The young man looked down the corridor in both directions; it appeared to be safe. He ran across the hall and made quick work of the locked door. Before he knew it, he was in the Royal Treasure Chamber. Never having seen such a massive amount of golden and glittering objects before, his eyes darted everywhere and he was practically salivating at the thought of how many meals he could afford friends with just one of these objects. His eyes came to rest on what appeared to be a staff made of solid golden light. As he reached out to touch it, it flared brightly and was in his hand before he knew it...

The Staff of The Golden King

A shaft of solid golden light. It fades off, in two directions, and turns into silvery-white light, then eventually normal room light. The staff is cool to the touch and it quite empowering to hold. It seems the idea of holding solid, heavenly light in your grip is very inspirational. It is said that the staff will pass through all non-living materials and can heal wounds with a touch.

Elsewhere, the King awoke with a slight gasp. His royal bed sheets were drenched in sweat, and his eyes wide and wild. He looked around for the source of his disturbance, but saw nothing. At least, not at first. He eventually noticed a light coming through his bedroom wall. He could see a glowing figure, apparently far away, holding a staff of golden light. He immediately threw on a robe and rushed to the Royal Treasure Chamber...

The Golden King

A God of great light and overwhelming goodness, The Golden King abhors evil and darkness and seeks to vanquish villains and shed light where there was none before. The Staff of The Golden King is an artifact sent to the First Mortal-King of The Kingdom of Light. Its powers are the stuff of legends and seem to vary depending on the wielder. Some might be able to call upon brilliant rays of light to blind evil foes. Some possess perfect vision even in the darkest of areas.

Caught! That should have been the first thing on the young thief's mind. But he was fixated on the staff. In the light he saw a great redemption, a brilliant celebration, and himself. He was dressed in the finery of a King, and bringing joy to the people of The Kingdom of Light. Never looking away, he felt a hand upon his shoulder.

"Welcome home," said a voice from behind him. Startled, he turned; and he saw the King. He was smiling. Why was he smiling? It looked like fondness in his eyes and his smile was warm and welcoming. "You probably don't remember me. But, I am your uncle."

The Powers of The Staff

The primary power of the staff if to allow family members to easily be recognized. When in possession of the Staff of The Golden King, you will be able to see the life energy of any of your relatives within sight.; and they will also be able to see your aura, each as a golden shimmer that knows no boundaries.

The other powers of the staff vary from person to person, and are sometimes spontaneous. One member of the family may be able to heal wounds with the staff, while another can view the world from the view of the sun while meditating.

Evil mortals will be burned by the staff if they try to touch it, while evil monsters can be repelled by it with a forceful gesture.

The young scoundrel, finding his proper home, went on to be a great and much loved Mortal-King. He reigned true to The Golden King's teachings and was able to give work and shelter to many destitute denizens of the kingdom, having once known their suffering first-hand.

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Don't fear the Light!

Light elementals, Light Societies, Magical flashlights, lanterns that tell jokes, illuminated books and swords that shine like the sun.

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Let there be Light!!

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