A GM has only X amount of time and creativity to dedicate to their game. Much of that time and creativity is spent on the 'big things' and the 'plot lines'. However, it is those little details thrown into the games that help make them seem more real and fun to the players.

These characters are bits of creativity to relieve the GM's burden. These are not fully fleshed out characters. These are extras, characters with one or two lines in your games and usually they are done. They add color and description to the tavern or inn.

Every now and again though, something dramatic will happen in those few moments of uptime at an inn or tavern. Then you will be very happy that you have some extras worked out, just in case you need more than just a faceless drone.

Note: The only real difference between an extra and a minor NPC is really just the amount of attention you pay to it.

Additions to this Scroll should be people who work (and sometimes live) in and around a tavern or inn. Thus we have owners, cooks, brewers, maids, stable boys, and so on. Anyone else should not be in this thread.

These NPCs follow the same section rules as other NPCs, their write ups will just be shorter and less developed. Also keep in mind that if they have a detailed or long write up, they would be Minor NPCs and deserve their own subs.

Copy and Paste this to your scroll post

Summary/ Blurb

(Include Race/ Gender/ Approximate Age)

History/ Life/ Explanation

Roleplaying Notes

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Capri InnServer ( Arth )


'Do you want crisps with that?'


Human/ Female/ 20ish

Capri is a classic fire person. Her hair is long, wavy, and a reddish brown. Her skin is fair and eyes are green. Long of limb and graceful in most ways, she floats along the ground like a dancer across a stage. She is very easy on the eyes.

History/ Life/ Explanation

Born to an Inn Family. Started working when young. Realized that being nice earned more money. Though efficient and professional, she is always smiling and joking with customers. She prefers being out front, than trapped in the kitchen.

Roleplay Notes

Efficient, Professional, and when she is on with customers, she is 'on stage'- always being helpful, happy, bubbly, and friendly. In the back she is still fairly upbeat, but not as happy and bubbly. She is also vastly smarter than her bubbly public persona makes her seem.

Jania (Mouse) Housecrafter ( Arth )


' ', she really does not say much.


Human/ Female/ 30ish

Jania is a tiny girl with a nervous nature. Her hair is brown, as are her eyes. She is straight and plain in hair, features, and body. Her nose is long and she does wrinkle it quite frequently. Though she is a woman, she looks much like a young girl.

History/ Life/ Explanation

Her family have always been servants in great houses. After many of the great houses have fallen upon hard time, their servants have fallen on harder ones. Unable to find a proper position, Jania found work at the Inn. She has been quietly working here every since.

Roleplay Notes

Nervous, Quiet, and attempts to be invisible. Painfully shy. If you surprise her, she really does make a 'squeek' like a mouse

Ilkah the stablehand


Old and resentful. Still a stablehand despite being in his 50s.


Human/ Male/ 50s

Ilkah is old and sweaty, often reeking of alcohol. His eyes are bleary and his breath is foul. He is well fit though and strong as an oxen, something he is proud of. As a result he is a bit of a bully, except on the job, which he really needs to keep. He might have looked good once, but is neglecting his appearance; he is obviously not sleeping much and does not bother combing his thinning hair.


His life has been largely the same. A new job every other month after having lost the old one due to his rebellious nature, bully-ish behaviour and alcohol consumption. He is genuinely trying to behave this time and has actually had the job for over a year. At home is a tired wife, disillusioned and disappointed with her lot in life, something Ilkah gets to hear all the time. Even though he is a brute, he never touches his wife which he love above anything else. She won't have anything to do with him when he is drunk. He is good with horses.

Roleplay Notes

Easy to anger and not too bright. Ilkah has that awful breath and bodily odour that makes other people want to get away as soon as possible. He will get furious over the slightest thing, but will curb his anger. (Which can still be seen, poorly hid as it is.)

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'Who trusts a thin inkeeper?'


(Include Race/ Gender/ Approximate Age)

Human/ Male/ 40ish

He is a large man, and round too. He says he carries a few extra servers and cooks with him, 'just in case'. His skin is ruddy, mostly red from the exertion of moving all this extra weight. His head is smooth and bald, but he has huge mutton chop sideburns. Oh, the man's hands are HUGE in comparison to the expected.

History/ Life/ Explanation

He inherited the kitchen from his mother. He eventually inherited the Inn from the previous owner who had treated him like a son. For the last twenty years he the inn staff has been something of a family to him.

Roleplay Notes

Jovial, Friendly, Humorous. He is also organized and patient. In short, the perfect inn keeper.



Matronly owner of the local tavern.


50's, human, female, rotund.


She's been around the block, and she's seen it all. She's had her share of kids, and she raised them all proper and right. She's been the owner of the local tavern for as long as anyone can remember, and she makes the tavern her own whenever she's in it. She commands the respect of the regulars as though she were their own mother, and the regulars include commoners and nobles alike. She has transcended her middle class status by sheer likeability and force of personality. People in her bar know they will be treated like family, and they provide her the same respect.


