In any roleplaying game, death is a constant reminder to players that no, they aren't invincible. Whether it's from an enemy, a fall, or poison, there's a lot of creative ways for players to die. Here's to hoping to coming up with as many strange, weird and bizarre ways to kill off PCs.

1: Food Poisoning
2: Lightning Strikes
3: Falls
4: Impaled on own sword
5: Crushed by drawbridge
6: Defenestration (Technically a fall, but I digress)
7: Brain impaled by a splintered javelin
8: Trampled by horses
9: Choking on food
10: Rolling into lava/a river/off a cliff while asleep
11: Healing spell backfires
12: Papercut becomes infected
13: Drowning in wine/beer
14: Bald head mistaken for a rock and an eagle drops a tortoise on it
15: Strangled by own armor during a polymorph
16: By Friend Computer
17: Self-cannibalism
18: Space Exposure
19: Electrical Shock from computer/television
20: Stolen for hair by a roc
21: Crushed by a vending machine
22: Hit by own stone while trying to sling it

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23. Hit by an unusually focused burst of radiation from a solar flare

24. Realizes that there was some major paradox in own life, vanishes from existence with a look of vague surprise

25. Struck by a falling dwarf while walking in the mountains

26. Struck by a falling mountain while walking with a dwarf

27. Seduce / Seduced by a Minotaur

28. Tripping while picking blackberries, death from blood loss

29. Attempting to pitch a tent on a "hill", actually the belly of a sleeping giant. Not sleeping for long though.

30. Caught in the crossfire in a running battle between Gnoll and Hobgoblin skirmishers, quilled from both sides