Knocker is an industrious goblin, tired of being sword fodder for rampaging adventurers and lackies to orcs, necromongers, and evil warlords, he packed up his substancial family and moved into one of the larger cities. The goblin tribe, about 15 or so goblins, moved into an abandoned building in the poorer quarter of the city, and began a strange task.

They worked. The building was restored structurally, and served as a goblin squat house until Knocker made a second discovery. Goblin hands are small and adroit, good at making stitching, and hems, mending buttons and such. Soon, the entire tribe was earning copper bits for mending buttons for travelers. The travelers were amused by the comic antics of the goblins, who had ever heard of an industrious goblin, let alone one mending buttons and torn seams.

It was not long before the goblins increased their skill to making clothing, and altering clothing for those who could not afford the higher prices of humans, or the astronomical prices of prissy elves and half-elves. Quite surprisingly, the small enterprise become profitable, and Knocker once again was drawn to expand.

Soap is a foul word in the low goblin language, but Knocker and his family discovered if they didnt reek, they could sometimes get a silver bit instead of a copper one, and some people would pay to have their clothing washed and folded. Excited, the tribe added cleaning to their operation, which was growing, but still in a disorganized, haphazard fashion.

Entering the establishment is a sometimes perilous affair. The building is filled with the din of a dozen goblins shouting and cleaning, and making a general racket. It is likely to be very humid and stiflingly hot inside as the water is heated to clean da dirty bits better. The stereotypical goblins rush about with push carts, and armloads of dirty clothes, and linens. It can seem a mad and chaotic affair.

The new entrants will undoubtedly come face to face with the halfling sized goblin Knocker. He wears a leather butchers apron, and has a belt of assorted tools that are never used, a partial set of thieves picks, a hammer, some eating utensils, a masons trowel, and other odds and ends that make him look like a serious craftsgoblin.

He accosts the party with a broken form of the common tongue, half haranging them, half trying to get them to let him wash their clothes.

Gah, stinky, nasty. Let Knocker wash...smell better, get pretties...give Knocker silver!

Plot Hooks
- The PCs, filthy from long travel on the road and adventures have arrived in town and recieved invitations to a private meeting with the local mucky-muck. They are short on coin, and need to have their clothing cleaned desperately. A local directs them to the Goblin Corner where they find the Goblin laundrymat.

- The local baron/duke/count saves alot of money by letting Knocker take care of his castle/manor's cleaning, IE all of the bedding, curtains, and other fabrics. The duke sends in some help in the form of the PCs when someone starts roughing up the goblins for taking jobs away from humans.

- The PCs simply run across Knocker in the market. In typical fashion, he insults them for gotting more dirts than goblins, and smell like big orc butt. go dirty clothes place, make pretty smell. What they do is up to them, but Knocker is a known member of the community, and is protected by the local laws.

Obviously Knocker and his Dirty Clothes Place is intended for comic relief and shouldnt be made overly serious. He would also work best with low level characters who are constantly short on funds and looking to make a good impression.

Shadoweagle, your robes should be ready Monday. Knocker says Eat messy like orc, no close mouth. Slobber! Good come to Dirty Clothes Place, make black dress cleans. Good smell. Rock in mush hurt teeth. Throw rock away. No get rock back!!!

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More Plot Hooks

One of the more prominent merchants in town accidentally left his wedding ring (or other bit of precious given by his wife) in his clothes when turning them in for a wash; and now he's desperate to get it back.

The hunt is on for the halflings and rogues within the party to sneak in and find the ring before it gets tossed out in the wash water and before the merchants wife notices it's missing.