The Chalice of the Silver Queen

The Chalice of the Silver Queen is a small goblet made of a strange metal and covered in etchings of the moon in its various phases. The metal, known only as star silver, appears as an ever-shifting swirl of pure silver and milky white pearl. When you hold the cup in your hands, you get an sensation that reminds you of the eyes of a noblewoman staring over your shoulder, into the basin of the chalice. This is a holy relic of the Silver Queen, a memento of never-ending love, and physical reminder of the sacrifice that the Silver Queen made for the mortal realm.

To simply look upon the Chalice of the Silver Queen is to know her love borders on obsession. Looking deeper into the cup, past the strange metal, past the moon on all sides; You will see that in the basin, is a relief of a glowing sun with tendrils of light creeping up the interior walls.

The Silver Queen's Gaze

The cup has a few different functions, all relative to the position of the sun and moon. When filled with any liquid, it will transform that liquid into another.

During daylight hours, you will be rewarded with cold clean water and nothing more.

If one attempts to fill the cup on a night of moonless sky, when the Silver Queen has rushed ahead to be with The Golden King, then you will be granted the gift of honey, pure and sweet. If the cup is filled and two people each drink half of the honey, they will be able to read each-other's thoughts and movements until the Silver Queen returns (moon is back in the sky).

If the moon is full when the chalice is made to function, the Silver Queen is enjoying time with her children, and the sweet sugary milk that the cup creates is said to promote fertility among couples that drink it.

On any other night, when the moon is neither Full nor New, the cup will produce light (as that of a torch) when filled with liquid. The liquid transforms into a sort of fluid starlight that cannot be removed from the chalice.

Chalice Lore

It is said that there exist a few of these chalices and similar objects. Crafted in a holy ritual to the Celestial Court, and crafted from the metal found in a fallen Star-Child, these objects are highly valued by the churches of The Golden King and Silver Queen.

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