I have created this table plus, as a fantasy RPG resource. The idea is to assist in quickly mapping out an area of the adventure and be able to tell something unique about each populated location. Some of the following entries are reliant on location, others are not. I have created enough entries that you may want to use percentile dice to randomly determine each location. Due to this, I have created a separate table to assist with the randomness for your convenience. Although each location could be a city or a town or whatever you like, I will be referring to each as a city. With each entry, I have some basic explanations of what could be at the given location, although usually incomplete (I don't have the kind of time to flesh it all out and you wouldn't have time to read it, I'm not Tolkien). Feel free to use, expand, modify, or make up your own explanation to go with each heading, the basic explanation is mostly there to help seed your thought process. Some of my entries, appear to flavor the world strongly... if the theme is too strong and takes away from the story or background of your campaign try to tone it down before re-rolling or choosing another entry. Obviously if something doesn't make sense roll again or tailor it to your needs. Enjoy.




1. roll once

1. roll once

1. roll twice

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2. roll once

2. roll twice

3. roll once

3. roll twice

3. roll twice

4. roll once

4. roll twice

4. roll three times

5. roll once

5. roll twice

5. roll three times

6. roll twice

6. roll three times

6. roll four times

  1. Baked Goods – The city is famous for it's baked goods. The festivals in this town revolve around the bakers out doing each other in making grander and more spectacular baked goods than last year or each other. A blue ribbon is the finest honor one can get in these parts. Baked goods are plentiful in this town and well priced and if you are in the market for something more extravagent... you are sure to find it here. Here's some possible specialties if you want to narrow it down more:

    1. Pies

    2. Cakes

    3. Bread & Scones

    4. Pastries

    5. Cookies & Squares

  2. Leather Goods – The city has an ample supply of leather from local ranchers or ranchers from other settlements that have no other location to dump their hides. As such, several of the finest leather workers have taken up residence here. The city has obtained such a reputation that everyone in the province/state/kingdom recognizes this as the place to buy your leather. Lower and regular quality leather goods are sold here at a decent discount. Higher quality leather is also available in any form the buyer can imagine, at a significant markup. All leather products are branded and marked as to indicate who the craftsman was who developed it. As leather is the pride of the city, merchants, town guard, and civilians, all wear leather and are particularly nicer to strangers if they are wearing leather. They are even nicer if it is marked as a creation of a local craftsman.

  3. Bone/Ivory Goods – This city had discovered an elephant's graveyard in it's backyard (or something similar). Several merchants & peddlers have begun to harvest large amounts of the bone for various creations. Most of the bone items consist of jewelry, handles for swords & daggers, and religious statuettes. Other bone items might include arrowheads, wall decorations, and furniture, to name a few. These bone items are mostly to be shipped by merchants where a higher price might be obtained, but to buy locally would include a good discount and an in with the natives.

  4. Sword Smithy - A legendary or almost legendary sword smith had settled in this city many years ago. Since his passing, his apprentices (now masters) have attempted to reach their master's level in sword making but aren't quite there yet. Apparently the master died with some of his sword crafting secrets. Perhaps a rivalry exists between them that causes them to try to undercut the other. Whatever the case, the preferred weapon of the town guard is a sword and standard swords are sold and bought at a discount here. Higher quality swords are available at a premium.

  5. Axe Manufacturer - This town honors a great hero, long dead, whose favorite weapon was an axe. As such, many of the guard of the time wanted to emulate that hero by also using an axe as their weapon of choice. As the time of active worship of this hero is past, the tradition remains in full force. The town guards preferred weapon is the axe. Axe manufacturing is considered a noble profession and is encouraged and supported by state officials and commoners alike. Adventurers will have a hard time finding other mêlée weapons in this location.

  6. Spear Manufacturer – This city has a national holiday when a great war was won by them thanks to pike men. During the said holiday, a spear/javelin toss occurs ritually among all able bodied men. The ability to fight well with a spear is the mark of a man in this city. As such, all guards carry spears along with a secondary arm. Spears are in all the local heraldry and criminals who warrant the death sentence are impaled outside city limits on pikes embedded in the ground. Spears are readily available here and are sold cheap.

  7. Pole Arm Manufacturer – This city is run (or was once run) by a heavy handed warlord. The warlord had a huge army and favored the pole arm. He has ruled long enough that many weapon manufacturers have only created pole arms for the length of their careers. Now whether still in charge or gone, the manufacturers still specialize in pole arms and it is a choice weapon among the army. It carries no honor or distinction... it's a way of life here.

  8. Large Shield Smithy – This city has a master shield smithy who lives here. Not only are his shields exceptionally strong and well crafted but skilled artists and painters have found employment here as well decorating the shields with heraldry symbols and other artistic wonders. To step into this shield smithy makes one wonder whether they are stepping into an armory or an art gallery. Most locals love the way this puts their city on the map.

  9. Buckler Manufacturer – This city is one of the richer cities out there. Many many noble types live in this city and with enough poking around one will find that fencing is the local sport of choice. Many nobles indulge in this sport and many commoners also do. The commoners and nobles rarely meeting, and of course there is a much different atmosphere at the different matches. The nobles tend to be more graceful as though studying an art form and the commoner gambles and gets rather rowdy around prearranged matches between favorite fighters. The style of fencing both to noble and commoner uses the buckler. Therefore the supply of fencing equipment is readily available, with the preference being toward bucklers.

  10. Cobblers - this city has a large supply of leather and other materials fit for making shoes. Some time ago a cobbler guild was formed and the shoe district was created. Within this part of town the street is lined with cobblers each working methodically to perfect his ware. Many of the cobblers only produces one kind of shoe or boot. The guild arranges for a teamster and a middleman to buy the cobbler's surplus wares at a pitiful price and haul them to other cities for sale. Shoes and boots are cheaper here as most of the cobblers are grateful to sell their wares at anything above what the guild requires them to sell to the middleman.

  11. Plate Armorer- this city is supported by many mines which produce huge amounts of iron and other useful ores. The king or local regent has relocated a large number of armorers and their apprentices here to build armor for their armies. Overtime, a number of extremely skilled armorers skilled in making field plate, full plate, and plate mail have been discovered. Allowed to branch out, these armorers cater to nobles and knights demanding the finest and most beautiful armor. It is rumored that, many a passing wizard has made the remark that should they ever wish to enchant armor for an ally they would prefer to get that armor here. The armorers are busy enough and well compensated enough that corruption has not entered their midst, yet. If a rich PC wants to buy the coolest armor ever, this is the place... if they are willing to wait.

  12. Chain Mail/Ring Mail/Studded Leather Armorer – By the king's command, this city contains three factories of interest. The first is a smelt and forge which produces heavy steel cable, steel rings, and steel studs. The second produces a basic padded armor and leather armor. The third is the drop off for the first two factories, which produces the studded leather, ring mail, or chain mail. Simply put, this is a supply city for the military. Studded leather or ring mail for the enlisted men or foot soldiers and chain mail for officers. Typically, the armor is not for sale, but on occasion, a decent bribe made to the right chap can get you outfitted in a suit of your choice.

