Zudarin has turned to assassination both to relieve his boredom as well as strike back against those who 'engineered' his downfall. His problem is that he is extremely meticulous, planning every move in great detail, which is why he lost that battle. However, his attention to detail serves him well in his new trade. He often uses mercenaries carefully screened and paid to perform the actual hits.

4.) Belthreck Mashgar. Belthrecks day job is a dog breeder. He prefers to kidnap his victims to bring home, where he takes his time, and then uses them as dogfood. The dogs also serve to keep intruders from disturbing him, as they have no hesitation to attack strangers, and prefer human flesh to proffered treats.

'Merwick? Oh, he's floating in the moat, disguised as dog shit...' - call out to good old One Thumb!

Plot Idea: A Friend in need...

5.) Newar Astalock. Once an agent of the king, he was nearly eliminated himself for political purposes. Surviving the attempt, but terribly burned, Newar hid out among the homeless and has entered the beggars guild, working his way through the ranks. A skilled operative, he devotes his talents now to assassinations, using sorcery to hide his disfigurement as necessary.

6.) Shajara Menthisia. A third daughter of a minor noble, she has been overlooked and largely ignored by her family. Recently she has taken up with darker elements and is in over her head. She has been manipulated by others and now belives greatness can be obtained by killing someone very famous.

7.) Ildran Motaer
Ildran is a cold blooded murderer who prefers fire over all other methods. He immolates his victims by trapping them inside wooden structures and then torching them. He is also meticulous about eliminating witnesses quickly and finally.

Plot Idea: A Time For Burning..

8.) Telrick Gebaar. A professional duelist, he will take contracts to become ‘offended' by selected individuals and then obtain ‘satisfaction' in a duel. He is an excellent combatant, but not above improving the odds by dirty tricks and poison prior to a duel starting. Some of his favorites are the Poison of Rest Forgone And Other Toxins, which are quite subtle.

9.) Ghorred the Toxic. Somehow blessed with a constitution Rasputin would envy, Ghorred is amazingly resistent to toxins. These same toxins are his tool of the trade, which this foul-smelling wretch uses quite effectively. Although skilled with subtle poisons, his preferred method is corrosive gases and dreadfully potent acids. He is generally employed when the intent is to provide an ‘example'.

10). Yethri the Snakemaster. The immaculately groomed and fawning Yethric is infamous in the darker circles for his skill with handling and controlling snakes of all descriptions. Wither by a tiny Hayehtrian Widowmaker or a horde of Swarmsnakes, this ophidophile has an record of success.

11). Meshianth the Mistress of Accidents*
A sorceress turned assassin, Yeshi specialized in arranging ‘accidents'. With spells providing telekinesis, well placed charms, and surprisingly high crafting skills, she is remarkably effective at killing and maiming her marks. She is a mousy, non-descript woman who often disguises as a scullery maid while going about her craft.

12.) Sheburn the Fixer

Sheburn is apparently a popular merchant, with the ear of many a noble. His specialty is planting the seeds of his enemies destruction in the minds of powerful individuals. He works slowly, but thoroughly, tearing down his victims lives and reputations, until they either take their own lives, or are so disliked that no one cares when they disappear. Sheburn keeps extensive records on both potential victims and patrons, for one never knows when this may change. Personally, Sheburn is quite affable and a people person.

13.) Crasiz Bonebreaker

Crasiz is a direct and brutal assassin who works primarily with his bare hands. A man of above average size and strength, he still not a ogre of a man. He has supernatural strength, the gift of a fell power of whom he is a worshipper. He is sufficiently strong to easily break necks and his bearhug can crush most human ribcages. His preferred place of operation are public bathhouses, where absence of weapons magnifies his unnatural advantages.

14.) Yethrernick

Trapped in the mortal world, Yethrernick is a demon who has learned to be subtle. He uses his abilities in a more careful, planned method then is normal for his brethren. He enjoys his work, and has no qualms about any level of depravity. Horrendous strength, shapeshifting, invisibility and the ability to translocate himself create a terrifyingly powerful assassin. However, he is a dreadful coward, preferring to stay in our world then risk going back to his infernal home. As a result, he will not take contract against those likely to put up a fight. He never uses his natural appearance - even using the appearances of other demons when the situation requires it.

