1-Blade of the Shark

This blade is made of wood, with the teeth of sharks set into both sides, and can be used as a club or as a cutting weapon depending on what the owner wants. It gives it's owner the strength but also the sheer bloodthirstiness and temper of a great white shark every time it is held in the hand and should only be drawn when the owner really needs or wants to kill of at least seriously hurt someone. The same shamans of the Merpeople who bound the soul of a captured and sacrificed great white shark into the weapon also enchanted the wood to prevent it rotting or being infested by woodworms, and hardened it so it cannot be cut apart by repeated sword blows. Rather then a sword as such, it is a maculhutal of the kind used in real life by the Aztecs.

2-Blade of the Crab

Cut from the armour of a sacrificed Giant Crab, it is shaped like a gladius, with a hilt of shell. The think looks like a single hit from a metal sword would just crunch right through it, but the enchantments upon it make it-and the body of the one holding it as long as it is still being held-as strong as a full size and uninjured Giant Crabs. Blows with the edge of a sword do little or no damage, and thrusts do slight damage only except at a person's joints or eyes. Against something like a flanged mace or warhammer, however, the magic can be *cracked* and the wielder and indeed the weapon can be injured/broken and killed/stripped of it's magic. Against non-crushing weapons however it does very well.

3-Blade of the Sea Snake

A moderately enchanted (+1 Blade) rapier stolen from the hoard of a juvenile Sea Dragon, the Merpeople further enchanted this blade so it strikes in the hand with the force of a sea snake and leaves magically poisoned wounds. The existing enchantments that it already had on it keep rust from coating it.

4-Blade of the Squid

A bronze blade with a green patina on it from exposure to salt water, this was found long ago in an ancient Bronze Age wreck, and was enchanted to give the wielder the ability to see even in the darkness of the abyssal plain. Even somebody who is blind can see perfectly when he holds this sword. At the moment it is owned by a Colonel of the Merpeople who lost both his eyes in a battle with a rival tribe, and who carries it drawn everywhere he goes.

5-Blade of the Stingray

Made from a stinger that was cut from a sacrificed Stingray,and worked with to give it a handle, this stings as badly as it would have done when it was still on the Stingray's living body, and gives a bonus to hiding and camouflage skills when the wielder attempts to hide in a coral reef or some other place in the sea with hiding potential.

6-Blade of the Electric Eel

A fine bronze (as bronze tarnishes but does not rust in water) rapier that was given in fair trade to the Merpeople by the De Madden Company, this was enchanted with the spirit of a sacrificed electric eel. When the blade pierces flesh it delivers a nasty electric shock which in water will affect the target's entire body and even on land can temporarily numb a limb if the shock is applied there. A shocking blade to face.

7-Blade of the Blue Ringed Octopus

Acutlass that was stolen from a human pirate who was a notorious foe ofthe Merpeople, this was enchanted to prevent or at least slow down rust,and a blue ringed octopus was sacraficed, given this weapon the powerto paralyse and kill with just one cut anywhere on the target's bodythat is deep enough to draw blood. A truely fearsome weapon and one of

the most deadly magical swords anywhere. However, if it dries out saltwater must be poured over the blade to give it's deadly power back tit, and it's power will last until the blade is wet again. Freah water has no such effect on it.

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