  13. Tailors Manifique – this city, perhaps a port city or a city of crossroads of major trade routes, has a large number of different cultural influences. Overtime it has become attractive to various rich nobles and merchants seeking a place to purchase a large variety of different things. With the growth of large manors and heavy purses came the tailors with their extraordinary creations. The finest tailors have come to love this location as much as their patrons. The merchants traveling through the city are able to bring a large variety of cloth, thread, and other accessories to aid the fashion trends of the day. All the ladies of the area, don their finest clothes when out in polite society. Ordinary clothes are sold at an ordinary price, but seek out something unique, bedazzling, or otherwise outrageous from a fashion designer and you will find it provided for you at out an outrageous sum.

  14. Beef Products – This city, possibly a neighboring city to the Leather City (#2 above), has a fine source of beef from large herds of cattle from it's suburbs and surrounding townships. The city takes great pride in beef and restaurant/tavern owners are likely to scowl at someone requesting poultry or worse yet fish. There is a slaughterhouse on the downwind side of town that the many of the local commoners find employment. Beef jerky is a common and cheap commodity here in this town and you can also find a large number of different and exotic flavors too.

  15. Jewelry Craftsman - This city has a few precious metal mines and many gem mines in it's vicinity. Many fine craft man have taken up residence to produce fine jewelry for royalty and nobility. Many of them are also fine merchants or employed by merchants who ship out their new products to the capital city and other city's favored by nobles. The land nearby is rocky and most food needs to be imported. Many outsiders would suspect the location was a military outpost when seeing the number of guards present as most of the merchants want to keep their investment safe. Strangers are often treated with suspicion as the guards are wary of would-be thieves.

  16. Barrel Makers – This city is just like any other, on the edge of the forest. The population is peppered with lumberjacks and carpenters as well as numerous other trades. If one were to go looking into it, it would be found that the most successful industry in town is the barrel makers. These craftsman make any size of barrel mostly for the production of wine and other liquors. Their barrels are extraordinarily durable and occasionally decorated with carvings and markings, usually relevant to what will be in the barrel and it's new owner. There are teamsters which haul the empty barrels to far off settlements which produce the wine or liquor. The teamsters have an unusual designed cart able to hold a huge number of barrels which they could never get away with if the barrels were full.

  17. Horse Breeders – This city has extreme pride in horses. Every flag, heraldry or otherwise, has a horse, every guard is on a horse, every person of repute rides in a carriage of some form or another. Pedestrians are rare and must be extremely careful. There are three or four nobles with large estates who live on the outskirts of the city. These gentlemen are in the business of producing the finest warhorses of the kingdom. As such, often go on long business trips, just to check out a horse, and are constantly breeding out poor qualities of the horses they own. They are somewhat friendly to each other, especially in public, and often exchange horses or agree to provide a stud to service another's mares and so on. To purchase any horse is rather easy to do here... and the fine warhorses are extremely expensive but are worth it down to the last copper. The public has a very low opinion of horse thieves and often treat them as badly as murderers, depending on the horse stolen.

  18. Hunters – This frontier city or town is smaller, quaint, and surrounded by huge amounts of untamed wilds. Although this always won't be the case, certain nobles who love the hunt have been attracted to the area. These nobles have a large number of retainers, often including a ranger type to assist them in tracking. Most of these nobles, even though are roughing it, aren't in it exclusively for the kill, but are there for an enjoyable and prolonged hunt. They are typically looking for the largest stags with a huge rack of antlers, the fattest boars with the biggest tusks, or perhaps something else more exotic. Many of the frontier folk are a bit put out by their presence. Others, particularly the service industry, are grateful for the business for as long as it lasts.

  19. Fletcher – This smaller wilderness town has had rapid growth during war times and become deserted at times of prolonged peace. This city is out of the way and it's creation is solely due to the plants in the area. The breed of trees in this area, grow extremely straight branches which are very useful for the making of arrows. A nearby quarry provides shale which can be used for producing the arrowheads. Feathers are provided by caged birds, which also tend to be on the menu from time to time. Most present in this town at any given moment are fletchers building arrows for their living. There are also several services, laborers for harvesting shale or the shafts, and the occasional teamster for hauling in food, clothing, unique feathers or steel arrowheads in and completed bundles of arrows out. A few guards with bows help keep the locals safe from predatory animals and wandering rogues.

  20. Bow Makers – the noble brother of a famous archer lives in this town. Although he does not have his brother's ability, he has a great love of archery. He settled here as the right kinds of trees are in the area for bow making. After the research and hiring the right bow makers, this noble has made quite a business of making bows and selling them to the military. He is slowly perfecting his art by in part breeding a tree that has better qualities than the current ones and by searching out better bowstring. Besides this bow makers business the rest of the town is quite ordinary.

  21. Wine Brewers – the temperate climate that surrounds this city is ideal for producing grapes and other fruits. Several wine merchants have taken note and many parcels of land just outside the city are large beautifully manicured vineyards. Some wine is mass produced here and shipped away to far off towns and cities in the kingdom. Some vintage wines are produced by the bottle and sold to nobles and other rich folk. Many in town have a very distinctive taste when it comes to wine. The taverns and inns in town are unlikely to serve any other alcoholic beverage.

  22. Beers Brewers – This city is rather ordinary to the unsuspecting eye. Many of the locals, particularly manual laborers, are thrilled with a local beer, ale, or lager from a brewery located in city limits. This beer is served at the local tavern and shipped elsewhere, but it is the pride of the city and goes for 10-20% more than other beer. The tavern is always packed on weekends and only marginally less packed on weekdays. The secret to the beer is in local spice and hops.

  23. Whiskey or Other Foul Spirits – This city is in a slump. The mayor is a noble with his title removed. Now banished from his ancestral home forever and given this assignment which is so beneath him, he has fallen into a deep depression. After, finding a strong local brew, he has adjusted the laws and greased the wheels for this outfit to produce as much of their normally contraband drink as they want. Although the mayor is obviously a favorite customer many of the locals enjoy the brew as well. The mayor can often be seen drunk on the streets with a group of his drinking buddies. The local captain of the guard has attempted to go over his head to the regional lord, in hopes that the shameful behavior will stop. As of yet he hasn't been successful in gaining an audience. The captain suspects the lord is an old buddy of the mayor and would rather 'look the other way' for a while.

  24. Rope/Canvas Weavers – An area near the city is a natural home for a certain strain of cannabis or a fantasy equivalent. A local farmer tends to this patch of cannabis and replants as needed. This cannabis produces the long fibers which are useful in creating rope and canvas. Several merchants own shops which mass produce either hemp rope, canvas, or both. Rope products and canvas are sold here cheap. Drugs available from the cannabis are available at the GM's discretion.

