Imnoctum Novalumis

The Master of Starlight, Player of Games; This Quizzical Fey knows Everyone's Names.


Imnoctum Novalumis.

Imnoctum is a fey-being of dubious origin. Some say he is the physical manifestation of the untouchable stars in the night sky. He stands at exactly seven feet tall, but is often seen sitting. His elongated torso and stiff demeanor make him look awkward and primitive. His hair, of an equal length all around his head, is the color of the night sky; and is broken only by his eyes that shine through like jagged starlight, pure and bright, yet sharp and dangerous.

Imnoctum likes to play games, often introducing himself as Mr. Nova, he plays games of the mind. His favorite game is to send adventurers scrambling all over the worlds and sub-worlds looking for very specific things. Once you enter one of Mr. Nova's games, you had better be prepared for a long quest to save everyone you have ever known.

Mr. Nova has a strange power that, combined with his odd appearance, makes his threats that he will murder everyone you know seem almost likely. He can pull names from people's memories, and get a brief glimpse of their relation to each other. His powers include telling you who your mother is, though you've never met him before this could still be an easy to discover bit of information. Yet he has more. He knows the name of the barmaid that slapped you, he knows the name of your rivals and friends, ones even you might have forgotten. The most amazing thing is the casual demeanor in which he lists off these people and tells you how he might kill them and everyone they have come into contact with.

He is not a purely evil being, nor is he incredibly powerful, he is a trickster at heart and loves sending fools on fool's errands. When he starts a game, he rarely finishes it, eventually moving on to other targets and letting the players of his game assume they were the heroes that stopped the murders of thousands of people. In reality, Mr. Nova has never killed anyone and never intends to. He just enjoys the mad scramble for odd components that the heroes think they need so badly

In truth, Imnoctum Novalumis is a cursed being, cursed to walk between the stars and the earth until someone calls his bluff. His story began hundreds of years ago when he was a bold and daring jester in the Star Court. Just another star among those in the sky. He would entertain the moon with his strange antics, but the sun disapproved. Imnoctum would take the moon of various adventures all within her own head. The sun thought Imnoctum was deluding her to his own devious ends, as all the stars would love to do. So, Mr. Nova was cast out of the realms of the starry night and forced into the mortal world. Cursed until his ruse of a dangerous game was dissolved. His curse involves never telling the truth, never sleeping or eating yet forever living, and never being able to look up at the sky.

Mr. Nova behaves like a boisterous game show host at times, or a serene boss at others, almost as if he was two different people. When the heroes find an object they seek, he usually appears with a puff of smoke, some loud noise, and a few flashing lights. But, when you find him, he is usually depressing, morbid, and serious. He just sits and stares at you, looking into your mind almost.

If anyone ever manages to pierce Mr. Nova's game, and see the truth. He will gladly give them his power of knowing common names, then return to the stars where he will sleep, in peace, among friends.


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Why so seriousss?

This carries a Joker vibe, and, in fact, can benefit from being acted out like him - a show of madness so ripe and thorough that not for a second you doubt his will to murder, his utter lack of conscience and sociopathic amusement at the misery of others.

Echo likey.

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I like this, but wouldn't he be released from his curse the moment he meets a person who is truly chaotic evil? One who wouldn't care the slightest if everyone he ever knew was ground into dust?

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There are some good lines in this write up and it is useful NPC.

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Agree with Axle on this one. There is a lot of potential here!