Deepbend is one of a kind. With five hundred guards on its payroll and nearly 40 miles of water in between it and the nearest coast it is widely believed to be the most secure place on the planet. It mostly houses terrorists and war criminals but occasionally a murderer is put behind the walls. Deepbend is primarily a prison, but also has a small income from inmate labor.

The layout of the prison is another thing that contributes to the security of the facility. On the surface is a large platform, much like an oil rig, that is anchored to the ocean floor. The actual cells are housed below the surface in several levels. Travel between levels is accomplished with an underwater elevator. About halfway down (300 feet) is the convict quarters, the inmates are housed two to a cell, the cells are cramped, measuring 10x10 each. A mess hall takes up the rest of the room on this level. Approximately 60 prisoners are housed on this level, but it varies depending on the time of day. A few feet below the first cell level there is another, identical one.

The next level is solitary confinement and the kitchen. This level is about 50 feet below the main quarters. Inmates are sent to solitary for misbehavior or on the whim of a guard. Solitary are 5 feet by 10 feet and the walls are solid metal. The kitchen is where inmates prepare food for the entire prison. It comes partly made so mostly the inmates are do mixing and heating, knifes are not allowed. Food is delivered to levels via the elavator.

Another 200 feet below solitary lies the maximum security cells. These cells are for the worst of the worst, and only one person is allowed per cell. The inmates eat in their cells, having no mess hall, and are entirely confined to their room. Exercise is taken care of with weights in each of their rooms and most of them will never see the light of day until they die. The cells are patrolled 24/7 by guards and the lights never go out. There are seven cells on this level, but only five are currently occupied.

Finally, lying 750 feet below the waves, is the work level. Here inmates are taken every other day to mine. A failed attempt to find a shipwreck years ago discovered a large deposit of precious metals, mostly silver, at the bottom of the ocean. When planning the prison, the designers came across the journal of one of the explorers who found the deposit. They decided to build the prison over this vein of minerals in order to exploit it. Prisoners are lowered down in a diving bell the final 20 feet to the ocean floor. They then begin a three-hour shift in which they mine for ore. Ore is transported back to the surface with a separate elevator, then it is shipped back to mainland on a boat.

Every day a sixth of the inmates are taken to the surface and “exercised” pumping oxygen for the prison and running the ore elevator. They are watched closely, and worked for around ten hours. This builds up enough pressure in the air tanks that the next 14 hours can run entirely on them. All inmates in Deepbend are in for life, however due to the conditions and work, that life may not be long.

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