  25. Mass Food Production – This city is in an ideal climate, with ideal soil conditions, and as a consequence the farmers in the region have advanced farming techniques. This region produces a tremendous amount of food, capable of sustaining many times the amount of people who live here. The vast majority of the food is exported on wagon trains to other nearby cities, towns, and villages. Adventurers will find cheap food prices here and easy employment as a farmhand.

  26. Fishing Town – This coastal or lakefront city is home to numerous fishermen. The whole town smells of fish. Every inn & tavern serves fish to it's guests and is usually host to sailors or fisherman enjoying some time off. There are usually stories roaming these inns or taverns of the creatures from the deep that were spotted during a fishing expedition.

  27. Crossbows & Trap Mechanics – A chapter of a local mercenaries guild is in town. They have been supplying body guards, watchmen, and armed escorts for local businesses and nobles. A consequence of their presence is a few extraordinary mechanical types looking to make a living. These mechanics have become expert at devices with triggers including crossbows, pressure plate style traps, trip wire traps, and pendulum traps. Many nobles here employ their specialized service to protect their precious goods and treasure. Thieves beware. The town guard and mercenaries are almost always found carrying a crossbow.

  28. Daggers – This city appears normal and rather dull in all other respects but has one virtue no other city on the continent can claim. It is the home of a master dagger craftsman. This individual was always an excellent weapon smithy but one day got an artistic moment and went to work on one knife, pulling all the stops and made a work of art. Never intending on selling it he hung it on the wall and carried on with life. Some months later a noble saw the knife and fell in love with it and demanded to purchase it. The smithy said it wasn't for sale but after the price had been jacked to something beyond ridiculous, the smithy broke down and sold it. Suddenly finding himself wealthy, he took some time off and began to enjoy life and not work so hard. When he finally returned he found that word had gotten out. Every noble he had ever heard of and then some, wanted one of his knifes or daggers. He decided he had found his niche. He changed venues and now instead of making standard weapons for the masses, he makes fancy daggers of the finest materials for those who pay the most. Adventurers are welcome to buy but they are in for a surprise when they see the price.

  29. Theater – This city contains a famous theater. Big, beautiful, and historic with flying buttresses and murals on every wall. This theater has been established and prospered by the large estates which surround the area. Third and Fourth generation nobles, rich, and with nothing better to do with their lives spend a great deal of time enjoying the opera, ballet, and other plays or productions all from the theater. Many would be actors come to this town hoping for a good future at this theater. Many are turned away as the elitist playwright and director (also noble) in charge of the theater only keeps the best. This town has a high demand for costumes, fashionable wear, and the finer things in life, most of which are produced elsewhere. This city also houses a large luxurious inn for visiting nobles who have come to see the theater. Adventurers are likely to find their presence in this city unwelcome to say the least.

  30. Carts, Wagons, & Carriages – This city is located near a large forest and has attracted a large number of carpenters with varying specialties. Many these carpenters are designers and builders of wagons & carts. The competition between these parties of carpenters has had varying degrees. Tough times past or present have pushed them to out doing each other time and time again. The overall winners consist of two particular carpenters who are brothers. Their skill has not been surpassed. When one of these brothers discovered a demand in building carriages they stopped building other things and have become renowned for their skill in building fine carriages.

  31. Gladiatorial Games – This city has very bloodthirsty citizens. It all started with death fights within pits and as of the last ten to twenty years in a large arena. This arena provides a large employment opportunity for many people, such as trainers for the gladiators, slavers to provide gladiators, armorers and weapon smiths, the service industry, bookies, and many more. The people are hardened to the physical displays of brutality and love public floggings and executions.

  32. Furniture Craftsman – This city is fairly normal in most respects. A small guild of finishing carpenters have taken up residence here and traffic their wares both to the local population and to other merchants who transport the finished goods to other cities and towns. The guild has had a great deal of success and is always on the lookout for new and exotic building materials.

  33. Ancient City crafted Stone Homes – This city is of ancient design. It has a complex sewer system and most of the buildings within are made of stone and are of strange design. Most of the residents have minimal knowledge of how the city came to be. A few masons have been employed for repair work as it comes up. They secretly marvel at the ingenuity of the original builders. The masons can't always duplicate the previous workmanship and at times a building must be dismantled and replaced with a normal wooden home. There could be secret doors and areas in this city which have not been discovered yet. Sounds like an adventure.

  34. Siege Weapon Manufacturer -This old fortified city has loads of original siege weapons from ballistas to trebuchets. At this time or times not long past, the city was under threat of siege and a summon was made throughout the land for siege engineers to report to this city. In short time the existing equipment was brought up to par and the eminent siege was prepared for. The few engineers had brought apprentices and many were enticed to stay even after the threat was eliminated. The engineers have started up shop in building duplicates of the existing siege weapons to be transported to friendly neighboring cities and other allied locations. Some of the engineers are attempting to improve the designs, which may be a point of espionage and information gathering for opposing forces.

  35. Brothels – This location, for whatever reason, is constantly a stop point for military forces. Whether a training base is close by or this is an access point to many border towns under threat of invasion, there seems to be the constant need of military personnel in the region. The consequences on this community have become most apparent. Many of the young women both of the area and transients have taken up the world's oldest profession here and many brothels have popped up in this town. At any given time there is a detachment in this town either for pleasure seeking or for other services. The local guard have had more than a few problems with the young soldiers who come to this town with this being a first wild experience out of parental supervision. This city has a very bad reputation among the homesteads and villages in the surrounding areas.

  36. Masonry – This city is the pinnacle of modern stone work. Surrounding mountains provide all the stone the local masons could use. The walls around the city are solid granite. The homes are mostly made of brick or other stone work. Most important intersections within the city have a large statue of someone famous or some patron god. Many local nobles (and/or royalty) keep the masons quite busy with bigger and more expensive projects than previously done. The overall feel of the city is clean and nice. Adventurers will find they stick out in a crowd and are fairly unwelcome.

  37. Corrupt Government Officials – This city has fairly just laws and the regional lord has a reputation of fairness and low tolerance for thieves and murderers. However, this city seems to be the exception to the regional lord's rules. The local captain of the guard, the magistrate (judge), and mayor are all corrupt to the core. As a consequence of their presence, many good guards and other officials have been slowly replaced with corrupt ones. In it's present state, any villainous type might get away with anything provided he greases the right hand with gold. Often the crime is obvious enough that someone must be punished for the public to be appeased. Usually, the fall guy is the poorest guy who happened to be closest to the incident. This city is an ideal place for adventurers to set up shop as Zorro or Robin Hood.

  38. Almost a Ghost Town – Whether it be bad economic times, a plague, or a war, this city has become mostly deserted. Property is dirt cheap or free. The locals are either getting ready to finally leave this town once and for all or they cling together as a family. Services are minimal.

