A series of this Blind Masks were made, coming in a variety of colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, and White. Each has the same pattern of silver embrodiery across the face and head, a seemingly abstract pattern.

When placed over the head, they allow the wearer to breath normally and do ont block any water, smoke or gasses. Hearing and scent are muffled, and sight is blocked.

The mask can expand to fit an oger's head, or shrink to fit a halfling or kobold.

Magical Properties:

Once the mask is secure on the wearer's head, the blackness remains for a moment, then a type of vision returns. The wearer sees a place similiar to where they donned the mask, but different. It may be a different season, a different time of day, different weather, even a whole different location, but different somehow.

The wearer will notice they are equiped differently as well, and dramatacilly, or even over dramatacilly. Impossible weapons or outfits are common place, like 8 foot blades and chain mail bikinis. Soon a mysterious voice or sign made of eye catching and gaudy colors will lead them in a direction, and the begining of a challenge. After a fairly easy series of encounters, they find a larger opponent who is almost thier equal. Once defeated, the 'boss' dissolves as the other opponents have, but a prize of some type remains.

These are really just games, diversions to entertain. But the Blind Masks are magical and can create power they were never intended to have.

Once a boss is defeated, the guide will inform them how to 'draw' thier prize. Untill they draw thier prize, they do not possess it in the game. To draw thier prize, they usually need to place thier hand inside the mask and say a word or phrase, although some of the higher level prizes require things to be placed inside the mask and the things are consumed when the prize is drawn. Each prize can only be drawn once per day, but more levels have more prizes.

The Blind Masks are cursed as well. While the wearer might learn some new technique or move from the imaginary encounters, most of the things in the games are impossible. In a real life situation, they would fail and leave the performer exposed. And real life happens.

About every seven to nine levels into the game, the Blind Mask doesn't make the vision similar to the surronding area, but directly based from them. Aslo, instead of thier movements being solely in the imaginary world, they move in real life as well.

In this level, they may find theyselves dissapointed slightly depending on how many people are around them. Their companions now look like vicious monsters similiar to what they have seen and sound like them as well. The only differnce is the monsters will move like their freinds now. These levels often lead to the slaughter of many friends and the wearer as well.

Each color of mask has it's own kind of theme to it. Red tends to show creatures and places assocated with fire, Orange is more comical, with vicious bunnies and cream pie weapons. Yellow is desert palaces and open plains, Green is plants and forests, Blue has the ocean with it's ships and seas. Purple has a posionous swamp and lightless cave system, Black is a mertopolis with an underground of demons and undead. White is a cold tundra waste with horse riding hoards.

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