A collection of secrets that can lead to adventure or death!

1. A tarnished silver coin bearing a kings likeness unknown to virtually all, and on the reverse is a map which leads to _some_location_.

2. Tattoo'd on the back of a dead cultist is a map to/formula for/enchantment Prince_Hakon

3. Appearing as random scratches and dings, these are actually camouflaged dwarfish runes for a means to work mithral.

4. Buried within the herbalist's notes, can be found the location of A Sylvan Incubus Tree. The text and other notes indicate that the herbalist may have made use of this knowledge for more then an academic purpose. It would seem to be a good place to eliminate a rival...

5. The Blue Castle of Galamar is protected by a deadly Icegate nearly 100' in length. A chain winch system is used to bring sealed containers into the castle, with all of the mechanisms kept inside the castle. Deep at the bottom of the gate can be found a sword of great power, alongside the frozen remains of the barbarian-thane Hiedread

6. The_Black_Stump, should appropriate spells be cast, holds knowledge of the passage of some great entity the PCs are seeking. He knows little more then direction and number of beings, but these are still valuable clues.

7. The lost High Wizard of Katha can be found trapped in a Weaves_of_Caging located in the temple of Tendras Mire. Sadly, the location of this temple is yet another secret.

8. The Answer to your riddle can be found by a journey to Merideth, a city of secrets, though at potentially terrible cost to the unwary.

9. A map to your destination can be found in a dungeon cell in the Red Fortress. The cell currently houses is currently occupied by a criminally insane

10. A dread spell that summons big-baddie can be found

11. A tattered scroll contains the ritual to create a viable Memory moth chrysalis.

12. The chieftian of a nearby Volgotoi tribe wears the Thundersphere as a bracelet. He is unaware of its nature, but is quite taken with it.

13. Deep in the waters below The Bridge of Fates lies a watertight bronze case. In it can be found <something>

14. The plague that caused the quarantine of The old kingdom was no accident. In a corner of that shunned land a doomsday cult has been building <something> that will do more then kill one kingdom. Do not speak of this, for they have ears everywhere.

15. Somehow lost from the city's special archives, a piece of parchment marked with the Seal of Thieves is found in an unlikely place. All that it contains is the name of an individual. The secret is this is the person currently entrusted with the Seal of Thieves

16. 1174

17. http://strolen.com/viewing/Niyott#85214

The stone carried by Horlord is a beacon to draw lovecraftian horrors from above,

The Sea of Sand is there for a reason, underneath is a city filled with dormant dessicated horrors. Water would bring these back to life.



http://strolen.com/viewing/Shababa_the_Orcish_Dancing_Girl <-add some plot ideas...



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