  39. Gangs – This town has a very bad reputation and has a very hard time keeping town guards. Gangs rule the streets and use extortion, blackmail, broken knuckles, and any other form of 'leaning' to get their ways. Merchants are very rare in this city as they are certain to be robbed. On occasion, a merchant prepared to make a few bribes may come and deal. The only thing that keeps a form of order is the rivalry between gangs. Some rules between gangs have been made to keep some peace but they are frequently ignored if the perpetrator feels lucky. The situation is delicate and an all out gang war could occur at any time. Adventurers would be most welcome by the normal citizens/victims.

  40. Theft – this city is the home of an infamous thieves guild. Provided a person doesn't have much he is mostly safe. This city used to be a location of many high society types. As they are robbed ruthlessly they seek retaliation or escape. If the situation doesn't improve the rich or once rich will completely abandon this town. At least one of the nobles is in league with the thieves. This is an ideal situation for adventurers to find employment.

  41. Silversmith – The reason the silversmith is located in this town is either due to supply (a silver mine nearby) or demand (a lycanthropy problem). Whatever the reason, a silversmith of no small repute lives in town and sells any common objects made of silver. The smithy is well liked and his wife and children have grown very attached to their surroundings. The mayor has many silver decorations and cutlery in his home. The city is likely to have 'silver' in it name.

  42. Fruit Orchards – Not much to say here. The climate is warm and humid enough at this city for fruit bearing trees to do well. There are scores of orchards in the region and while much of the fruit is shipped out, one may purchase dried, canned, or fresh fruit most times of the year for a very low price.

  43. Bad Weather – Again not much to say here. This location, due to an imagined or real curse, seems to constantly have the worst weather of the region. A few people have left because of the weather, most stick it out hoping for a better tomorrow. The mood of the city is fairly sour.

  44. Flowers/Gardens – This city has been founded near a marshy and mostly fertile land. The land has an abundance of natural flowers that bloom year around. Many have purchased other flower seeds from traveling merchants or peddlers and found they also bloom very well. Many homes have hanging baskets with flowers in them and many of the residents have created large and gorgeous flower gardens. A few nobles, being attracted to the splendor, have moved to the area and have built huge beautiful gardens. One said noble has created a large garden maze of hedges.

  45. Dog Breeding – A local noble loves his dogs and what they can do. He decided some time ago to breed them in a way to improve their ability. He has been successful. Depending on what kind of dog he's been breeding may influence the PCs choices in town. It is possible that he's sold some of his dogs to local merchants or other nobles. Here's a list of possible breeds:

    1. War dogs

    2. Hunting/tracking dogs

    3. Guard dogs

    4. Blink dogs (probably trained as war dogs or guard dogs)

    5. Two-headed dogs (probably trained as war dogs or guard dogs)

    6. Sled pulling dogs (obviously for arctic or near arctic conditions)

  46. Rare Spice – This community is rather normal, except to find that there are a number of gardens which are totally enclosed by large walls and guarded. If further investigation is put into it, this city is on an ideal location for growing a certain rare herb or spice. This commodity is sold at ridiculous prices in other towns. Whether this is a condiment only nobles get to enjoy or a magical ingredient for potions, or something else is your call. With the amount of money and spice lying around, this would be an ideal spot for a thief to make a great living.

  47. Large population of Royalty – if this city isn't the capital city... then it is the runner up. Most of the current king's brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews live here. They represent all the royalty minus the king's immediate family and other royal relatives that are on assignment as Dukes, Duchesses, Barons, Baronesses, and so on in other regions. At least one of them has a high title and only answers to the king himself. The others have lower titles but still have the royal command. The wealth of the royals has made the city into a bit of a fortress with many more guards than the average city. Many merchants come to this city with wares only for the royals. Adventurers are treated with caution and if they are blatantly defiant of the authority of the royals will find themselves chased from the city or imprisoned for treason.

  48. Falconry – This city has large estates on the outskirts. The nobles who have lived here have lived here for many generations. According to these nobles, their forefathers are the founders of falconry (or an equivalent if you prefer). Many nobles have beautiful falcons they take hunting and out for other sport. If a PC has an interest in falconry, this could be the place for him/her to pick up one. A few of the nobles have falcons in their heraldry.

  49. Colossal Boat Construction – This coastal city is sprawling and has a huge dock and boatyard. Many ship builders are residents of this area and colossal boats of one or two designs are built in the ship yard (usually a war galley and/or a frigate or an equivalent). Most supplies necessary for this construction are brought in by teamsters from nearby communities. At any given moment, the people seen on the street are 50% sailors.

  50. Home of a Previously Epic Curse – In the not too distant past, a powerful evil wizard or necromancer took control of this city. Many people died. Even more suffered. A magic was placed upon the land which caused a blight of sorts. After the wizard/necromancer was put out of business (either through having to retreat or being defeated in battle) a cure for the magic took even longer to find. Finally it was found and the people here are trying to resume their lives and forget the horror of that time. If there is any doubt, the people here have an immediate dislike of magic wielders, particularly ones with a hidden agenda. Here is a list of possible curses:

    1. Standard Blight – crops won't grow, insects rule the lands in enormous swarms

    2. Savage Storms – the area was riddled with an unnatural storm which has caused extensive damage to homes, fields, and flocks.

    3. Earth Tremors – the area was the target of numerous earthquakes, all buildings were flattened

    4. Undead Beacon – the area was shielded from sunlight with a constant cloud cover. Undead have roamed the area, claiming victims of all ages

    5. Monster Beacon – one or more large carnivores were summoned and ran wild killing numerous people and livestock.

    6. Bad Water – people who drank from the city well were harmed. Whether killed by poison or became entranced at night and murdered each other. Whatever was in the water is up to you.

    7. Firestorms – the land was totally scorched by fire, which rained down from the sky. The people who survived found shelter in a keep or similar sturdy stone construct.

  51. Street Brawls – This town has an odd law which, although viewed by some as barbaric, suits the residents just fine. All disputes are handled by men through unarmed combat with very few rules. Weapons, eye gouging, fish hooking, and continuing to beat an unconscious person or a person who has surrendered are considered against the rules. Pretty much everything else goes. If you break the rules you might find yourself fighting everyone. Although death is the unlikely outcome of these fights, it is not uncommon. Surrendering early in the combat is considered cowardly and you can still expect a good power punch to the face and disgrace, if you surrender later in the fight and have taken a serious beating you might exit with your honor intact (this depends on public opinion of the dispute and/or public opinion of your opponent).

  52. Rare Helpful Drug – This city houses certain healers and herbalists. These men and women have through the use of a local plant developed a drug which is made no where else. This drug is helpful in some way in either curing diseases, mental illness, or serious injury. The drug is potent but is some cases must be used for a prolonged time for the effect to take hold. The drug is quite expensive as it is and if you add shipping, it becomes something only the rich can afford.

  53. Rare Harmful Drug – This city is run by drug lords. The drug lords have a fairly easy supply of a very addictive recreational drug. The drug lords keep many of their citizens in a slavery of sorts by keeping them working extremely hard and rewarding them with small doses of the drug. Many local families are broken over this kind of behavior. The drug lords are suspicious of strangers and may misdirect, drug, or threaten would-be visitors through their minions.

