The Necronautilus
This huge rotting whale carcass has been brought to un-life by the Great Lich Umeen. It can hold roughly 30 passengers in its belly and is controlled from a command room near where its brain was once located.

Used by Umeen and her followers to transort undead creations from their secret island base to the underground of the mainland during the War of Death. Umeen had underground caverns that lead up into crypts and mausoleums on the surface world. This once great creation now roams the ocean, after Umeen's demise, holding a crew of skeletons and zombies. It sinks ships and devours the crew (who arise as undead shortly after they die in the belly of The Necronautilus).

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Necronautilus has the ability to keep living creatures alive in the control room without the need for food or air. It's still churning stomach acids can cause dead bodies to animate. It functions in all other ways as an undead creature, except that it will obey any command about its destination if it is issued from the command room.

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