It is rare for the Frozen Woman to appear, but when she does, she appears as she did at the moment of her death, a once-lively young woman, covered in frost, pale and chapped with the effects of the cold. Her clothes are tattered and threadbare, and she carries a bundle of snow, wrapped in swaddling clothes, believing it to be her baby.

A poor war-widowed woman, the Frozen Woman found herself paying nearly all her wages for a single, poorly insulated room in a tenement in the worst parts of town, to a deeply greedy soul, unaware, at first, that the slumlord often let the coal-fired steam heat run out in the winter.

And it was in the deepest parts of the winter that the heat finally failed her when she needed it most. Having nowhere else to go, she wrapped herself and her child in their warmest blankets, but it was to no avail, and there, she held her young daughter against her breast as first the child, and then she herself, froze to death.

But so full of fury was she, that dead, she could not rest. Would not rest. And instead, she took her revenge, hunting down her slumlord, pitching his home into the freezing temperatures that she hid died in, until he, too, was dead. But this was not enough for her. She would continue, to take her cold, cold revenge against all those who would cast children into the winter to die...

Roleplaying Notes
The Frozen Woman may be real, she may simply be an urban legend, in any city where the winter nights get cold enough to kill. She may function in a manner similar to a poltergeist, however, she may also choose to throw her 'child' into the victim's arms, whereupon it cannot be put down, until it has sucked all of the warmth from his or her body.

She may also attempt to lead those who are freezing to death to real warmth, but is likely to be dismissed as a hallucination.

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Winter. The final frontier. For who truly knows, if spring will ever come.

This months quest revolves around the concept of winter, in all its hoary splendor. Cold, death, decay, and torpid hibernation. Snow, ice, and frost. These are the ubiquitous images of the long, bleak season.

We are looking for the finest examples of winter-themed submissions. The winners of this major quest, will become worthy recipients of frosty mugs and glasses, engraved with odes to victory, courtesy of Scrasamax! Good luck to all. Don your mittens!

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