My first PC was Thanatos the mage. This was back in the summer of 1983 (yes I'm old).He was a d&d basic set characer. A magic-user, as we called them. I will never forget him. My friends at the time thought it was a stoopid name, until I told them it meant 'death' in greek. Then they loved it!

Well, not much more to say I'm afraid. I was only twelve and I will spare you Thanatos' amateurish life story. Suffice it to say, He started a cult of Thanatologists and eventually was elevated to godhood. I wrote a letter to Gary Gygax asking him if Thanatos would be a good addition to Deities and Demigods! (no joke).

My next character was Quicksilver the thief/magic-user/bard. He looked, acted, and had the same powers as the Marvel Comics character of the same name (look him up)...But that is a tale for another time :D (or never)

I've embarassed myself enough now, so come on! Lets see them! Your firsts! And please keep it under a paragraph for the sake of aesthetic entertainment.

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Stout Lagerale, your stereotypical frothing at the mouth drunken dwarven berzerker. He came from a clan of beer brewers and he ran around with a thing called a tankard-axe, a pole-arm with a tankard with a blade handle mounted on the end of it. In true old school fashion, the tankard unscrewed so he could toss one back before getting into a bare knuckle brawl. Stout lived a moderately long life before meeting his untimely demise at the gaze of a medusa.

His last words, How ugly could she be?

Moonlight was named moonlight for a reason. During the day she was a normal every day girl. The girls name was Amber. An the named suited her when she was young. She would take ballet lessons she took tennis lessons. She was everything her mother and father wanted to be. That was in till the moonlight came around her 16th birthday. It was not a full moon nor was it a half. Nothing truly different about the moon or so many had thought. Alone sleeping in her bed the moonlight seeped into her window as it did every other night. Amber was sleeping but then again she was awake to the soft singing.

There where no words only a soft soothing sound. On it lifted her out of her bed and outside to the cool night air. Her amber hair no longer its honey brown color. It was turning almost white golden blonde. Her skin was tanned from the sun was now cream as if the moonlight clamed her owned her. Opening her eyes to the world around her she could see the song taking form and it spilled from her pink lips....

Her hair was forever golden blonde, her eyes one brown the other a green/blue, and her skin would never turn a golden brown. Every night she would walk into the moonlight. An she could never be found innless she wished to be. For as soon as the moon was out she could disappear into the moon's light and reappear anywhere in the world as long as the moon was out in that place she wished to be. She held a kind of mystery in her eyes for one could see what every one could see and the other could see with in the mind. After her 16th she was never the same. No longer was she the little girl Amber.

~She was Moonlight~

~There where many kind of people like Moonlight. There where called Drifters. There are Drifters of the wind, water, fire, sunlight, and moonlight. Moonlight, Amber, was the last of the drifters of the moonlight and so she took on the name moonlight. Each of there kind took some sort of form of name from the kind of drifter they where. There was Acea of Wild Fire, Derock of Deep Waters, Valissa of Cold Wind, an then there was Silvia also known as Sunset and Moonlight or could be called Amber.~

Acea age 22

Derock age 22

Valissa age 19

Silvia age 18

Amber age 18

That where there ages of when they all set eyes on one another for the frist time. But that is a different story.

I set the waybac for 30 years and it threw a lot of dust at me. So I really thought hard. I was doing more game reading and game design in the early days. I also GMed before I played. (then there was D&D, Empire of Petal Throne, Traveller, Barsoon... ) My first character might not of actually been my first character, but it is the one I actually know.. so that counts.

Arion I believe this was 1978

Arion was a half elven magic using/ thief class in an aD&D game at the local game story. Sky and Sherman were 4 to 6 years older than most of the players. They ran every friday night for several months.

Arion was less than notable. Every now and again the most charismatic player would get distracted, and Arion (run the second most charismatic player) would become the Hindmost, directing the party from the very back. (This was back in the days before we thought of Thieves as sneaky scouts, they were simply trap disarmers). My sense of geometry and drive to actually get something done made me a good dungeoner. The fact that I wanted to do more than simply mangle monsters, like see the world or talk to characters made me an aberant in the little campaign.

My 'Golden Age of Gaming' began in 1977 with the advent of microgames, especially Melee and Wizard... which led us to The Fantasy Trip (1980). From that point on, I was GMing, on average, once a week for about 20 years.

This would have back in 1985 (21 years, doesn't come close to Moons 30... how old are you moon?), I was nine and living in Chesapeake, Virginia. My friend brought over some odd books that said Dungeons and Dragons on them and being that I have always been intrigued by dragons I figured I would fall in love with it.

