Doctor Riot is a large and formidable looking figure, and it is not at all obvious that he is a cyborg, rather, he looks like a walking talk. His body is a heavily modified industrial hardsuit, and it has been designed for fine control, manipulation of objects and data heavy interfacing, allowing the Doctor to go immersive in the CogNet without resorting to a passive harness or other mechanical device. The cockpit of the suit has been completely replaced, the internal space is now occupied by the doctor's organic brain, ganglia, and a small remaining amount of viscera, including rather sadly, one dangling testicle. This is all concealed by the life support system, and the typical polyglas canopy of the suit has been replaced with a monitor that can be turned on or off by the doctor, allowing him to generate a residual image of his face, often zooming out so that it would appear that his entire body can be seen. He will speak, gesture, and convey other body language through the screen, and has a program installed so that his metallic chassis doesn't mimic such organic gestures, as it lacks the finesse and grace to demonstrate such nuanced behavior. It is also good for destroying things with it's hydraulic strength and twelve foot reach.

The Doctor displays himself as a Caucasian man in his mid to late 50s, with black hair styled into a widow's peak, with an equally pointed mustache and goatee. In many ways he has styled this specific look to mimic powerful, intelligent and often mystical figures of the Petroleum Era, through it's misunderstood lens, such as Doctor Strange, Ming the Merciless, and so forth. He speaks in a high manner, using large words, a bombastic pace of conversation, and with the extensive cybernetic augmentations to his brain, he is very condescending to unmodified humans. He has a strong chauvinistic streak, considering men superior to women, and himself superior to all. He will however demonstrate a peculiar and condescending form of chivalry towards attractive women, and he very much likes the company of curvaceous women of blatant sexuality and limited intelligence. To this end, he has seen to the design and creation of such women, a blatant violation of genetic engineering protocols laid out in the Tycho convention.


Doctor Riot is one of the most sadistically intelligent creatures that the Cosmic Era has created. He has doctorate level degrees in psychosurgery, genetic manipulation, cybernetics, AI programming, and a slew of other less impressive degrees and training. Is there is something that needs to be done, Doctor Riot can likely do it, and do it on a level that makes it look automagical. This ranges from equipment upgrades, to cybernetics surgery, to attempting brain transplants, designing exotic weapons, to almost anything that can realistically be needed. Given his mechanical learning ability, such as just uploading the relevant data to his back up mechanical cortices or his internal Organic Memory Core. (Yes, Doctor Riot has more than one brain)

This massive level of ability doesn't come without a price. Doctor Riot is deeply disturbed, and sometimes only borderline functional in the depths of his insanity. The most obvious manifestations of this is the rather garden variety megalomania and borderline personality disorder. These are typically kept under control via internally administered medications. The Doctor is insane, but he knows he is insane. On a deeper level, there are three different 'faces' of the Doctor. While there is only one personality, it has three outlooks, the cold and calculating face of the machine cortex, the passive and phlegmatic face of the OMC, and the scheming, sexist, and cruel face of the Doctor himself.

One of the major causes of the insanity (besides being a brain in a jar in a suit sharing space with a smart hard drive and a lobotomized brain in a jar) is the lingering presence of the testicle. The Doctor has deeply identified with the remnant gland, and despite the chemicals it releases into the confined space of his brain jar, he refuses to let it be removed. This is a major cause of the Doctor's aggression, as well as violence and misogyny.


Doctor Riot was originally a rockstar scientist and engineer who excelled in multiple fields of study, including the dangerous but profitable realm of arcanotechnology. He would have gone on to excel in a single field, gain his name a few places in the text books, but this was cut short when he was almost killed in a dimensional fatigue event that occurred in the research lab he was working in. His body was flayed away, and his brain and core viscera were buried in the shell of a lab hardsuit by what would be called a cosmic horror. Rather than devolving into a mindless horror bent on murder and mayhem, the doctor kept his wits, and ended up working with first strike units and responders to destroy the hybrid biomechanical monsters that had manifested.

Afterwards, Doctor Riot was rescued by a shadowy and sinister organization that kept him from ending up dissected in a sterile science lab. He was given funding, tools to work with, a lab, and access to certain equipment and goods, such as clone facility usage, and was put to work creating weapons, cyborgs, and other things for said shadow organization. Riot was deeply disturbed during this time period, and this saw the most extensive upgrading of his internal capacities, as well as the heavy modification of his host hardsuit.

The Doctor currently is employed in an advisory role and supporting role to the shadowy organization and is no longer a core researcher. His skill is still unmatched, but his output is erratic, and he has spent as much time creating his ideal femme clone as he has making weapons and revolutionary technologies. The organization keeps him online as he still is their best bet for doing work that he considers mundane, but is very valuable to the organization, namely creating new super intelligent cyborgs, and banging away at persistent problems uncovered by other research units and teams.


