Special Equipment:

Treasure? What kind of treasure would such a creature have? It may know about some buried valuables around. Dragon bones are still on the location, covered with earth and bushes.


Next to the crossroads stands a great black stump of a tree, broken, without a twig or leef. Almost twice the height of a man, with black bark harder than any wood or stone. Said to be the meeting-place of fairies or witches at midnight (and other things according to other stories) it was actually a tree a long time ago.


A mighty tree it was, giving shelter to wanderers and many birds, until one night two dragons battled on the sky, right over him. Their motives are unknown, but the loser fell to his death on the tree, and that, broken and burned with the acidic blood of one and the fiery breath of other become what it is now, his lifepower too great to die.

Roleplaying Notes:

The Stump as it is has little to tell (well it doesn't speak at all), but any spell or ability enabling to communicate with a plant, animal or creature will work.
You can imagine the voice of his mind as deep and crackling.

Stump really doesn't much care for humanoids, for he cannot tell them apart. Of minor interest to him are only their emotional states and what they actually do in his surrounding. He feels the emotions across hundreds of meters/yards and abusing the nature up to miles, depending on the severity. If there is an army camp nearby, he will surely know. May help if looking for a kidnapped person, or someone with unusual emotions (think madness).

It can 'see' only in his immediate vicinity. Any talk will take about 10 times longer as it would normally (the talker himself doesn't notice this!) - he is a bit slow. No natural means of defense known, but can be considered indestructible.

It is unknown if he has any magical powers - give him none or make him something like a stationery druid.

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