My first characters name was Brian Bladesharp (Stupid name but as has been said I was 9) He was a basic fighter. I remember I drew a picture of him and he was all square like a robot. I don't actually recall doing anything with him I don't think we actually played now. But that was the inception of mine into the world of role-playing.

My first rp caracter was Thomas Mountian, a policeman who found himself in the world of Umbagollah after a portal had a technical fault.He set up a police force in the town of Jail, became the girlfriend of the healer Samara, fell with her into the world of Roquatirrinn, dealt with trouble there, and died when the sun that Roquatirrinn orbited went out.

A long long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, My brother and I were watching some saturday morning cartoons. Nothing was particularly strange that morning, ntil we happened upon some old reruns of the D&D cartoon. Naturally we wanted to know what the hell this 'Dungeons & Dragons' thing was about, and I was delighted to find that my brother had went out and bought the 2nd edition AD&D boxed set with his own money, an epic feat for a ten-year-old!

That very same day I had created, Roack, a second level magic user. Being eight, I had little to no concept of backstory, but Roack would later evolve and change thousands of times, appearing in multiple incarnations, from sorceror, wizard, fighter, rougue, psion, and even a druid at one point. His story has fluctuated like some great ad ever-changing river, but always his name has remained the same.

Of course, beggining my career as a GM did not end Roack's long-standing legacy, and he became used as a play-testing character. This, I still feel, was not enough for my baby, and so in addition to his title appearing on almost everything I have an excuse to use it for, he makes occasional cameos in-game, though only two of my veteran players ever figured out who he was.

My first character, was not too long ago ... only four years at most. (Yes, I'm relatively new to D&D)

It was a Gnome Barbarian, named, Four. He was about 3 ft tell and about 3ft wide, as he had inmense strength. Though Four had amazing strength for a gnome (or an Orc, or anyone else for that a matter), he wasn't the best equiped in the brains departments. Four was as high as he could count, and that was what ended up being his name.

The little guy had a warhammer, wonderfully dubbed, Thor's Hammer as had a sonic boom and lightning on it. There is still a giant out there that only has 9 toes because of his encounter with Four.

My first real character was Dozus the Windward. I've never actually used him for desktop RPGs, just freeform online ones. He started as just a pirate mercenary, a half-elf, half dragon sailor with two swords and a cigarette. I eventually gave him an epic past, and future.

His father, Damiel, was once a member of the High Council of Dyressendel, an High Elvish nation, until he was captured in battle. He was forced to become a slave and gladiator, and eventually met another High Elf, a woman named Eccaia. They fell and love and had a son, Dozus, who has scales on parts of his body. Then Eccaia disappeared (turns out she was a leviathan, a water dragon... go figure), Damiel is killed brutally in combat before his son, and Dozus is raised by his fellow gladiators. He eventually is purchased by Baron Alaan Alios, a famous swordsman and politician, who trains him in combat. Dozus escapes and joins a mysterious mercenary group. He soon learns the mercenary group is noneother than an arm of the Guild, a worldwide criminal organization. Dozus jumps ship (literally), washes up on shore, is taken care of by an old woman, and eventually joins another merc group, the Iron Wolves. He eventually becomes captain of the Wolves and leads them on many noble and adventerous quests. Then he quits the Wolves, goes off to settle down and treasure hunt, et cetera et cetera, and eventually finds himself trying to save the world in a battle to end all battles. In the end, he fakes his own death and becomes a fisherman.

Looking back, it's all silly schlock, but it's fun schlock. Wouldn't make a good RPG or novel, but a decent comic book, I reckon.

My first character was Jonny Combat in a cyber punk game. I was young at the time and did not care that much for backstory. Anyways good old Jonny was obsessed with pink mist, he had never seen one even though he always aimed for the head. I had recently seen the first predator movie and he had a knack for running up hills, pulling of his gear shouting 'I'm gonna get me some, I'm gonna get me some'. Jonny was not terribly bright, so one day he ended up throwing away all his weapons and running straight into the enemy. He saw the pink mist for the first and last time in his life. What can I say? I was ten at the time.

My first character was with basic D&D, an old cowardly and greedy 1st level wizard (so greedy he was looting goblins for arrows to sell later).

Spent most of the time hiding. Did excel himself by figuring out the crystal statue was animated and convinced the others to throw out the warlock's tower.

Then, at the top of the tower, eager to be the first to get his hands on the loot or battle the warlock (the one magic missile had been saved for the final enounter) he ran first up the stairs, sprung a trap that fired a poisoned arrow at him and failed his save. Never got cast a spell or engage in combat. He died a greedy death on his first adventure.

