1-Ice Spider

This large and hairy spider is the only known spider to live in the snow and ice at the poles, preying on seals and polar bears. It does so by carving out holes in the ice with it's sharp claws, and spinning a web that rapidly hardens and becomes as sharp as the barbs on barbed wire. When snow covers the holes, the seals and bears who are unlucky enough to fall in are sliced up and held on the barbs of the webbing. The spider, which has covered itself with snow to hide, comes out of hiding and kills and eats the prey, using some of it to feed the young spiders that are too small to hunt. As well as keeping it warm, the white hairs on it's body contain stingers that can be launched with enough force to penetrate thick fur and skin. This spider will happily try and feast on humans if it can.

2-Friendly Spider

This spider is the size of a large mastiff, but if it is trained from when it is young enough, it is a friendly, affectionate pet with a deep and loyal love for it's owner. It will spin itself a non-sticky web that looks like a hammock in the owner's home and use it as a bed, and likes all sorts of meat. They make good guards against burglars and other unwanted types, as their bite is seriously venomous, and as long as the owner treats his or her spider well, the spider will always treat the owner in the same way, even allowing it's mandibles to be touched by it's owner without biting. Of course, if badly treated it can and does go feral. Some cities ban giant spiders as pets, others welcome them.

3-Intelligent Spider

This human-sized spider is as intelligent as any human, and will spin a web the size of a small house and looking much like one in shape to live in. The better-educated ones know human speech. How they treat other races depends on how the other races treat them. If the other races are at war with them or trying to genocide them, then those who enter one of the spider towns or villages are unlikely ever to return; otherwise they will happily tolerate other races and trade with them as long as the other races are polite and well behaved. They find it very hard if not impossible to work metal, so metal objects are worth a lot to them.

4-Robot Spider

Invented by the rather insane scientist Doctor Hugh Riot this human sized robot spider has been programmed as a guard bot. With sharp metal mandibles that can even cut through certain Power Armour Types and amputate unprotected limbs, this also has robot spinnerets and can shoot out very sticky web, either for use in a fight or to help keep doors sealed shut. It is armored, but far from invulnerable; swords, war-hammers and the like can damage it after a few blows, whilst bullets and lasers can cut through it's armour with ease. In a world where guns are very tightly controlled however, it will prove a fearsome foe.

5- Army Spiderlings

Although each one of these has a nasty bite that can penetrate human flesh, each spider by itself is not very big, and it's webbing is no stronger then ordinary spider webs are. Very good for catching insects and small birds, but no danger to humans. The danger to humans comes because these spiders form armies of many thousands that travel along at walking pace eating whatever cannot get out of the way in time. A human that is bound, has a broken leg, is drugged or too drunk to move very fast or gets trapped at somewhere like a high cliff edge will get eaten alive, but otherwise walking is enough to stay out of reach.

6-Blindness Spider

Although only a few inches in size, the potent venom from this spider causes blindness very quickly, and it may only be cured by potent clerical magic. In the now long defeated Empire of Ka-Phum, defeated Emperors were held down and one of these spiders was pressed against their flesh as once blinded they could not rule and were no threat to the new ruler. The danger from these spiders comes when they are underestimated and a human pushes through the web, thinking they are normal spiders. They don't prey on humans-humans are far too big for them, but they bite in self defence or in anger when their webs are broken.

7-Beserker Spider

The bite of this spider causes the bitten one to blindly strike out at his or her friends, thinking that they are giant spiders. Whilst the effect only lasts for a few minutes, the results can be devastating. The spider itself is only the size of a large tarantula and having bitten somebody, it scuttles somewhere out of sight in the hope that both the bitten one and those he or she is fighting will kill each other. The normal prey of this spider is insects, it's poison is a defense mechanism, although it will happily feed on human flesh given the chance.

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