  54. Slavers – This city was built upon the backs of slaves. Everyone of any social standing has slaves. The slaves are identified by a tattoo or ear piercing. Often the slaves will be of a different race than the slavers, although half breeds are common enough. Usually, there are no street people in such a town as the slavers scoop them up and sell them, either in town or at another friendly town. The slavers have a number of different markets. The first market is for rough males who are employed in manual labor often rowing a large boat, mining, or constructing buildings of stone. The second market is for females to be used in manual labor as well but for labor less demanding than the men such as gardening, tending animals, or tending to the other slaves. Often these females are chosen for breeding purposes if a slaver or owner wants to breed more slaves. The third market is for household slaves, these slaves are the most handsome/beautiful and properly broken. They are sold for much much more than the other slaves. Crime in this city is often punished by being sold into slavery. The city's laws totally favor the slavers/owners should a dispute arise. If a slave were accused of a crime, death is almost certain. If neighboring cities and territories frown upon slavery, this city calls them something else and pretends like they are servants who owe a debt to their owner and can buy their freedom after so many years of work. If this is the case, it is extremely rare to find a freed slave, as most owners use harsh penalties for any infraction which add more years to the slaves service requirement. All in all, a nasty game which few, if any, slaves can win.

  55. Glass Works – This city has the natural resources for a glass making outfit to do well. At least that's what some merchants had observed some twenty years ago. Their prophecy came true and now there are a number of glass workers in town. Many building have glass windows and many peripheral businesses have taken off here. Lantern makers, bottle makers, dish makers, to name a few. While this has little to do with the PCs it would be a stopping point for caravans.

  56. Bridge/Crossing – This city is, or is near to, an important crossing. The location could be a narrow piece of land running between oceans (like the land bridge between North & South America) forming a land bridge between larger land masses. Another possibility is the city 'guards' the one quality bridge that crosses a long and dangerous ravine or river. One final idea is the city 'guards' the most accessible pass through a thick mountain range. This city is important for military purposes, trade routes, and for travelers going in between. The city is used to visitors of many shapes and sizes and tends to have good services for the visitors. A military presence is likely. This town fits well in conjunction with #35, #37, #59, and #88.

  57. Religious Site – A temple is located here which belongs to a good or neutral Deity. Many clerics or priests of that religion are caretakers of the temple. The temple houses something that the clerics deem as sacred. Whether it be an ancient footprint in the ground of where their god supposedly manifested in the flesh or where their god's avatar told them to build a temple or something else, the priests feel that this location is sacred. Many clerics believe that communion with their deity is easier from this location than anywhere else on the continent. Whether that is true or not is a matter of debate. If anything were to threaten the location it would bring all the clerics of that religion in a hurry to defend the site and thereby enter a holy war.

  58. Prison with infamous prisoner – This city houses a unique prison. The prison is not unlike other city prisons except that this prison has a dark secret which rumor may have guessed. The prison has a secret basement of sorts with a secret cell which holds a prisoner that is widely known and feared. The prison employs more guards than most. Perhaps one of the guards got a little too drunk one night when off duty or maybe another former prisoner heard of the infamous prisoner while in jail. Whatever the source of the rumor, it is right on the money. There is a big problem just waiting to hatch in the local prison. There could be any number of reasons they are here. Here are some examples of prisoners.

    1. A general/warlord/war chief of an enemy army

    2. A member of enemy royalty

    3. An high powered enemy wizard

    4. A champion of evil (anti-paladin maybe)

    5. An enemy spy or assassin

    6. A high priest of a dark and very real religion

    7. Someone possessed by an ancient and powerful evil

  59. Massive Prison – This city has had huge crime waves in the past. Whether the crime is nonsense as the local government may have be tyrannical or not, is beside the point, as the city houses a massive prison. Located on the outskirts of town, the prison is designed like a large keep and employs numerous guards. The prisoners are forced to work for their food within and not permitted visitors. The prison certainly contains a torture chamber as those who live close to the prison are certain they've heard stifled screams at any time of day or night.

  60. Ruins – This city has been built over the ruins of an ancient city and fortress that has been basically leveled. Evidences of the old city are everywhere. Some of the roads are original. Possible plot hooks could be the discovery of a dungeon of sorts while a city building crew is installing sewers.

  61. Famous Scholar with library- This city is older than most and contains an old library with loads of historic documents and books that can be found no where else. This library has attracted a number of scholars but also one scholar of no small repute, Flabovius Marintion, who studies in the library by day and writes his own book by night. This guy knows a great deal of extraordinarily useless and bizarre information and a fair amount of valuable information. The scholar's presence has many locals excited and eager to learn what mysteries he uncovers in his visit.

  62. Cursed -This city is carrying a curse which is probably very subtle. The length of time the curse has been over the city is up to the GM and is possibly relevant to the adventures the PCs are on. While the curse may or may not have bearing on the mission at hand the PCs might be affected by the curse. The following are possible curses you might use:

    1. Dry Wells – the city is in a desert climate and the wells have been lower than normal for a long time. Laws have been made to protect the suddenly very valuable commodity.

    2. Still Births – the women of the area are having trouble producing babies that survive delivery. A very depressed mood is over most of the city.

    3. Diseased Animals – for unexplained reasons animals in the area get sick easy and die easy. Meat from these sick animals is inedible. Many residence are being forced into vegetarianism.

    4. Rash of Suicides – a few things have gone wrong. Really really wrong. A merchant has invested every last copper in a shipment of produce that turned out to be spoiled. The merchant has committed suicide. Shortly afterward, his son, and head assistant both kill themselves. Then the bartender's ugly daughter, who incidentally is the joke of the community, has a strange accidental death or possibly a suicide. She is promptly followed by her father. This trend continues onward... the people are just dropping like flies each for a separate and very real reason.

    5. Flies, grasshoppers, or fleas – the weather seems to be assisting the breeding of an annoying insect which has moved into town in massive numbers, causing no end of trouble for the locals. It appears to be a natural phenomenon and the elderly remember a previous year like this one many many years ago.

    6. No Trade Zone – merchants who used to come to town to sell important commodities, like food and clothing, have stopped coming. No one knows why. People are getting tired of the local menu and tattered clothes are common.

    7. A flawed major project – the city was to be the location of a gigantic monument or special building of sorts, perhaps a castle. The project has turned out to be severely flawed due to a broken foundation or the ground breaking away under main supports or something like this. The project doesn't seem salvageable, except perhaps through rare and expensive magic. It appears like years of work for thousands of people and a ludicrous amount of money is going down the drain.

  63. Famous Diplomat/Ambassador/Judge – An elegant home is noted on the outskirts of this city. If the PCs notice the home and inquire after it they will find that it's the home of a famous political figure. This politician is a master negotiator and has been involved in many peace-keeping efforts. The politician is semi-retired and does attend city council meetings and is available should his services be required. The locals revere this politician. He might be the local judge.

