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July 22, 2008, 8:05 am

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Lord Miranor


After succesfully killing his father in a military coup, for power, the self styled "Lord" Miranor, grabbed the reigns of control from his father, and began his military dictatorship.

Of average height with a strong and muscular build, his face has a cruel and malevolent air about it, his thin lips makes this even more pronounced.

Miranor is a desperate man willing to do anything to keep his hold on the country he so recently took over. His mistrust of his people runs deep even now that he has the countyr in his iron clad grip.

He is liable to sudden bouts of uncontrolled anger and has been known to shoot one of his leftenants, for merely suggesting they surrender to the allied forces which surround the country in order to rid its people of the dictator who so recently took over.

In private he is a relatively peaceful man, getting on with life as any normal person would.

Born into a world filled with political turmoil, with different people and factions all vying for supremacy.

His father was one of the few people who had believed in uniting all the differernt factions and bringing peace to a country long scarred by war and infighting.

When his father finally managed to secure the leadership of his country it looked as if all was finally going well and that his country would be yet another step closer to their ultimate destiny; to be in complete control of the remaining countries and empires of the world.

However instead of following what Miranor believed, as had so many others with him, his father had decided to go against what his peers had suggested, and extend the hand of peace to all the nations that his country had so long been fighting against.

Of course when Miranor heard this you can imagine that he wasn’t overly pleased, and decided to round up a group of his followers and insurgents, and together they would overthrow the current administration, and place one leader at the head of the country.

The coup was planned for the day his father went to address a large rally of people saying how he had brought peace to their country and that they would have many prosperous years to come, how wrong he was.

On that fateful day Miranor marched with his army of ten thousand strong army of insurgents and rebels, and on his orders massacred everyone at the rally, including Miranor’s own father.

Since that fateful day the countyr has been ruled under the iron thumb of its dictator. There have been threats made from outside the country from others claiming that if the self styled dictator Lord Miranor did not step down and surrender to them that they would be left with no choice but to invade.

In response to this Lord Miranor sent back the head of a captured soldier, and told them to keep their noses out of his countrys business.

After this insult was sent to the other countries they decided to prepare an invasion force, forcing Miranor to gather as many troops as he could, and although they were vastly outnumbered by the invasion force they had the upper hand; they knew the lay of the land like the back of their hands, they had even been given time in advance to set large traps upon which hundreds would die if they were unlucky enough to accidently trigger one.

Lord Miranor’s forces also had one other advantage; their mages had been given far better instructions than others, and as such were ever so slightly more knowing than the rest. But it wasn’t these mages that made his army formidable, it was the fact that his mages worked together with his countries best engineers, in order to produce extremely powerful weapons to be unleashed upon the enemy, should the need arise.

Special Equipment
What special equipment would he need, this guy has a whole country at his disposal, i can’t think of any better weapon.

Roleplaying Notes
Lord Miranor is generally a very angry peson by nature, as well as being a very desperate man, willing to do anything to get rid of and crush his enemys.

In present times he is becoming morwe and more unsure of himself, and has been trusting people less than he normally would, and as such he will not let certain people near him withpout having their weaponary relieved from them until they leave, in order to prevent someone displacing him.

Rumours do of course have an effect, paranoia just seems to be the first.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted CaptainPenguin
July 22, 2008, 15:38
"Of course when Miranor heard this you can imagine that he wasn't overly pleased, and decided to round up a group of his followers and insurgents, and together they would overthrow the current administration, and place one leader at the head of the country."

No, I can't imagine that, and the reason is, I have no idea what this person is *like*. You describe his jittery, paranoid, dark personality later on, but I still have no idea why he would oppose making peace, what it is he believes in and why he is doing the things he does. This write-up gives us no idea of why Miranor believes so strongly that the other nations must be conquered that he would kill his own father. In addition, I have no idea what he looks like, his mannerisms, his likes and dislikes. It's like a very thin sketch with no details.

However! Be not discouraged. It is a good idea and very workable as a villain. It's getting there.
July 25, 2008, 6:02
Would you like me to place it as "In Work" until i spruce it up a bit, if that helps?
July 22, 2008, 19:21
I agree with the Cap´n. This is a bit thin, still - but workable. There´s potential.

You have described the man´s history quite detailed, but left out most of his personality, mannerisms, psychological make-up and most of his appearance. "Cruel and malevolent with a strong muscular build" is pretty cliché.

I would suggest giving the man some distinguishing marks, some quirks.. maybe a fobia? Mesh his quirks with the backstory, then you´re there...

Oh, and dont forget to run it through a spell check... I´m prone to forget that myself..

I´m holding off my vote until you´ve had a chance to go over it... You´ll get a LOT of good advise, I´m sure..

July 25, 2008, 5:49
Okay then thanks guys i'll do my best and get it up to scratch.

Thanks again for the suggestions.
Voted chilled
July 28, 2008, 11:57
Not too shabby, good in fact just needs spicing up.
July 30, 2008, 15:24
My quibbles may be overly technical, but it seems Miranor's father deserved to lose if he was not willing or able to properly secure himself against attack. He should have had troops and intelligence in place to protect himself from an army of 10000. No matter what the time period, 10 thousand troops are not subtle.

There are a few inconsistencies in the geopolitical situation you mention.

His country was near to establishing control over the region, but stopped because his father became king/ruler and declared peace. How did the tables suddenly turn that the nearly beaten enemies are threating to invade? Just because Miranor took over? What happened to the forces that were dominating the other countries?

Now if the killing of his father lead to a civil war that weakened the country, then it becomes more realistic that the enemy nations would act.
Voted Aramax
February 16, 2015, 7:40
Commenting challenge.
Def a diamond in the ruf. Basic idea is sound but I can see why you abandoned it.
Very early Kas?
April 20, 2015, 12:04
Ancient, perhaps I'll revisit some of the older submissions and consider revising them. On the other hand, they're also a trip down memory lane, along which I can see my developement.

Thank you for your V/C :)


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