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January 2, 2008, 8:39 pm

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Cheka Man

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Don't Forget the Coffin


Sure you loot the area, but what about the creatures’ actual coffins that they were buried in?

Disclaimer: I’ve really been wanting to try my hand at scrolls so I apologize if the theme isn’t overly original.
Hitting up a tomb or cemetery is pretty standard in most realms, especially when dealing with undead baddies.  You collapse the skeletal warrior, splatter the rotten ghoul, and decimate the walking mummy. 

Sure you loot the area, but what about the creatures’ actual coffins that they were buried in?  What might you find in there and what story could they ultimately tell about the original owner the one you just destroyed?

  1. A pile of bone dust
  2. An ivory jar etched with golden dragons and filled with ashy remains
  3. A jet jar inlaid with jade chips and filled with fresh organs
  4. A tattered piece of fabric
  5. A decomposed shrunken head
  6. A lock of hair tied with a purple ribbon
  7. A long, blonde wig
  8. A set of wooden teeth
  9. A decrepit, mummified hand
  10. A set of dirty linen wrappings
  11. Some dried up worms
  12. A dull gold locket missing its chain
  13. The skeletal remains of a dog
  14. A single dried rose
  15. A chewed up baby doll with its hair missing
  16. A torn prayer book with a blue leather binding
  17. Some dried up bugs crunchy enough to eat
  18. A scrap of yellowed parchment
  19. A swan feather headdress adorned with black pearls and crystals
  20. A hammered bronze death mask
  21. An etched crystal sphere with the name, "Tord" on it
  22. A babys rattle made from a gourd
  23. A broken buckler with a faded crest
  24. A dented steel shield engraved with the image of a rose
  25. a chipped turquoise hair clasp shaped like a star
  26. a white jade amulet carved into the likeness of an owl
  27. A brown wool blanket trimmed with a gold fringe
  28. A short ebony hafted spear
  29. A bronze dagger with a coyote shaped hilt
  30. A bag of coins
  31. A silver holy symbol
  32. A flat linen pillow with goose down spilled everywhere
  33. A bowl of dried herbs some look poisonous
  34. A small velvet pouch filled with marbles
  35. A faded portrait of a raven-haired woman
  36. A garnet encrusted key

Additional Ideas (17)

37. A large collection of exquisitely written love letters, clearly spanning several decades, from the local widowed duchess. Interestingly, they start close to her husband's death, and they seem to be addressed to him.
She often refers to "Your most unfortunate accident"

38. A small locket, opening it will reveal the picture of a beautiful maiden. If the possessions are searched thoroughly one will find a page of a church's death register, with all name scribbled out but one:
"Anna Segara, Died of consumption 24th of June 1664, aged 19"

39. A wrapped gift showing sign of great age. On it is a small card inscribed: "To My Mother, For your limitless patience, forgiving smile, and enduring support. Your Son, Marco" If opened the gift reveals a beautiful rosewood jewelry box.

2008-01-03 07:34 AM » Link: [4712#33418|text]
40-A pair of rusty handcuffs
41-A full water bottle
42-A vial of poison
43-A flint and tinder
44-A dagger
45-A rusty sword
46-A map
47-a bandana
48-a small green dragon carved out of Demon Jade
49-The word "Help!" written in blood on the lid of the coffin
50-Two tin soldiers

2008-01-03 02:07 PM » Link: [4712#33424|text]
51) A necklace of goblin teeth.
52) A necklace of bear claws and teeth.
53) An old leather pouch containing a finely-crafted set of dice carved from bone.
54) A small disc of blue crystal, beautifully etched with a holy symbol.
55) A large number of peanut shells, scattered more-or-less randomly across the bottom of the coffin.
56) A long, curling strip of paper; written on it in a holy tongue is a command to dwell in peace.
57) The ragged remnants of what was once a fine fur cloak.
58) A heavily rusted, massive hammer.
59) Far more teeth than should ever be present in a single creature's skull.
60) A broken weapon of some kind.
61) Two copper coins, laying at odd angles as if knocked aside when the former inhabitant moved.