  64. Famous Artist/Painter – This city houses several nobility. Currently the nobles have bargained for the services of a famous artist. Everyone knows the artist. Everyone regards this person as one of the best in their field. The artist isn't cheap and may or may not have arrogance to match his skill. While the artist is in town, other nobles, friends of the nobles retaining the services of the artist have come visiting in hopes of being acquainted with the artist.

  65. Famous Musician(s)/Singer – A large comfortable inn resides in this city. Within the inn is a stage and people from everywhere come for the performances which occur on said stage. The city has had the talents of an extraordinary musician and this musician and his/her band performs for a large crowd on the stage at this inn, usually on weekend evenings. The innkeeper charges a cover charge and from the charge pays the musician. The musician has a folk or primitive style of play that only appeals to common folk and the most rebellious/young among nobles. Visitors of this city will be told they must go see the musician if they do nothing else while in town.

  66. Strange Alliance – This one is largely dependent on need and I have not fleshed it out like the others. Whether this be a human city with a befriended troll, giant living in the midst of halflings, an elven citadel guarded by undead, an orc – human alliance, or dogs and cats living together in harmony is entirely up to you. The point is, that there is a paradox which causes an irrational or a confused reaction from most people who visit this city.

  67. Graveyard – Whether the city is ancient or not, the graveyard on the side of the city is ancient. This graveyard is huge and filled with mausoleums and statues. Many of the locals consider the place haunted and dangerous. Considering this is a fantasy setting of course it's haunted. :)

  68. Retired Adventurer – This city is likely to be like another on this list. Only it has one additional treasure. A treasure hunter or adventurer, who grew to old or rich to continue with that lifestyle, has settled down here. He/she owns a nice home and still has his/her old weapon over the mantle of the fireplace. He/she is happily married and has children. If this adventurer is approached in the right way, they might provide information or other help that places their family at minimal risk. The adventurer will decline joining the party unless the situation is pretty dire and/or the family is somehow taken out of the equation.

  69. Ancient Relic -This city has a central monument of sorts. On the top of the monument stands the relic. It is supposedly ancient device given to men from the gods themselves. The relic supposedly tempers the elements and drives supernatural evil away from the city. So far nothing has happened to disprove this theory. No one worries about the relic being stolen as it supposedly has a power against theft. Whether the rumor mill is true is up to you. If the relic were stolen, the locals would pay any ransom or any bounty hunter's fee to get it back.

  70. Hospital/Healer School – This city holds a large facility for dealing with injured or diseased. Many stricken people travel a ways to get to this location. This facility holds a combination of healers, clerics, priests, alchemists, apprentices, and service staff, all there to heal people. Depending on the need for such an establishment you might have high prices and a relatively small building.

  71. Wool Production – This city has neighboring fields that are the home to huge flocks of sheep. The shepherds that tend them sell large amounts of wool to the merchants of the city. The merchants have large factories where the wool is spun into thread and then made into clothes and other products made of fabric. Warm wool clothes are available in this city fairly inexpensive and good quality. Most of the clothes are shipped elsewhere. Lamb and mutton are often on the menu here.

  72. Tropical/Utopian City – This city is fairly isolated from everywhere else. The local government is hugely lax both in enforcing the few laws they have and in doing anything. The climate in this location is constantly beautiful. The area is filled with tropical fruits and waters loaded with fish. The locals love visitors and tend to give them a royal treatment. All in all, a simple, wonderful way of life with little problems... a utopia of sorts. Many who visit never leave.

  73. Famous Merchant Guild – A guild of merchants controls this city. The merchants, who run the guild, have become incredibly successful at their businesses and have become 'stinking rich'. The guild leaders have also been successful in bribing or getting replaced all local government officials to ensure the government 'sees things the way they do'. They've also been successful in building this guild which tips the balance of favor to themselves among other merchants. The poorer merchants, nobles (who hate new money), and the average civilian don't like the guild. Prices in this city are high but everything is available one would want to buy. The guild leaders are ruthless business men/women who will do anything to stay on top. This entry fits well with #74 below.

  74. Famous Crossroads – This city was built near or on a famous crossroads. While similar to #56, this city isn't the only way to go, but it is the best way. The crossroads itself is a wide high quality paved or cobblestone road that any carriage or wagon has no trouble traversing. This city is a high traffic location for all merchant and travelers. The finest inns and taverns in all the world are located in this city. The city patrols the roads and keeps them safe for travelers. Often the roads do have a toll. Everyone is welcome. The reason the crossroads is famous could be for a number of reasons:

    1. victory - an enemy army was stopped here or famous bad guy was defeated here

    2. critical spot - the four locations these crossroads go to are all important, even critical

    3. politically neutral - The four lords in charge of the surrounding regions, have in the interest of peace, and therefore have refused to tax, be responsible for, or govern the crossroads city.

    4. famous landmark – the crossroads are built near a famous landmark that has been used by navigators for ages.

    5. Mystic importance – whether located on a ley line or ley line nexus, the crossroads city is somehow in a mystical spot, perhaps where a holy war is prophesied to happen in the future.

  75. Mental Hospital/Prison – A traumatic event happened recently. Many people will never be the same and are no longer able to cope with life. A local prison was converted into a mental hospital of sorts and and the disturbed people have been moved there with caretakers. The presence of this hospital would have little bearing on the PCs presence or the local community as a whole. Still it is there and available for possible plot hooks like these:

    1. The doctor/officer in charge of the prison is an evil priest and secretly sacrifices the mental patients to his god or plans a mass sacrifice in the near future on an unholy day.

    2. The patients are possessed with all manner of nasty/demonic spirits

    3. There is something seriously wrong with the city and it is covered by an illusion. The 'insane' people in here are actual correct and totally sane.

    4. The people are insane because of an evil alchemist/wizard type has been poisoning people with a powerful hallucination causing drug whenever they witness what the wizard is really up to. He also works at the mental hospital or has an accomplice there that continues to feed the drug to the incapacitated witnesses just long enough for them to keep suspicions down and to finish their plan.

  76. Grand Temple of Good Deity – This city is noted as having the grand temple of a good deity. The vast majority of the citizens are devout followers of this deity and try to live their lives accordingly. In this city, things like adultery, fornication, gambling, and drinking are illegal (pick a few or make your own, it really depends on the deity). Many clerics or priests of this deity can be seen on the streets at any given time of day. The people may be goody-two-shoes but they are dedicated, decent folk as a whole. Basic medical attention is given to anyone in need here and there are no beggars.

  77. Grand Temple of Neutral/Nature Deity – This city was built very close to a sacred site of a nature deity. The sacred site has since been modified in some way and now acts as the main focal point for people of that religion. At one time the city nearly grew too far in the direction of this site and almost started a war with the druids/clerics of that religion. The city backed down and simply grew in the other directions. Since that time there has been an uneasy truce between the two parties. If an invading force were to come to this place, both sides would definitely ally and fight off the invaders.