My very first character that I remember was back around 1982, when I was in 8th grade. My friend and I were just learning the rules for D&D, which I had gotten for Christmas. I created a fighter named Marcus, and a halfling named Pierre (who would be Marcus' sidekick).

My friend wanted to take me through Keep on the Borderlands, but we almost never made it to the Caves of Chaos. For several sessions, we would begin with my fighters in the Keep, and I would always find a way to get into trouble with the local guards. Our entire session would be spent with the guards chasing me all over the keep. The concept of alignment had not hit me, and I had no qualms about having Marcus slay any guards that got in his way...

While Marcus and Pierre were my first characters, they were hardly my favorites, and they were never really developed.

My first really developed character was a human thief named Sharky Mulligan. It was about 1984, and my family had created an elaborate campaign world for us to play D&D in. Sharky was going to be my charismatic womanizer with sticky fingers.

Sharky had red hair, a bushy moustache, and ruddy skin. He had a 16 charisma (I still remember all his abilities!), and I loved roleplaying with him in urban environments. As he rose in ability and accumulated wealth unscrupulously, I eventually had him build a 'tavern' of sorts.

I called his business a 'Gentlemen's Club', not realizing in my youth was a gentleman's club actually refers to. Sharky's Club was his passion, and every coin he earned went into his business. Even though he never turned a profit, he could always find money through other means (adventuring).

Eventually, Sharky hired a young lady named Sunnie to be his serving girl, and he started to fall in love, an emotion he was never comfortable with. Every time he would find himself drawn to Sunnie, he would leave town for many days to seek adventure and spend time with loose women, because only then did he feel like he was truly within his element.

I never did get to finish roleplaying Sharky Mulligan, because after several years our campaign went by the wayside as I went off to college, etc. I had always intended for him to one day give in to his heart and proclaim his love for Sunnie and ask for her hand in marriage, but I guess I'll never know if he indeed did or not.


By the way, my favorite adventuring memory with Sharky took place in the module 'Night's Dark Terror'. Sharky had obtained a flying rug (he rented it, we weren't very realistic), and was chasing Golthar, an evil magic-user, through town. Golthar was using his Ring of the Ram to blast holes in walls of buildings and fly through, while Sharky would follow. Golthar's 'fly' spell eventually wore off, and Sharky captured the wizard and took his magical ring.

For many adventures after that, Sharky would use the Ring of the Ram in combat and other, less noble, purposes.

My first character was Mud of K-Awce, the half-elf ranger. I started playing him in an impossibly hard dungeon that turned out to be an illusion, the final test to graduate from an adventuring school. Because of this, he never had a history he remembered and never found his homeland of K-Awce. During the six years I played him, he brought down a tyrrant government, completely demolished a innocent subterranian dwarfen town by accident, rescued the innocent princesse of the swan people, split up his party sending them to different worlds in search of artifacts to bring down a litch, and burned his own body to stop the spread of a highly contageous disease. He was reincarnated by a benevolent god but then my dm graduated high school and left town for college.

My first character was born in 1991, at the tender age of 11... A Red Box Basic D&D fighter named Rymon. He even had a picture, drawn by me, although it wasn't necessarily a good picture: he had close-cropped black hair, a short but full black beard and blue eyes. Incongrously, in the picture he wore full chain mail armor even though he actually wore full plate in the game; and he had a black-and-white tabard with his crest embroided on it (the tabard was slashed diagonally, the upper half was white with a sliver of black sun and the lower half was black with a white crescent moon). Rymon had his share of adventures, and he was a pretty intelligent fellow, who grew to resent the stereotype he was cast into by his adventuring companions ('you're our meat shield, you're not supposed to think'). He died heroically during a small RPG tournament, when he was slain by a 6-m. tall dwarf (a dwarf who apparently had found a ring of wishes and had wished to be taller)...

My first char was back when I was around 13 (I'm 28 now btw) and the only gal at the after school D&D game held in the library. (a friend convinced me to join him) She was a fighter wizard called Crystal that the gm made sure wound up getting a cape of living bat wings that enabled her to fly but required her to wear only the most minimal clothing necessary to limit weight penalties for some bizarre reason.

I never developed her personalty much given the rest of the playing group was more interested in killing things then talking to npc's. (or each other for that matter)

She met her ignoble end when she flew over the town one evening and got holed by the town guards arrow volley. They were convinced she was a succubus with a little help of the another players rogue Timli screaming about the "winged devil woman." (The rogues player just didn't like me for some reason)

My first character was a D&D racist dwarf named Stoko. I don't remember much about him, except he regenerated, hated goblinkind to the extreme and was a show stealer without equal. Stoko was the Conan of dwarves (I looooved Conan back then, so just imagine a midget Conan with beard and plate).