2008-01-04 05:13 AM » Link: [4712#33470|text]
62-The tattered remains of a scarlet and ermine coat
63-A large horsehair wig
64-A picture of a family
65-An amythest necklace
66-The symbol of *insert god or goddess*

2008-12-04 01:28 AM » Link: [4712#68636|text]
67. A few bones, that the original inhabitant left behind.
68. A large number of rats. It seems they didn't disturb the undead inside.
69. It is large, but standard sarcophagus. If you look carefully, you will another one right beneath it.
70. A piece of paper, written by a child's hand. It contains the memories on the deceased, a few things they argued about, and ends with: "I miss you, Daddy." A small painting of a house is there, too.

2008-12-07 10:41 AM » Link: [4712#68693|text]
71-an iron key with a tattered note next to it reading "Key to Heaven"
72-a small silver cross
73-a roting dead body of somebody that was murdered earlier by the Undead that the PCs killed.
74-An urn with cremated remains (or if the GM is unkind, an Urn Beast inside.
75-A book of pornography for the soul of the deceased to enjoy in the next world.

2008-12-07 06:33 PM » Link: [4712#68697|text]
Okay, I didn't expect the last one. :)

2008-12-07 06:46 PM » Link: [4712#68699|text]
76. A 'kill-list', taken to the grave by whoever now occupies this coffin. There are twelve names in all. Each one with a brief description of why that person was marked for death by the deceased.

2009-01-22 04:59 PM » Link: [4712#69632|text]
Now that's something to really take to the beyond!

2009-01-23 05:29 PM » Link: [4712#69662|text]
And it's already inspired a culture for me to work on. :D

2009-01-23 06:55 PM » Link: [4712#69664|text]
77-a heavy chain
78-a piece of paper with a curse on it, cursing the deceased.

2009-01-22 07:31 PM » Link: [4712#69637|text]
79-wooden models of servants
80-a carved wooden mask
81-an old diary with a secret about the local noble written in it.
82-a Convict Collar
83-a Masking Bracelet

2009-01-23 06:09 PM » Link: [4712#69663|text]
84. Roots knotted together to resemble a holy symbol of a dominant religion.
85. Simple rings for every finger and toe of the deceased... a decoration, or some ritual?
86. A few horns serve instead of a pillow.
87. The inside of the coffin is lined with funghi, that inflate if light falls upon them, then deflate when it gets dark.
88. A scroll with lullabies to bring you sleep.

2009-01-23 07:46 PM » Link: [4712#69665|text]

89. If examined closely, the coffin appears to have a small hole bored into the wood, with some kind of drill like instrument.

90. A mummified cat lovingly held to the corpse’s bosom.

91. A glass monocle

92. An empty hidden compartment

93. A potion vial, wrapped in cloth. Upon which, some tiny words are etched, “imbibe at the last second”. The corpse itself has a peculiar morbid grin upon its decomposing face.

94. “I am still alive” or “I’ll be back” scratched with fingernails on the wood inside the coffin.

95. Written on the floor of the coffin, are instructions on how to geometrically fold the coffin, if it needs to be used again and transported (minus corpse of course). If experimented with, the PCs will find that the coffin can be manipulated to the size of a small jewelry box.

96. A yellowed, ivory bracelet

97. The head of another person, the hand of the full-bodied corpse gripping the head tightly by the hair.

98. The coffin is made of transparent glass

99. The hands and feet of the corpse are tied together, to prevent the spirit from “roaming”

100. An elaborately and exquisitely carved model of a miniature city, though not a city familiar to the PCs

101. Nothing but dust, and a single silver bullet


2011-01-20 03:23 PM » Link: [4712#76327|text]

102-A picture of the deceased's family

103-A wooden harp

104- Some "Hell Money" notes

105-A softy glowing stone

106-A firecracker


2011-01-21 04:03 PM » Link: [4712#76343|text]

107-Fungus that infects anyone's lungs nearby with spores that starts to slowly kill them.