  78. Grand Temple of Evil Deity – This city has a big problem. Located somewhere within city limits is a hidden temple of an evil deity. Not just any temple... their big one. Anyone not of the dark religion has a chance to join or make a donation to that religion. If a donation rather than joining is chosen another donation will be required at a later time usually every month. Persons who fail to donate or join and insists on remaining in the city are likely targets of assassination attempts, kidnapping attempts, curses, and other bad events. The governor is a member of this religion and keeps would-be investigators on a wild goose chase until a bit of bad luck finds them.

  79. Copper/Gem Mine – The city was founded on a mine that originally was for copper. After pulling most of the vein of ore, a few gems were uncovered. An ambitious crew chief pushed his men to work around the clock to hopefully uncover more. After a few weeks, his bet paid off. They found a pocket of many gems along with more copper. The problem was that the gems are very deep and the area is structurally unsafe. After a few cave-ins and resulting deaths, the crew chief was pulled from the job. It is unknown how many people know of the gems. Most of the crew aware of the gems were killed in the cave-ins. The current crews have gone back to harvesting the copper. Someone could be very rich by the end of this.

  80. Silver/Gold Mine – This city has had a number of gold (replace each occurrence of gold with silver if you prefer) mines in the past. A few are still producing quite well. The presence of the mines also means a military presence and serious security around the mines. If a miner or someone else attempted to sell a gold nugget in this city they would likely be arrested for stealing from the mines. A captain of the guard has begun to skim from the top with several accomplices found among the miners and among the guard. If undiscovered he will take a number of trunks of gold to a neighboring kingdom to fence.

  81. Ancient Battle Site – The area surrounding the city and perhaps including parts of the city is an ancient battle site where up to millions faced their death. Unless using it as a plot hook this has no bearing on the locals or a visit from the PCs. Possible plot hooks include a ghost of an ancient warrior who seeks justice, a necromancer takes up residence and with an excavation of a small area has begun raising these unusual skeleton warriors, a rumor pops up of a powerful weapon/artifact lost during the said war and possibly somewhere in the area, or this ground has been recently blessed (or cursed) by an evil cleric as unholy ground and many locals observe the consequences immediately.

  82. Monastery Friendly/Neutral – This city has a neighboring monastery. While this has little to do with daily life, the monastery is still there and from time to time the monks and locals cross paths. For example, the monks on occasion will come to town to purchase seeds, simple tools, paper, ink, candles, and such. Perhaps the monks come to town to sell surplus produce. If the city were threatened, the monastery would act to help the locals. Local orphans are adopted by the monks from time to time, especially if the child shows great promise. Many locals like the monks, others look at them as eccentric nut cases, either way little trouble has come between the parties.

  83. Monastery Hostile/Evil – This city also has a neighboring monastery but the monks have shown great contempt to the locals. Visitors to the monastery are usually treated very poorly and are sent packing with many bruises and some cracked ribs. The monastery is disliked and blamed for things that go wrong in the city, from bad weather to male pattern baldness, from the advancing hordes, to the death of a local lamb. The rumor is that they are evil and worship a dark deity and/or are trying to end the world. Missing persons are also blamed on the monastery although it has never been proved. The monks might be relatively good and have solid reasons for their behavior.

  84. Paladin/Holy Warrior School – A successful local military leader found religion. He donated huge amounts of land he originally used for training soldiers to his new found church. The result was that the church built a chapel adjoining the training grounds and created a school for the combat training of clerics and paladins (or holy warriors). The school has been running successfully for a number of decades and the local city is more or less happy to have them. The school does spend money in town for gear, tools, equipment, food, and other supplies. The presence of such a school is a strong deterrent to common thieves and thugs.

  85. Magic Item Forge – This city has a famous wizard/alchemist who in conjunction with a fine smithy (perhaps dwarven) has begun to craft magic items. Most of the magic items are fairly low in power but are sold at an astronomical profit. The creation of most items is anywhere from a few weeks to half a year. The wizard requires 50% up front for any purchase, no matter the time length in production. Most locals know of the business, but are unable to purchase anything there on the money they make. The PCs can get a reputation for being rich if they even set foot in there.

  86. Mint – This city is just sprawling with guards. Visitors to this city aren't immediately told about the excessive force shown. Visitors who appear shady in any way shape or form get arrested least once a week and released after a day and night in jail if proved innocent. The guard will continue this behavior perhaps increasing it's frequency until the undesirable person leaves town (or is run from town). The secret to this city isn't hard to find. A large forge exists in the center of town and operates as a mint for generating coins from precious metals. Any unauthorized person to attempt entry into said forge will bring down the thunder and heavy indignation of the local guard. If combining entries, this one fits really well with #47.

  87. Archer Training Camp – This city has an archery range which is unparalleled by any other within the region. All soldiers and others seeking training in bow or crossbow is sent here for training. Many veteran archers are there to assist. In times of war they are dedicated to helping the local military and others are turned away. In times of peace, anyone can pay for training. Annually there is a large archery competition held on the training grounds. The winner gets a large cash prize.

  88. Assassin's Guild– When this city is first viewed it appears very nice. A virtual paradise of sorts, few guards, minimal to nonexistent crime, most people seem to be happy with the simple things in life such as eating a good meal or smelling the flowers. Appearances are deceiving, and perceptive individuals will notice fear in the eyes of many of the locals. This city is the home of an infamous assassins guild. For the average person this doesn't mean much, except don't go out after dark, if you hear a scream don't investigate, don't talk about the guild, and always, always be polite. Provided the visitors to this town obey these rules and have no one rich wanting revenge against them, no harm will befall them. The assassins on occasion have business in town (often dealing with one of their own) but most of their work is in other cities. The governing body is aware of the problem but is unlikely to make any move against the guild because they value their lives... and the assassins, aside from their work, are tax paying, law abiding folks who care about the community (at least on some level).

  89. Mercenaries Guild – This city is a designated outcast zone. Just out of the main trade routes and loosely enforced, this city has become a hot zone for both mercenaries and other undesirables. The mercenaries have a leader who also tends to enforce his own interpretation of the law, which is fairly liberal. The mercenaries are available for hire cheap as many bored mercenaries often leads to a lot of repairs. Most of the mercenaries want anything but guard duty as that's what they do when they're not doing anything else. The mercenaries come from all walks of life from the dishonored knight to the wandering barbarian warrior, would-be patrons have quite a selection.

  90. Mage Guild – This city contains a huge tower or other building made of stone used to train your world's magic types whether wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, artificers, alchemists, diabolists, summoners, conjurers, magicians, and so on. This has little to do with the city except to say that the chances of bumping into a wizard or an apprentice is high. Also the governing body likes the guild and supports the guild in most endeavors. Should the city face a threat that magic could assist with, you can bet the magic will be deployed. Many older wizard types have also settled in the area to be close to their kin.

