Short and slightly fat Jahla is not the prettiest of the bunch, but that just makes him fit in even more if you ask me. Just another rugged looking person wandering the streets, looking for the odd job here and there.

Or so you thought.

Jahla acquired his name during a late night stint with some friends after a few beers and has been known by the same name ever since.

As they were staggering along he staggered into someone and came away sniggering, suggesting that they return to the tavern for a fine meal and some more beer.

"But you have no money left, and none of us have any either" they complained.

"Well what would you call this then?" he said jangling the bag of coins in front of their very noses.

"Bet you couldn't do that again" another of his group said.

And so it was they spent the rest of the night reliving people of their valuables.

After that night together they were all inseparable, each determined to out-swipe the other, although none of them seemed to be able to beat Jahla, and it was so he became known as Jahla the Light.

As his followers grew so did his projects and now nothing seemed to big to take, no risk was too high. He and his merry band of eight then "purchased" a hut in the wood not too far from the town they operated in. Thus giving them somewhere to hang out.

Since then they have each made bets with one another who would come home with the most loot, and the one with the most would be named the light, for their lightfingerdness, currently no-one has beaten him and so he has stayed with his cronies The Band of Nine.

Special Equipment
Jahla has no special equipment as such, although he does carry a pair of finely crafted daggers he redistributed to himself from a rich merchant who seemed a little on the large side, and in order to help him lose a few pounds and get around quicker, Jahla gave his services free of charge.

Although it isn't a peace of special equipment, he has a tattoo on his left bicep, of a circle with the number nine in it, all the band have this tattoo in order to recognisee one another.

Roleplaying Notes
Jahla is generally a very jolly and well natured person, and will spend time chatting to people in the street, and lifting their valuables when they aren't looking.

He mostly likes to hum an obscure tune that nobody else seems to know, as he walks through the streets looking for his next loot.

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