With a yellowish beard, full plate from tip to toe, and a fearsome battle cry, he was an utterly boring character to roleplay. He hacked, he slashed and he fell to the background whenever things became quiet.

The next character however, a half elf cleric-mage whose name has slipped into oblivion, now he was something else. His cantrips I will never forget, and neither will the rest of the boys I was playing with back then. (Yeah, we were boys then).

My first character was quite unusual - I had been GMing exclusively before, and the charrie, well, decide for yourself.

We were running StarGate GURPS, a system I was new to. After none too much thought, I came up with Maxwell Thornwall, a none-too-bright well-meaning US Marine, who was a walking stereotype pushed to the extreme, showcasing all the misconceptions an undereducated US citizen might have about the world. But, we meant well and would always take a bullet for the team. Ah, and I annoyed the hell out of my troupe.

I had my first character about 4 years ago when i had just been introduced to the fantastic world of roleplaying. I will always love my first PC, she was a Mercenary who fought for Barely anything, not seeing that much point in paying for things when she could just have taken them anyway, (she wasn't exactly very ladylike), but was quite efficient in the field.

She met her rather untimely end fighting for her life in the gladiator pits of Karthoria having been captured by a group of slavers and sold to the pits. the only things she was allowed to keep were her clothes armour and broadsword. She had to buy her way out of there and the quickest way was to fight the most dangerous creatures, and so, foolishly she did.

A bit of a shame really when you look back and think on it.

I do not remember his name. Or even anything else very well. However, my first campaigned PC was a birdman soldier, with Str / Con penalties out the wazoo in exchange for some really agile flight. His personality traits were nothing special, save that he had the ability to lead, and to improvise. All I really clearly remember was one of the other players turning to me and going, 'Dude, you're level 2, and you're capable of more destructive havoc than I was when I played an elder dragon.'

I don't even remember the name of my first character. It was a second edition D&D wizard, back in the summer of 2003. I know, real recent in comparison to most of you.

At any rate, he was a wizard of little note, moderate abilities and absolutely horrible luck. I remember being blown onto a roof by a crate of 'goblin dungbombs', and being captured in a brothel where apparently every single woman was a knife wielding maniac.

That DM had some sort of complex where everything we did had to be an adventure.

My very first character, oddly enough, was named "Klauston", a 1st edition AD&D Magic-user. That was in 1982 when I was stationed in Bermuda. I happened to walk into a buddy's room and he had a game going and asked if I wanted to join. I'd never played an RPG before then and though I'd give it a try. I was 22. Klauston was revamped when the 2nd Edition came out and I finally retired him after 12 years of playing him. He made it to 24th level. Too darn powerful to be a good character anymore, he still makes an occassional appearance as the master of a Mage's School in some of my stories.

It's about time I added to this...


A Human Monk in 3.0 D&D about around the summer of 2000 when it came out. I learned to play from some guys at the local Teen Center. We didn't know the rules too well, and in their brief time with the game no one had attempted a Monk. So there I am, Vladamir, running around in a monk's robe with studded leather armor on under it. I had the highest armor class thanks to my wisdom score stacking with the armor. I fought with a kama because the DM didn't think fists should be able to do as much damage until I was higher level.

Noteworthy Events: Climbing inside of a giant skeleton, but not just any giant skeleton, this skeleton was Skeletor... Yes, Skeletor.

He also experience ultimate pain at the hands of some invisible halflings with daggers... He was stuck in a electrifying cage inside of a magical instant healing room (long story) being assaulted by aforementioned halflings while the party scoured the dungeon looking for the key to free him.

The first character that I can remember was an elf. I don't recall his name, but I remember that he was a thief-ish type of guy. The high point in his career was when, while exploring a dungeon, he found and took a few silver coins that were lying on the floor. Yes, I know, very prestigious.

My first real D&D character was an Elven Battle Mage, whom I named El Liamo, after yours truly. My friend was acting as the DM for that run, and was running a simplified format. My character, after just a few hours, became one of my favorite weirdo characters: an alcoholic, hyper-violent, rude-joke-cracking Elven smartass who has periodic moments of arm retardation when he can't aim, as well as a chronic phobia of scorpions. This was because my guy, who's a little bit kleptomaniacal, or whatever, tried to steal from a drunk lying unconscious in the gutter. He picked four pockets: three had live scorpions in them, who then stung me, while the last one had a stone scorpion which turned out to be magical. Later on, I walked past the guy and poked him with a stick, in hopes of waking him up. He looked at me, garbled something completely incomprehensible, and threw a scorpion at my face. I tried to gut him with my glaive, but it turned out that not only did he have a spell on him that made his skin tough as stone, but my glaive was NOT made from high-quality metal. Yeah, it broke big-time. He also had a pet lion, 'cuz my friend wouldn't let me get a wolf. I think I named it Johnny....