15.) The Cutout

Similar to Meltheric, this person is not an assassin by trade or skill. Both naive and illiterate, he has been ‘sold down the river' by his recruiter. He is not expected to succeed, but the real assassin plans on using him as a destruction and/or scapegoat. This ‘assassin' is usually equipped with a deadly-looking, but otherwise mundane weapon that has been described as being magic.

16.) Belenthia the Banewright

Belenthia is a skilled craftswoman/mage who specializes in creating and using magically trapped devices. A stunning valkyrie of a woman, she is as adept with the smith's hammer as with the wand. She often sells her goods to other assassins, but is not above ‘field trips' herself. One of her favorite ploys is posing as a normal blacksmith (of either gender, due to magic wristbands she wears) and installing horseshoes which will transform a horse to some deadly monster when the correct trigger occurs. And of course, said beast is dreadfully hungary.

17.) Mistress Oymara

This Seeress is a competent fortune teller and she also moonlights as an assassin, though her methods are very similar to Sheburn. Whereas the merchant turns the upper class against the victim, Oymara turns the downtrodden (her typical customers) against the mark. 'Your path is blocked by a man, a merchant, selling... rugs. And not just any rugs, East Tyrithian rugs! '. She knows most of the underclass people well, and knows how to appeal to their greed, fears and hatred to set lethal events in motion. She will use, on the odd occasion, spells to reinforce her suggestions. And if all else fails, she is quite adept with daggers and poison.

Plot Idea: In The Cards...

18.) Velderic 'The Hangman' Steross

An Entwiner in the hire of the Theocracy of Theos, Velderic's day job is creating enchanted nooses which resist damage and increase their lethality. Being deeply involved in the business of death, he moonlights as an assassin. He uses, surprise, magically enhanced ropes as his tools of death.

19.) Dreshick the Knife

On the hierarchy of assassins, Dreshick is very low. A large brute of a man, he combines reasonable stealth with simple violence. In the employ of organized crime, he is generally given simple marks - usually bad debtors or street people who have offended his masters. He is not employed on ‘touchy' missions.

20.) Utherid Nighthound

Utherid is a werewolf and was once quite an honorable person until the curse took hold. Now he tries to mitigate his evil urges by focusing his hunger on selected victims. He prefers to act against other criminals but when the wolf calls too loudly will take virtually any contract. If no contracts are in the offing, he will focus instead on the neglected dregs of society.

21.) Melthavian Longstrike

A classical ‘sniper', Melthavan uses a very well made crossbow for his assassinations, and will use magic if available. Patient to a fault, Melthavian will wait for up to a couple of days for the right shot. When not on a job, the somewhat short man is quiet and unassuming, working usually as a scribe or clerk. He often works with Zudarin Asvog.

22.) Karavor Mulhaven - 'The Grey Knight'

Karavor is one of the most blatant of these assassins. Possessing a magical warhorse of tremendous power, he appears from nowhere and rides his quarry down with a heavy lance. Shortly thereafter he disappears into thin air. He wears heavy armor in these attacks, looking more ready for a tourney or a major battle then for an assassination. However, he is effective and has not yet been caught.

23.) Garuun the Apocathary

Garuun is a well trusted and effective apocathary who has indeed saved many more lives then he has taken - a fact he reminds himself continually. He is in truth an agent from an opposing kingdom who works very carefully to weaken the kingdom where he ‘works'. He uses poisons and disease as his weapons, carefully infecting victims with maladies that they then come to him for ‘cures'. During these treatments he begins administering components of multi-part poisons which linger in the victims's systems, perhaps for years. Finally, when the best opportunity arises, the last component is administered (often when the victim is close to death's door for other reasons.)

