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Drops of Blood in the Bucket

The setting a Necromancers lair. This short scenario works best if the Necromancer has appeared before and this is the final battle between the two. It should appear early on in the Adventurers questing history, and they should think this is the hardest thing they will face.

Room 1:Entrance

There is an obvious entrance to the cave, with Satanic markings and all. However, if the adventurers search, they will find an alternate entrance. It is hard to find and behind Shrubbery. It is a small wooden door that the Necromancy uses. If you try to go though this, a magic forcefield will keep you out. It can be dispelled, but it should be hard to do.

The main entrance has a bunch of Zombies, led by the Necromancer’s assistant. You could make him as strong as you like, whatever race you like, but he should be a recurring villain, like the Necromancer.

The Main entrance itself is locked by a arcane lock that you cannot unlock unless you have the key that the assistant holds.

Room Two: Brain Dead

As you walk in, a rather large inscription should tell adventurers a riddle:

We cannot think, yet we know what you do not
We don’t have brains, yet in our heads we form words
These words we have can help you out
To bad our Tongues were the first to rot!

After a few minutes pass to allow the adventurers to ponder this, Skeletons will drop from the ceiling, each wielding weapons. These should not be made to tough, but serve as a tiny challenge. If the players smash their heads, they should find a tiny scroll in side each one. The scroll should have one letter on it, really big.

All the letters combined should make the word:


This is the password. The letters should be scrambled in not come in the order of the appearance of the Skeletons. If you are to say the password to the door, they will hear a loud click. The door will now swing open easily if pushed,, but swing back once let go.

Room Three: Turn Around

There should be a short narrow hall way to another door. Above it should be another inscription:

Sorry but to the password there is more
Return from where you came to open this door.

The Travelers than have to go back to the room they just left and kill(?) more skeletons and take the letters out. However, the Skeletons fall at greater rates, with three skeletons to a party and only one having a letter. The letters should read

'Is Only The Beggining'

So the complete password is 'Death is only the Beggining'

Again, scramble the letter. The password has to be said to the door at the end of the hall again, with the same results.

Room Four: The Necromancer

The Necromancer sits upon his thrown of bones, applauding the Travelers for getting that far. But as always, he has to try and kill them anyways.

Five or so big bulky men wielding Battle Axes should come out somehow and attack the Adventurers. Should you kill one of them, The Necromancer will resurrect them. One will always stay in front of the Necromancer and take all the hits for him, getting healed instantly by the Necromancer. The only way to finally kill these guys is to separate either their hearts or head from their body, or wait until the Necromancer runs out of Magic. After that, you can kill the Necromancer. The last room is behind his thrown, which his concubine, who hid behind it after the fight broke out, will tell you.

Room Five: This is going to be be a long day…

As you enter the final room, you will here bells ringing everywhere. Torches immediately light themselves to reveal the Necromancers spellbook and other personal things on a large round table. After about ten seconds, Men will begin to appear in puffs of smoke. Each of them is wearing the same clothes as the necromancer. As they appear, they will say things such as:

'You called a meeti-, GASP, your not ~~~~!'

And such. Also, make it evident that they are Necromancers, for they are. You have a loooong way ahead of you…

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