108-A glowing stick of mori rock.

109-A soft pillow

110-A picture album

111-a small cactus


2011-03-07 07:07 PM » Link: [4712#77025|text]
112-A CD of a popular singer (if CDs exist in the world hat this coffin is found in)
113-A HellPit
114-A swarm of flies who buzz out when released
115-A small bone idol
116-The words of a song
117-A book of poetry

2016-06-21 09:47 PM » Link: [4712#96210|text]
118. A letter from a close friend, expressing the love for the deceased they never had the chance to share.
119. The body has been switched. Perhaps the coffin is meant to house a wealthy king but the body here is nothing more than a poor serving girl. Who knows where the real body is.
120. A teddy bear from childhood clutched to the deceased's breast.

2016-06-22 09:34 PM » Link: [4712#96219|text]
121-The *colors* of a dangerous gang
122-The decomposing body in this coffin is bound and gagged.
123-Little clay models of servants for the afterlife
124-A mummified dead cat
125-A diamond-that turns out to be made of glass

2016-10-12 08:33 PM » Link: [4712#96535|text]
126-A gold-plated helmet complete with face mask aka Sutton Hoo
127-The coffin is full of cremated remains just dumped without urns in the coffin
128-A picture of a family
129-An unpublished novel
130-A short-range Teleportation spell scroll with glowing ink

2016-10-13 05:42 PM » Link: [4712#96537|text]
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Comments ( 18 )
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Voted Cheka Man
January 2, 2008, 21:50
I might add more to this scroll later.
Voted Scrasamax
January 3, 2008, 13:56
A way to give those shamblers and shufflers a sympathetic connection to their mortal lives. Some of the items above left me curious as to what they were and what this significance is, which is the point. As a scroll, this could also be called 101 Things found in a Coffin.

And I know there will be readers who wonder at why the contents of a coffin could be important to their characters. Spell components for a wizard, rose petals from a dried flowers or the stuffing from a funeral pillow come to ming for sleeping spells. Also, a locket, crystal sphere or some other seemingly copper piece trinket could actually be Dun dun dun the dingus/key/plot device the PCs have been looking for.

Voted Murometz
January 3, 2008, 19:36
Disclaimer: I've really been wanting to try my hand at scrolls so I apologize if the theme isn't overly original

Actually, the theme is morbid and lovely. As Scras said, the title of the piece is a bit misleading, but I certainly will add a few coffer contents myself!

Stephie, you're a great new member! Semi-prolific even lately! :-D

Kudos indeed.
January 3, 2008, 19:46
What Muro said! There are a couple of zombie subs this seems to relate well to as well. Wonder if there is a good freetext to link them?
Voted valadaar
January 3, 2008, 19:47
Forgot to vote...
Voted Strolen
January 3, 2008, 21:03
Great idea for a scroll. Some of the items do beg for more info, but we can do that too. Great idea generator!
Voted Kassil
January 4, 2008, 5:06
I rather like this scroll idea; one of the things I've always liked are the silly magical and mundane trinkets that can be found on the bodies of monsters, once defeated, and this feels like a logical extension of that idea - adding personality and flavor to what would otherwise be nothing more than another GM-mandated obstacle for the players.
Voted manfred
December 7, 2008, 9:43
I find the title funny and apropriate... keep it.

And we should make it 101!
January 20, 2011, 15:27
and now we have 101!

March 7, 2011, 17:30

Bump. Added '101' freetext. Just because.

Voted axlerowes
February 18, 2012, 16:45

of the tables I have seen this one isn't bad, most of the items are reasonable and suggest at larger story behind them which what we are all about right?


February 18, 2012, 17:54
February 18, 2012, 19:28
Voted Kassy
July 9, 2012, 11:18
Ooh, I like this!

Come back to the Citadel Stephie!

June 22, 2016, 1:20
This has become quite the list!
I love how the items give rise to all sorts of questions and storytelling material. A baby's rattle... a name written on an item... love letters. What a way to give your world meaning!

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