'Veracit didn't say how this... thing... is supposed to help us see in that cave.' Roderick said, moving in close to the small ball of fur that sat still on the mage's desk.

The ball wobbled, before standing up an inch on four stubby legs. Roderick stumbled back a few paces.

'I'm hungry!' The ball squeaked.

Roderick sighed. Why me? Why do I agree to watch his lab?



Veracit's Furball was created by the mage Veracit during experimentations with light sources and its effects on life. Although only one was created initially, Veracit's furball managed to propagate widely and freely.



Veracit's Furballs range in size from a baseball to about the size of a softball, taking into account their fur. Their four stubby legs are the only non-spherical thing about them. Fur color ranges from brown, rust, black and white. Most furballs are of one color, although multi-colored or almost calico patterns have been observed. Veracit's furballs have black skin, although usually this can only be observed by looking at its legs. Furballs run awkwardly, but are capable of keeping up with most cats. Furballs can jump about a foot high, able to clear most steps.


Furballs can speak in a high pitched voice. They generally remain still unless threatened or are following an individual. Furballs are affectionate, witty, and chipper. Most often furballs communicate a desire for food, although they will have conversations if prompted. Furballs feed on light, and enter a deep hibernation if unable to absorb light for a long enough duration. Furballs can cause light sources to flicker out from feeding, especially magical sources.

Upon being asked, Furballs can emit light like a torch or lantern, depending on how well fed the furball is. They can sustain this ability dependant on the amount of light consumed recently. For feeding, sunlight is preferred, although light spells, torches, lanterns and fire may be used. Furballs will cause a small light source (IE: Torches, light spells, ect) to blink out and stop working when feeding.



Veracit's Furball is an alternative to the normal torches and other light sources usually available in a game. They should be played as simple, happy creatures, more than willing to give aid or provide light in dark places. Allowing players intelligent light sources can add character and flavor to a game, and the need to keep their source of light 'full' can lead to interesting situations. Furballs are also mobile, and can free up a small party from having to hold a torch.

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