  91. Unique City Design – This city is unlike any in the known world. One possibility is that the city is built into the side of a cliff or on a mountain top (or plateau) with access only being one steep trail where wagons have to go in single file. Another possibility is that the coastal city is built in many parts, one large part on the coast, and the other parts on islands not far from the coast all connected with a series of bridges. Another possibility is a hidden city built partially into a valley and the rest of it underground and into a mountain side. Another possibility is a wood city built high in the branches of gigantic trees. One final idea is a floating city... whether built on a series of rafts in a calm bay or lake or built magically in the sky.

  92. Inventor's Guild – This city is on the cutting edge of technology. The inventor's guild resides in this city and is funded by local nobles (or royalty). They feel a great deal of pride and superiority because of their accomplishments. Most people to visit the city are referred to as barbarians and disliked as a whole. Magic has a bad rap here and many like seeing magic versus technology showdowns. Whatever the technology is, is up to you as a GM. Here's some suggestions.

    1. Gunpowder (or equivalent) – they have single shot, black powder guns, cannons, or both.

    2. Airships – they have successfully constructed a few airships are are currently making more. The airships are quite powerful weapons of war.

    3. Steam Engine – they have developed the steam engine and now has steam powered boats, a rail car, or a siege weapon that looks like a steel monster. (complete with steam blowing out it's nostrils, etc.)

    4. Golem Construction – they have begun mass producing golem servants/warriors.

    5. Solar Weapon – they have a siege weapon built like a cannon located on turrets on the city walls but are made of lightweight materials including glass & mirrors. The weapon collects sunlight and can redirect the sunlight in a beam amplified several times. This beam causes extreme heat damage, igniting combustibles and causing serious burns on people. The solar weapon can only be fired once and then must be recharged. The weapons need a minute to fully charge in full daylight or several minutes on a cloudy day. It is basically useless at night and previously charged weapons lose the charge within a half hour of being in the dark. These weapons are extremely fragile and expensive. Hand held version optional.

  93. Tournament City – This city has many nobles and common folk alike that love a good joust. Many knights live in town and have their designated heraldry flying above their homes and on their carriages and so on. The commoners often make bets on the outcome of the jousting tournaments and there are rumors (particularly for people who bet on the loser) that the joust is rigged. There may be some truth to that as the wealthiest noble knights tend to win a lot. If you like making it close to “A Knight's Tale” (movie, 2001 copyrighted), that's an option or if you want to steer the atmosphere away from that you can. Another movie you could use for inspiration of this town could be “Jabberwocky” (1977 copyrighted) or “Ivanhoe” (1997 copyrighted). Alternatively, if you aren't playing in a european fantasy world, you could make this more of a gladiators town only the gladiators ride vicious beasts and joust, well sort of.

  94. Famous Chef/Inn/Tavern – This city contains and inn or tavern which has become famous throughout the kingdom due to a certain chef who works there. The chef produces the most delicious of foods and he/she has many secrets that have not been shared with anyone. The business has grown into a large beautifully kept establishment which caters to the nobles and the rich. This establishment with its excellent food has put this location on the map. Anyone who is anyone goes to this place, when in town, for a marvelous dining experience.

  95. Gambling Town – This city is a fantasy equivalent of Las Vegas, or sort of. The city has legalized gambling and there are several ways to gamble here. Bookies rule supreme here and welching on a bet or fixing the outcome of a game can have dire consequences (if you get caught). This city tends to attract riff-raff and other people down on their luck. This city holds few families as most people are either transients or lose their families when they lose their shirt. Here are a list of possible events to gamble on:

    1. Gladiatorial games

    2. Races of any animal

    3. Cards, darts, dice... traditional casino games.

  96. Reign of Terror/Witch Hunt – The local authorities of this city believe that there is a dangerous movement among the common folk. They believe that this movement is traitorous or evil and in some way destroys, or will destroy, the good people remaining and/or their way of life. Due to this paranoia and hostility to wards the citizens of the city and not being sure who is to blame, many people are getting hauled away for interrogation and torture. Public executions are common. Most people are either scared or angry. If things do not change soon, with either the evil getting a face, or the removal of this paranoid leadership, this city will be in a full out revolt. Alternatively, you could go with just after the evil had been found and executed or the mysterious disappearance of the mayor and city council. At any of the three points in time, the PCs could have plenty to do and you definitely have your background. The paranoia would definitely be extended to the PCs by all people as a whole.

  97. Fugitive/Runaway Slave Town – This city was once a small town in the outskirts of nowhere. With minimal law enforcement and plenty of land and work available for any to come. This city has become a refuge for run away slaves, escaped prisoners, people who have lost their way, and all vagabond types. There are two main directions you could take this:

    1. The people are basically good and have escaped very bad situations. The people are fearful that the kingdom/lawmen, they escaped, will appear and end this respite. The PCs will be attacked if they appear to represent the kingdom that caused the peoples suffering or if they have slaves themselves. The PCs will be distrusted if they look like an authority figure, whether knight, paladin, or clergy. Otherwise the PCs will be basically welcome.

    2. The people here are evil and, and to some degree, deserved whatever fate they had. The original law enforcement here has become completely subdued. The group is in the course of determining leadership and will soon begin their plans as pirates, bandits, thugs, etc. The PCs will not be welcome unless they first bust a few heads and assert themselves as the tough guys in town. They could still be betrayed and robbed if not careful. Available commodities are minimal.

  98. Locked Down – This city has come under the heavy hand of a greedy and cruel dictator. Or so it would appear. The taxes are huge. The bridges & roads all have expensive tolls. The prices of goods are all inflated. If you are caught without proper travel papers, you are immediately imprisoned with all your possessions confiscated. Guards patrol the streets like it was a time of war. The poorest people are imprisoned, due to tax evasion. Most people are very dissatisfied with the situation and do everything possible to avoid additional taxation or attention. Some people rebel by secret black market dealings for common goods without the taxes. Freedom of speech is obviously a thing of the past in this city. The PCs could take the time to get to the bottom of it, but must be very careful or meet a horrible fate.

  99. Unique Pets/Mounts – This city's inhabitants have tamed a very strange animal. The animal is now treated as a pet and has very unusual care procedure. Most visitors are surprised to find this creature living among people and find it very hard to accept. The animals probably have a dangerous side and can act in a guard or attack capacity.

  100. Depression/Impoverished – The city has recently suffered a large economic tragedy or combination of smaller economic tragedies which add up to a big one. This drastic decrease in demand has knocked out 30-60% of the city's workforce. Those who could find other employment here or in neighboring communities did. Those who refused to move and/or have believed rumors that there is no work to be found in the region have become beggars. A few of the generous citizens, unaffected by this tragedy, have hired as many as possible for pitiful to poor wages doing made-up jobs. The unemployed people are desperate for money and something to do. PCs might be able to help and are likely to be continually ambushed by panhandlers if they pay out even once. Here are some possible causes of the depression:

    1. Merchants, vital to the city's economy, have found a cheaper/better supplier

    2. The local mine has run out

    3. A political enemy to the city has 'pulled strings' to stop merchants from coming

    4. Bandit or pirate activity in the area has made normal business impossible

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