Crown Octopus
The Crown Octopus usually never grows more than 3-feet-long, with it's tentacles taking up half the total length. It is small, sleek-looking, and a usually a dark blue in coloration. They posses typical octopus intelligence, which is not to be underestimated.
Attacks and Defenses
Unlike other Octopi, a Crown Octopus had a mild venom in it's ink that can kill small fish and make other creatures hallucinate in addition to blocking their vision. When forced to fight they use their strong tentacles to wrap around the enemy and bite ferociously with their beaks.
An Unlikely Ally
Sometimes they form friendships with creatures they feel have the ability to protect them, while at the same time having no reason to harm them. When such a friendship is formed the Crown Octopus usually rides atop it's friend's head while pointing out any dangers with a soft peck to the skull and gesturing with a tentacle.
Among the Merfolk
Most Merfolk communities also use Crown Octopi as a symbol of royalty, magical prowess, and to harvest their venomous ink. One out of every 600 Crown Octopi are born albino, with blueish-white skin and pink eyes, these are granted as gifts to local Merfolk rulers as a sign of royalty. All others are either free to live among the protection of the Merfolk in exchange for their ink, or are adopted by sorcerous Merfolk as familiars.

Item:Ink Bomb
The Merfolk package the Crown Octopus ink is small fishskin packets so that they can be squeezed to eject a cloud of poisonous ink into the surrounding water.

Cooking Instructions
1 pound Crown Octopus meat, cleaned and cut into pieces
2 cups tomato sauce
2 chopped Elven Chillies
3 cloves chopped garlic
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup sugar
1 dash Crown Octopus Ink
Place octopus and half oil in bowl and mix. In a separate bowl mix remaining ingredients.
Char grill octopus for approximately two minutes. Add ink and ensure each piece of octopus is coated. Cook till tender.

Note that these Octopi are extremely delicious, and not unhealthy either, but they would never be served by those they help such as adventurers or Merfolk. This recipe is typically used by pirates who happen to catch one, and are in the mood for an intoxicating meal. The dash of venomous ink is enough to give a man a mild case of "the spins" and some minor hallucinations.

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