1 Really Impressive hardsuit that functions as his body. This unit has very high physical attributes, and due to having an internally mounted S2 transorganic power core, a power supply that is measured in years. The arms and hands can pick up and use any sort of power armor weaponry, but the Doctor seldom uses anything so mundane and as such has an arsenal of exotic, experimental, and one shot weapons. The arms are also mounted with a variety of tools such as cutters, laser drills, and large pincer claws. The suit also has an impressive sensor array, including thermal, laser, and backscatter X-ray capability.

1 Fully equipped industrial science and research lab with limited but capable onsite manufacturing capabilities (nano-forge, bioorganic generator, and poly-material printer).

3 to 20 lab assistants, including several robotic adjutant assistants, sexbots, cloned lab assistants, and cyborgs undergoing normalization and training to deal with their new bodies.

1 Limited Artificial Intelligence Super Computer (L/AISC) code named Marilyn, avatar is a retro futuristic Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn coordinates the robotic servitors, lab equipment, and communications. Dr. Riot often refers to Marilyn in romantic terms, and the two have a twisted married relationship.

Security detail that varies with the level of threat posed to the Doctor, or by the doctor, typically a squad of augmented infantry with moderate special forces training. There is a limit to the skill of the units assigned to the Doctor because they are in as much danger from the doctor himself as they are from outside forces potentially attacking the doctor.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Functionally, Doctor Riot is an insane scientist and engineer who is as likely to turn his guards into test subjects for his bizarre experiments, and has long since passed to moral event horizon. But, underneath the inhuman visage and the utterly horrific disregard for human rights and life and the track record of crimes against nature, man and physics, there is a shred of something sympathetic in the Doctor.

The Doctor had intentions of being a well to do family man, raising children, having an attractive wife, and becoming an honored and tenured professor. The fact that he frequently indulged in carnal relations with his female students was something that didn't really factor into the equation. After the dimensional fatigue event, and his forced augmentation and near death, he found his life plans smashed beyond recognition. His wife was among those infected individuals who were incinerated by the Mobile infantry who responded to the crisis, and with the near total destruction of his sex organs, there was almost no chance of him fathering children. He had stopped being the handsome charming professor, and had become a clanking monster.

Decades ago, there might have been a chance for him to be redeemed as a man, but that time is long since past, and he has crushed too many skulls with his pincers, brain drained too many test subjects with callous disregard for their lives, and committed too many other heinous acts of blindness for him to come back from the dark side. The problem is that in terms of morality, the Doctor no longer is running on a black and white scale of good and evil, his scale has long since changed to plaid and polka dot morality.

The Dark Secret

Doctor Hugh Riot was involved in fringe cult activities from his purely mortal days as an up and coming scientist and arcanologist.This was seen as a mark of the elite, in much the same way that hellfire clubs existed in Victorian times, or the preponderance of secret societies such as the Skull and Bones and other political entities during the Petroleum Era. Riot attended meetings and virtual masses for an entity known as the Myojin no Kyofu. He became a ceremonial high priest, which at the time was little more than a social gathering, and a reason for him to have carnal relations.

Eventually the Myojin no Kyofu manifested during the previously mentioned DFE and it turned it's original cultists into shock troops to expand it's dominion on Earth. This proved ill-fated, as the Myojin didn't pick the most capable of minions, and when the counter strike was deployed, almost all of them were slaughtered, and the Myojin itself barely escaped destruction. Riot remains a now steadfast and loyal priest of the Myojin, and many of his chronic psychoses can be derived from communing and offering sacrificing to an alien god that appears as a metallic slime that infests machinery.

Plot Hooks

They Call Him Q - much like Q to James Bond, Dr. Riot is a powerful supporting character, but for the bad guys. He can be a freelancer who turns minions into cyborg commandos, creates exotic weapons and gadgets for the baddies, or even the designer and architect of super weapons and unique vehicles. The PCs could be tasked with an assassination job to take Riot out, and cut the technological resources of the baddies.

Freelancer - the PCs are working with/for Riot and they find themselves facing someone who has completely forgotten any shred of humanity or empathy, but is a brilliant weapon designer and gear producer. How much horror can they stand before they refuse to work with Riot, or do they see it coming when he turns on them, curious to take them apart, or offer them to his liquid metal god?

Ka-Li-Ma! - the Doctor is the primary antagonist and is the head of an infected army of cyborgs and droids that have been corrupted by the alien god Kyofu. The PCs have to fight their way through parapsychic cyborg commandos armed with arcanotech weaponry to force a final showdown with the Doctor, who probably has a second or third mutation form, FOOLS! this isn't even my final form!!!

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