The Sporty is the team captain of a major Mermaiden football team (soccer for you Americans.) Undersea football is played with an enchanted bubble of air that forms the ball and is enchanted to both withstand kicks from flukes and move as fast as it would if it was on dry land, and it is a very popular sport amongst some undersea realms. The Sporty is paid very well, some would say too well, for the games she plays, and has no love interest. Her love is reserved for her sport at the moment. She is a major celebrity in the country she lives in and in some other countries too. She has a minor dislike of humans-she does not hate them enough to attack them, but won't go out of her way to rescue them rither.,


The Lovestruck has a stupid crush on, of all things, a human being. Her family would not understand; very few families of Merpeople do. At best, she would be laughed at and ridiculed if others knew, and at worst she would be thrown out of her family and clan, or even, in some of the more insular and xenophobic clans, outright murdered and disemboweled for good measure and left on the beach like that. She is thinking of looking for a spell that can let her turn into a human, and that won't take her voice or make walking feel like walking on the blades of swords in the process.

3-Princess Daughter

The Princess Daughter is so far her father the King's only heir, and he dotes on her rather too much. As a result, she has become spoilt, nasty and unpleasant to everybody not royal by birth, who she considers to be beneath her. As this includes not just the royal servants and guards but also the lower and even the upper nobles, she is not in the least bit popular at the royal court. There is more then one whispered plot to overthrow her when her father dies, despite the risk of execution for treason if the plot should fail. Whilst her popular father is alive the plots are only treasonous talk.

4-Enchanted Cacealia

This Cacealia was attacking a ship when she was surprised by a mage, who blasted off the spell that his staff happened to be loaded with, which happened to be a love spell. Instead of trying to kill him she held him tightly in her tentacles and planted kiss after kiss on his face. Time went by and the mage and the Cacealia have genuinely fallen in love, which is just as well as the love spell weakens gradually as time goes on. The mage is a wealthy man and has a large pool in the grounds of his seaside villa which the Cacealia sleeps in upon a bed of seaweed. She is no prisoner, being able to walk about with ease on her strong tentacles, each of which is adorned with bracelets. He spends all his free time by her side, making sure she is not bored. She could go back to the sea any time she wants to and sometimes does but always returns to him.


Captured in a fishing net, this unfortunate Mermaid was sold to a brothel, where she was starved into submission, fattened up again, and pimped out for sex with humans. Her life is horrible and there is no escape for her, as even if she was able to escape her prison tank, she is forty miles inland and the rough cobblestones would soon rip her sensitive scales to shreds long before she reached a river or the sea.

6-Reverse Mermaid

Beleaved to be the result of a spell gone wrong, the feet and bottom half of this Mermaid are those of a human, whilst her upper half is that of an oversized tuna fish. It is thought her brain is that of a fish as well, so her human intelligence has gone. As she cannot swim as fast as a fish, it is likely that either hunger or the ocean predators will soon take her life away.


The Hoarder hordes anything that comes to her from the dry lands up above,be it as valuable as a chest of gold or jewels or as valueless as the dead bodies of drowned humans. In the latter case she lets the sea creatures eat the bodies, keeping only the bones. Her small cave is full of all sorts of stuff, and she wishes she had the courage to swim up the great rivers and view the human cities.

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