24.) Trelack the trapper

Trelack is a very skilled dwarf who specializing in preparing mechanical traps for his victims. Wether it be a simple poisoned needle placed in a favorite book, or a 4-poster bed which suffocates its occupants, Trelack does it all. He carries a special leather toolbag which can contain more then it should, and contains a number of enchanted tools to speed his efforts along.

25.) Astasia Hellmadam

A powerful Diabolist, the ravishing Astasia raises money for her excesses and research by sending her demonic lovers on ‘errands' of death. On occasion she allows herself to become partially possessed (though she is powerful enough to expel the demon herself) to help transport the demon to it's mark. More then one noble who has brought her back to his chambers has had a horrible and terminal surprise.

26.) Opathus the Mindspear

Opathus specialized in mind control magics and uses these to take out his victims. Forbidden by secret taboos, Opathus cannot directly target his mark with magic. Instead, he uses other against him. His preferred method, one in which he takes great joy in, is inspiring blind hatred in a crowd towards his mark. This rage is primal and eggs the weak of mind into a frenzy, and usually ends up with the mark literally torn to shreds by the crowd. Opathus occasionally will use swarms of street-urchins to much the same effect, for he has a psychotic hatred of children as well.

27). Shooga Moak

Shooga is a Spriggan. A weird humanoid who normally appears as a bedraggled gnome, but can at will, grow to the size of an ogre. Shooga keeps a low profile, and lives alone inside a cave, on the outskirts of the Great Kingdom, which he cleared of kobolds years earlier. Fourteen 'kills' to his credit, Shooga is often visited by patrons 'in the know', but he has not as of yet, been implicated in any assassination. Shooga's technique is brutally simple, yet effective. He always kills in ogre form, in brutal, obvious ways. Few, if any, ever suspect the Spriggan, but tales of rampaging killer ogres are frequent in these parts.

28.) Murcilla Vessey

A noblewoman of high standing, Murcilla is that rare psychopath, who has no good reason for killing. She possesses everything she desires, and wants for nothing. Yet, she is bored with her existence, and bored of her current husband, the myopic and cuckolded Count Vessey. Somewhat similar to Shajara, she differs in the fact that her master plan is to implicate both her husband, whom she loathes, as well as his brother, Lord Worgenne. To this end, she has assassinated (in quite creative ways) several minor nobles. Remorseless and cruel, yet everyone loves Murcilla.

29.) Father Rethas

This priest is well known among his flock for his good works and healing abilities, not knowing that those who know best how to heal, are often the best at knowing how to harm. To every season, as it were. Not actually a priest at all, he makes use of a few items of power plus a little infernal help to play the part. He uses various tactics to kill his targets - fooling others, dispatching beasts from beyond, or rarely, taking a hands on approach. He has much of his town deeply indebted to him, for he has taken great pains to be loved and indispensable.

30.) 'Black' Yuri

Once the best there was, Black Yuri is a rarity - old enough to start to feel the effects of old age. With senility beginning to dull his edge, he has been in retirement, unwilling to let anyone know how his game has degraded. However, he has been contacted for a special assignment and is coming out of retirement. Once more into the breach. Yuri would be a near-perfect opponent, but his memory is somewhat faulty, his movements a little stiff, and his endurance strained. He is extremely crafty and experienced and little will surprise him.

Satire Section on....

Bonus Assassin!

31.) Drizzle Deathstalker

This darkelven assassin specializes in the use of two swords in his missions, compensating for his blade skill (and other things) with number of attempts. Always wears black, regardless of time of day or terrain. His home village was razed to the ground by a loose coalition of dwarves, gnomes, pixies, unicorns, ogres, cat-people and orcs, though he survived through the intervention of He Who Shall Not Be Named. After escaping, he was captured by humans who enslaved him and did despicable things to him. Escaping by killing everyone in the castle one dark and stormy night (with a candlestick and pipewrench), he fled to a hidden monastery where they taught him the secret arts. After learning all he could, he killed them all too and took up the trade of assassin.

His stealth is somewhat impeded by the backup two-handed sword he carries in a sheath strapped to his back, along with a brace of 16 daggers, all poisoned.

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