Notable accomplishments:

- Fighting off 30 forest wolves and a very annoying bandit with the help of a giant stone scorpion.

-managing to go through a battle against level 1 enemies without killing either one, due to my atrociously bad rolls (seriously, they were pretty awful).

-Aiding a human and a werewolf in eloping (and getting slapped by the woman's mom for telling a really bad joke).

-developing both an alcohol addiction and a chronic fear of scorpions within one gaming session.

-solving a "which door to take" style puzzle through animal cruelty (Okay, there's this talking frog, right? There're two doors, and the frog says, "Passing through one of these doors will kill you, but the other one shall lead you deeper into the lair. You may ask me one question, but I shall lie to you." I asked which door was the right one, and it didn't answer, so I threw it into the door on the left, which, as luck would have it, was the wrong one).

-Learned Drunken Brawling from an alcoholic who called me "Molly."

-Getting knocked out with a stone beer bottle for, in a delirious state caused by blood loss and drunkenness, referring to a barkeeper as a "talking boulder." He said, "Don't many Elves around here." Interpreting that as an insult, I replied, "Well, you don't see many talking boulders running inns, either, but here we are." I woke up about an hour later in the gutter, next to Scorpio the drunk.

Yeah, Good 'ol Liamo's a real character, all right!

Think I might re-roll him as an assassin, though...

I don't remember many of the details of my very first character. Just that he was a Vrusk (think giant ant body with a humanoid torso) from Star Frontiers. My older brother finally gave in and taught me how to play (but only because he was bored and his gaming group wasn't meeting that day.)

I consider my first real character to be a Barbarian from 1st Ed AD&D, built from the wholly unbalanced and completely fun Unearthed Arcana rules. I was probably about 12 or 13, his name was Grunt Slash, and he excelled at wenching and brawling. The biggest danger to his health and sanity was a halfling thief who resembled Tasslehoff Burrfoot in many ways and had "picked up" a startling array of dangerously wild magic items (I think we took his wand of wonder away after he sent someone to another dimension.)

We usually had the radio playing during that long campaign and so a lot of 80's pop songs make me wax nostalgic. I found it is decidedly not romantic to tell a woman that Cheap Trick's The Flame makes me think of a bloodthirsty barbarian. :)

Technically, my first character was a bard that I rolled up in middle school using the 3rd edition books that I had checked out from the library. Never got to play him though, because I didn't really have anyone to play with. It wasn't until I was a senior in high school that I found a group that was playing VTM, so I created a dreadlocked, crazy Malkavian vampire named Lia. I believe that she heard voices, but I don't really remember. Only got to play her for a few months before graduating.

Then in college came a string of started-but-not-finished campaigns (mostly due to me moving), with another bard (whose name I don't remember), a druid shifter named Yarrow, another druid named Rown, and finally a kobold monk named Neeko (he was my favorite). "You insulted the ancestors! Meeko doesn't like you no more." *proceeds to use naughty words for which he doesn't understand the meaning*

my first character was déantóir ifreann my friends thought it was a dumb name then I told them it meant hell maker in irish a human who was from a place kinda like ireland he had red hair and was covered in red fire tattoos he was a clam pyromancer he had a enchanted axe made of inferno stone blade with a fire bear's shin bone for a shaft I think he had a fire drake as a mount and pet he had a phoenix feather cloak, salamander skin boots and gloves volcano lion fur tunic and leggings yes I know he had fire everything but the gm said we had to choose a element and all a our equipment and our secondary class had to have something to do with it as well.

his notable deeds was retrieving the gem that had all arcane magic you like necromancy sorcery summoning demon magic basically any magic that didn't have something to do with nature.

he ended up moving back to his clan's home which was his battle cry it was dhó cnoc and becoming chief.

Fire wizard named Danius in an Empire of the Petal Throne game in the mid70s. (Yeah, 'Danius' isn't very Tsolyani, but heck.) He was a devil-may-care guy who wasn't much into the power politics the DM loved; mostly he just wanted to destroy things, which fed into him being a Vimulha worshiper. Fun times.