Before I begin..

I've always liked the names Strolen had given to the different parts of the Citadel's forum. The idea for this one came from the time I've spent in chat and around the forums. I don't know if there are any other 'Citadel' subs out there that describe this place. It is a roleplaying resource after all, so what the hell, right?


Depending on the time of day, or night, one is likely to find a few patrons in this well lit, if not a little quiet room. Although the quiet is sometimes needed to help us think, but there are other rooms for that! This is a room where the scribes of the Citadel gather, mainly on the evenings, to discuss talk about nearly every topic imaginable (and even some that aren't!)Elegant drapes with dragons embroidered onto them hang down the walls, and shelves stacked with scrolls and the occasional tome run along the wall. The only breaks being the heavy wood and iron door, and the hearth with its blazing fire.

Regardless, it is always lit, its warmth giving the room a very cozy feeling, with no-one ever feeling the need to wrap up warm. However it has been known for scribes to crack open a bottle to lighten the mood, loosen tongues, and give inspiration a little helping hand!

Upon first glance, the fireplace looks just like any other. Closer inspection will reveal words, phrases and some passages of text, scratched into the wood for eternity.


Although it hasn't yet been proven (or disproven for that matter!), many would argue that the fire has some magical/mystical element to it. Something that sparks conversation in those sitting near it and engaging in conversation. Where what one may consider to be just another meaningless phrase suddenly sparks an idea in another, driven to then discuss it while scrawling notes.

No matter what happens, what you think is more important, or however handsome he may be. You must always keep this fire lit girl, and don't you ever forget it!

You may not understand me now, but in time you too will realise the importance of this here room..

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? Quest

The idea for Strolen Citadel Guilds has been around since the site first began. There have been many thoughts about it and all of them revolved around A LOT of code with the features all, more or less, automated. Well, that won't happen so why fight my impulses.

So any submission that goes in for the next month with a Guild focused freetext will gain extra XP and the knowledge that you are here at the beginning of the Era of the Guilds!

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-Multiple bookshelves contain hidden passages that connect to a series of caverns that run through the Citadel. Some are well known and well used while others cannot even be guessed at. The fire actually cancels out any scrying style magic that might search for openings or magic.

-Certain corners of the room have permanent cone of silence cast on them to hide the quietest whisper to the loudest yell. Doesn't protect anybody from lip reading though. Could be a spell or an item on the shell. The inability to search leaves it a mystery how it is done.