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November 4, 2005, 2:39 am

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Bra of Holding


bra, holding, concealment, sexy

Bra of Holding:

Acts as a bag of holding, sizes range from small to large, as the bag of holding.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Leomund’s secret chest; Market Price: 5,000 gp.

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Comments ( 36 )
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Barbarian Horde
March 23, 2003, 3:08
........sure, why not..
March 23, 2003, 15:01
It was designed by a female player that wanted to keep her belongings in a safe place.
March 24, 2003, 1:11
Uuhh.....Hmmmmm.....Why can't a woman just use a bag of holding?
March 24, 2003, 5:02
Besides the obvious pun, it would allow her to hold her "things" someplace that "generally" could not be taken away. Of course, a Bra of Holding should hold her anatomy as well, so no matter how buxom, it should make the wearer flatter than a board, as well as hold all that other stuff.
March 24, 2003, 20:36
Is there a codpiece of holding to act as counter part?

Considering the generaly historically acruate dress of the time, wouldn't a brazier of easy breath have been more marketable? The upper class women could have a 4 inch waist and still been able to jog.
March 25, 2003, 19:45
What if you are using a gender liberated world, Agar?
Ancient Gamer
January 17, 2007, 4:51
Gender liberation is for wussies! :p
March 25, 2003, 22:25
Mu-mu of holding.
April 9, 2003, 15:22
To answer the anatomy question...It's padded.

Answer to the MU Mu...That's a good idea for a D20 Modern item!
Barbarian Horde
May 4, 2004, 18:10
I will be fun for an assassin to get her equipment to the target
September 25, 2004, 18:15
All I can think of is that seen from the movie Leprechaun, 1,2, or 3, I don't remember. If' you've seen it you know what I mean
Alia Clerya G. Sukory
October 10, 2004, 10:13
Can you think of anything else!
October 19, 2004, 20:11
Um...whats next? The thong of holding? Now we're getting somewhere. Actually, its not a bad and you might be able to use that in a spy adventure. A guard is probably not going to say, "excuse me lady could you take your bra off?" Now thats a start of a porno. Cue the funky, 70's guitar and the plumer thats just there to unclog some pipes.....not that I watch porn.....just saying.
October 19, 2004, 23:13
This is a rather novel item, I must comment. It is also rather fitting as I do know a few ladies who on occassion use their bras to carry small items they dont want messed with. For the most part this is emergenct money for cab fare and such, but the concept is still the same.

One interesting fact is that the bra in its modern form is a relatively new invention, back in them there days, the common thing was the corset, which shoved those puppies right up for everyone to see. Check out a Renaissance festival for an eyefull.

As for the porno, porno music rocks! Okay, it really really sucks, like worse than the elevator music on the Weather Channel, but it is like pornos with plots, no one cares.
December 27, 2007, 6:33
...The sheer number of females who store their money, credit cards, and similar items in their bras is both disturbing and revolting.

Why revolting?

Picture a twenty dollar bill, sandwiched up against a chunk of sweaty skin for several hours because folded bills don't breathe.

That's why it is absolutely revolting.
October 20, 2004, 3:39
Also, a nice way for amazons not to have to cut off a breast...
Just keep them out of the way until action is over...
Voted Dream
December 27, 2005, 18:44
Seriously, some women who are top heavy, so to speak, find it difficult to engage in athletics. So this would be in great demand by older women or those who were busty. In addition, having something to flatten yourself without discomfort would make it easier when shooting a bow (or playing golf). An item like this, with suitable modifications, would help a fat man keep up with the young warriors, too. I always wondered how those "old" wizards managed to avoid a heart attack out there among the athletes. Now we know.
December 28, 2005, 12:13
Actually, sometimes women need to mask as men... and for some this would be a necessity.

*shakes head in admused disbelief*
Another item on its way to become the most popular/most commented.
December 31, 2005, 17:18
I understand, but I am vaguely annoyed by this one.
Voted Nobody
February 15, 2006, 14:40
I can just see a lady at a party pulling out a longsword from that thing.

Obviously, this is not an Idea that should be voted highly. It is just a sort of neat thing to have.

I give you points off for tailoring it to a system.
Voted Roack
June 19, 2006, 0:24
I love how no one has followed true Strolenite style and said what I am about to.


Anyway, I like the Item and all possible wacky hijinks related to it. It would be nice if some of said hijinks could have been posted in the post, and not the comments, however. Naturally, the inclusion of statistics removes points, too.
Voted valadaar
October 8, 2006, 20:17
I have to echo Roack on this. It's okay as a scroll entry, but a full sub? No.
Voted Wulfhere
October 8, 2006, 20:50
As others have noted, the brassiere is a relatively recent development among women's undergarments; the more historically common item was a corset. As I have been quite an enthusiast of well fitted corsets for some years now, I would recommend the widespread adoption of such a magic item.

Of course, the comparable male item would be the codpiece: Codpieces have been used for a similar purpose. A legal case from England in the late 16th Century involved a man who hid a roast chicken in his. Men's trunkhose were more commonly used to carry items securely; one journal recounts how a man carried a full set of dishes, cups and tableware for six in his "sloppes", padded by the tablecloth.
Voted Pariah
January 16, 2007, 22:40
It is too short. And it is entirely stats/OOC knowlege.
January 17, 2007, 3:29
Yeah, but it's a magic BRA!
Ancient Gamer
January 17, 2007, 4:56
It is a true 1.0 that got boosted to above 2 because of its novelty and humoristic value.

nuff said.
Barbarian Horde
November 1, 2007, 16:28
Wait, he hid a roast chicken in his codpiece?
November 1, 2007, 17:08
"Pardon, Sire, be that a capon in thy coddepiece or art thou most heartened to see me?"

I doubt that it was a very large chicken.
Voted Cheka Man
November 2, 2007, 11:03
Someone should give this a good back story and it would be a 3.5 at least.
December 27, 2007, 6:43
I might take you up on that and see if I can expand it...
Voted axlerowes
April 10, 2009, 15:07
What makes this one great is what it says about why people rate and speak of things. Cleavage even an entirely spoken and written media, makes a difference. If this had been any other silly item

Lamp of cynicism, illuminates everything negative or hostile in a room.

Book of thieves skills, read and it improves the skills of people trying to steal from you.

Nife of night slaying, nomeish weapon which allow the user to slay anyone with the title of night. (it doesn't work because they spelled knight wrong)
April 10, 2009, 17:41
Okay. I want you to do those three items. You could do them silly or straight. I would actually like to see them straight.

Oh and some admin must of tagged this with the silly tag recently. This was originally a serious submission with just that listing.
April 10, 2009, 18:37
I will...maybe this weekend.
Voted Ted
April 26, 2011, 23:05

A nice take on the classic Bag of Holding.

Voted Pieh
April 26, 2011, 23:28

Prerequisites: Leomund's Secret Chest.

I laughed.


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