Physical Description

The Saltscales stand on average, slightly over nine feet tall, and reach close to a fourth of a ton in weight. It has a massive, muscular tail that stretches far behind its body and allows it to speed through the saltwaters of its home. A large crest runs from its head down most of its back and is often many colors. Its scale vary in colors of green, while its leathery underside is a pale seagreen shade. Its gaping jaws are filled with serrated teeth and its hands are equipped with deadly claws. Its entire body is bulky muscle, built to swim endlessly among the waves.

History of the Saltscales

The Saltscales are a proud and bold race, they were once rulers of the sea but were hunted by cunning land dwellers to near extinction. They were said to have died off, and few know of their continued existance. They were a peacable people and that brought about their undoing. Their anger was slow to rouse and by the time war was declared on the warm-blooded land dwellers, they numbered only a few hundred strong. The war was over before it began, a single tribe of below thirty lizards escaped to the blackness of the ocean floor. They were hidden by the aid of a benevolent sea dragon, and were considered lost forever. In truth they had only retreated and long-lived as they are they would not soon forget the treachery above the waves.

Society and Culture

Saltscales have been recuperating for many centuries and their strength has grown. Their technologies are primitive due to their seclusion, but they have adapted many innovative technologies to work underwater. They build extensive cities in the dark depths of the ocean, hidden still from all peering eyes. They grow farms of sea plants that require little light and gather the bounties of rare minerals. Communications with the outside world is maintained by occasional visits to their swamp-dwelling cousins.

The Saltscale society is built to prevent discovery. They have rigid laws and extremely strict punishments for actions that may endanger their very existance. Playing and doing pointless activities for pleasure is scorned upon, where studing or practicing important skills is considered a necessary habit. The young lizardlings are trained from a very early age to fight and hate warm-bloods. The elders still remember the viciousness of the short-lived land-dwellers and hate them for it. Much training is done for the day the Saltscales will surface and retake the land. Until then they bide their time, living off the bounty of the ocean.

Plot Hooks

-Blood hungry lizardfolk clamor to the surface to get their revenge, and destroy those in their way. The PC's could be caught in the assault or hired blades to help stop the rampaging Lizardfolk.

-The Aquatic elves have found evidence of strange life-forms deep in the ocean. The PC's may discover the Lizardfolk on their own and then be put in a dilemna, they could expose the Lizards and get centuries old bounty that may still exist, or they could help conceal their presence by sabotaging the Aquatic elves research.

-The players exploring may lead them into Lizardfolk territory and they may incurr the rath of the everwatchful sentries, or the Lizardfolk may see a threat and lash out against nearby settlements.

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