The evergreen forests of the Hegemon's frigid northlands are brutally beautiful wilderness, where wolfshifter clans stalk prey along hidden paths and primordial groves conceal secrets of forgotten times. Among the hardy pines of those vast forests lies a place of such deadly wonder that even the whispered tales of the peasants do it no justice: The grove of Winter's Heart.

Even in the warmest months of summer, thick snow covers the ground near Winter's Heart. The trees here look dead, but are merely dormant, bound eternally in Winter's embrace. Few animals dwell here, their pelts the thick, white furs found in arctic climes.

History of the Heart
It is said that the Aelfen lords of ancient days drew upon subtle magics, summoning winter to their secret grove without disrupting the weather around it in the slightest.

built this place, there to secure their most delicate treasures from the profane hands of younger races, locking them away with magic that only weakened its grasp on midwinter's eve. Only then might the Aelfenkin

A wall of thick blue ice blocks entrance to the innermost grotto, but those hoping to hack through the ice soon discover hundreds of frozen corpses within

Once the greatest treasures of the Fae were hidden here, wrapped in a lethal labryinth of frozen

The "Hoarfrost Moths"

The frozen faerie

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? Quest

Winter. The final frontier. For who truly knows, if spring will ever come.

This months quest revolves around the concept of winter, in all its hoary splendor. Cold, death, decay, and torpid hibernation. Snow, ice, and frost. These are the ubiquitous images of the long, bleak season.

We are looking for the finest examples of winter-themed submissions. The winners of this major quest, will become worthy recipients of frosty mugs and glasses, engraved with odes to victory, courtesy of Scrasamax! Good luck to all. Don your mittens!