Imagine the stern but loving mother, and you've got this one down. She commands immediate respect from the regulars, and the regulars enjoy that her bar is relatively free from conflict. To this end, she has no problem stepping into the middle of a developing fight and making her 'kids' play nice, despite the fact that she is little more than a commoner. Attention grabbing face slaps are not uncommon for the rabblerouser to recieve from her, and her audacity is backed by almost everyone at the bar, if anyone feels offended enough to try to do something about it. She means well, and these tactics worked on her kids, and they seem to work on the patrons as well, who seem to appreciate the mothering that they get in the bar. Once the 'punishment' is doled out, she bears no grudges, and holds no ill will, as long as the offending person apologizes for their behavior. The reason she can get away with this activity? She's consistent in her treatment of the ill-behaved, and the people who prefer to enjoy their mead and ale in an atmosphere of joviality and tolerance will back her every time.

Personal Note: 'Maggie' made quite an impression on the party the first time I introduced her. They happened to be in the bar with a group of ne'erdowells, and something was about to start. Maggie flies in and slaps the biggest fighter in the party and the person he was squaring off with, and everyone in the bar basically stood shoulder to shoulder behind her, despite the fact that two obviously experienced fighters were about to duke it out. It really put a kibosh on the whole thing, allowing for 'another time, highlander' type of interaction between the two fighters.

A set of 4 from a small taven in a small village

Thanen the Brewer is a large potbellied man in his mid-forties, constantly smiling and laughing.

Morda the Midwife is his wife and often at the tavern with them.

Kierren the Apprentice, enough said.

Irres the Cook, rounds the set. A lovely young girl who was orphaned and adopted by Morda.


Summary/ Blurb

A shrewd business man, he has managed to make a good profit on a marginal inn. He guests are always satisfied. It is amazing that such a sour and bitter man could manage this.



Kron is a scarecrow of a man. He is rail thin, angular in build, and almost seems to bend in odd ways. His face is just as angular as his build, with a pointed jaw, a huge hooked nose, and sharp eye ridges, all framed with a straw like mop of hair. He dresses in clothing that seems ill fitting.

His face always has a sour look. He constantly seems cross or constipated, possibly both.

His voice could grate cheese.

Yet, the man is excellent in anticipating someone's needs. He is often halfway through preparing to meet someones demands before they come to make the demand. Perhaps he is upset that they don't wait just a moment longer, so he could magically have it ready.

History/ Life/ Explanation

Krom has managed to work his way up from a simple farm boy with just two mules to his name to a good sized inn off a main artery road. He has managed to achieve this by planning and being smarter than most of the people he has done business with. The Mules led to some gold, which led to a small plot, in which he planted some turnips because he knew the weather would be bad, then converted that into better feed, he fattened up some calves, which he sold for more gold which took more land.. and so on. If he had more people skills he could of gone much farther in merchanting. However, he has an acid wit and a distain for people stupider than he (in his opinion.. which is normally right). While he is not personable, his inn is run so efficiently that he turns quite a profit.

He has no wife or family as he never found a woman worth the effort. He is thinking about selling the Inn and retiring to a villa in the south.

Roleplaying Notes

You are smart, scary smart. And you are completely annoyed by the stupidity that surrounds you. Rather than fix things, you would rather complain.

You know people pretty well, even if you can't stand them. So you can size people up and guess at their needs before they can even think enough to articulate their needs.

You have already planned for most contingencies. So it seems almost like magic that you have things ready.

Your staff hates you. You treat them fairly and pay them what they are worth. However, they are stupid. So they occassionaly recieve the brunt of your acidic wit.

George the Dragonslayer A minor character rather than an extra, but still a Inn/ Tavern hand.

The Widow Wendia is from White Rock - A fishing village.

The Widow Wendia


Life on the sea is hard. Being married to Wendia seems to be harder, as no one seems to survive.


Wendia is still quite young for a woman who has lost three husbands. She is pleasant to look at all around: blonde as the sun, eyes like the clear sea, skin like cream, and a lovely shape.

Family and Life

She is a child of the village. Her Ma and Da have a quiet cottage at the edge of town growing potatoes and turnips, since Da is too frail with The Cough to go to sea.

She married not long after most of the girls of her generation did. Wendia married her second love, a young fisher named Darrius. He was lost at sea a few months after they were wed. That, in the end, was okay, as she soon married her first love - he whom came back to her, Artherus. It was a joyous time for both. They were truly happy. They had a full year together, but alas without children, before he was lost being crushed by a boat in the Dry Dock. She morned him for a full year and a few moons before falling in love with Charlie. Charlie lasted nearly two years before being washed overboard on Captain PlaceHolder 3 's ship. She had been with child twice, but had lost both before their proper birth.

Still this has not detered her. She is a merry widow looking out the the next husband. She does have her eye on Bendolf.

She is currently working at The Net for Fisherman, the tavern (and tiny inn) for the village. She does odd job and brings out drinks and food for the men.

Roleplaying Notes

She is a friendly flirty girl. Mostly it is all talk, a wink, and a hippy walk. She can handle most of the boys without a problem, just a sharp wit and a strong personality.

The menfolk would like to get to know her better, but those were were friends of Darrius, Artherus, and Charlie, would feel odd doing such. Then there is the rumor that she is cursed, and that her husband will be lost.