A School of magic, as I demand it here, is not simply a group of vaguely-related spells. It has a tradition, it has purpose, it has history. It may be an actual school, where the elders teach the youngsters, or it may be a half-free tradition handed down in families, it may be something more or something less.

A school of magic needs not to be only for the typical wizard, other magic-users may have their own. There can actually be schools of magic for non-spellcasters, with magic (one example of sorts is the Cantrips to change the world idea), or without - those fake wizards and charlatans may have some tradition, too.

One thing I would be little pleased at, are schools with the singular purpose of equipping their members with bigger and badder spells. In my opinion, a school of magic should have character. Wizardly sages fascinated with a single topic are slightly cliche, but fine. Wizards that just invent new ways to kill stuff are plain boring. Try to be unique, please. (Oh, do I need to say that here? Strike that.)

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