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Citadel Quest Listing

Depending on the time, mood and Mathom, the Citadel holds occassional quests to generate content and challenge ourselves. Some have prizes but all gain you extra XP. The quests are decided in the forum and there are a number of different threads discussing them.

The quests will go for a certain time period and those with the have completed them in the designated time. That doesn't mean you still can't do it. Every quest can be finished at any time and the glory of it is not reduced.

These should not be confused with the Guild Quests that take place in the forum. They are just as important to the Citadel but are tracked entirely through the forum and get you the fancy signature.

Quests Completed

= sub during official quest.

Quest - Sounds of War

The Death Throes Bullet

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This is a listing of ALL available Citadel Badges and how many have earned each. This is NOT associated with the user you are currently browsing.

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2 For actions and deeds in defense of the Citadel.
10 10 Article Submissions
8 10 Article Submissions with 4+ average
5 10 Dungeon Submissions
3 10 Dungeon Submissions with 4+ average
30 10 Item Submissions
16 10 Item Submissions with 4+ average
20 10 Lifeform Submissions
13 10 Lifeform Submissions with 4+ average
13 10 Location Submissions
11 10 Location Submissions with 4+ average
17 10 NPC Submissions
13 10 NPC Submissions with 4+ average
9 10 Plot Submissions
4 10 Plot Submissions with 4+ average
6 10 Society Submissions
4 10 Society Submissions with 4+ average
6 10 System Submissions
6 10 System Submissions with 4+ average
14 Accomplished 10+ Quests with >3.0 avg
4 Accomplished 5+ Quests in 1st or 2nd place
12 Accomplished 5+ Quests with >3.0 avg
16 Golden Submissions 1+
1 Golden Submissions 10+
3 Golden Submissions 5+
7 Subs Honoured 1+
39 Subs Honoured 10+
5 Subs Honoured 5+

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Emote3710 days3710 days
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Simplifying Money243 days238 days

Citadel Dice

For a limited time only, I have these sweet ass dice for you. I am selling them just a bit over cost since mailing stuff from here isn't the cheapest. What little I make goes right back into providing quest winner prizes.

For $10 you will get six random 1d6 dice sent to your front door.

Misc Citadel Dice

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A traveling scholar, digging up the roots of tomatoes that he encounters.

       By: Dozus

There is a small and strange nature-worship cult that has dedicated itself to freeing vegetables. They appear usually in working pairs or trios, arriving to villages and towns separately and wearing the local garb. For some reason, they have taken to disguising themselves specifically as a scholar, a cooper, and a fisher. At night, they will sneak into backyards and side gardens, digging up household fruits and vegetables. They pile the pilfered plants into a cart and vanish in the night. While the townsfolk wake up to empty gardens, the cultists replant the fruits in the wild to let them be "free".

Ideas  ( NPCs ) | February 26, 2013 | View | UpVote 7xp

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