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April 15, 2012, 8:14 am

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Lojcrelt's Lojcreltians


In the strangest parts of The Ocean, the Lojcreltians are born. Beings of weirdness and cosmic balance so profound they can alter reality.

-LojcreltiansThe Ocean's Weirds

These beings seem alien of mind and body, unfamiliar shapes with strange motivations. Their physical appearance changes on a whim, but it will never be mistaken for a “natural” creature. The Lojcreltians can be of any color, and often are, while their shape is typically indescribable. They range in size from nothing to everything, and are easy to pass over if your mind isn't capable of accepting their existence.

They are found in the waters of the world, in deep, dark areas of total submersion. They float, pivot, and dance through the black oceans with no regard for their environment. They go about their monumental tasks, world changing duties, which none other than a Lojcreltian could ever hope to comprehend.

A Lojcreltian is the result of mortality stricken by His Ancient Illumination, The Glow of Lojcrelt. The result is new creature, one with a perfect understanding of itself and its surroundings.

- Lojcrelt - Wisdom of The Depths

An eerie being of shell and shadow, rigid with years of weight on both body and mind. It speaks at all times with a slow and acute series of incoherent notes. The sound is reminiscent of a grand pipe organ, long submerged. The creature, of undecipherable shape and size, is most notable by an aura of pale light that converses in the language of spirit and mind.

Lojcrelt is a chronicler of changes, he is living history, and he is older than time. In the Glow of Lojcrelt, His Ancient Illumination, you can find answers to alien questions and unlock the secrets of that which is common knowledge. To gaze upon Lojcrelt, The Wisdom of The Depths, is an experience transcendental of body, it is to understand the weight of the world, a glimpse of everything in its place. After an encounter with this enormous reservoir of data, even brief contact with this eternal mind, comes a desire to assist so potent that it can cause tremendous physical and mental change in an individual. Most beings are added to the infinite existence of the Lojcreltians, some are far less fortunate.

- The Teller's Stones - Books of Lojc

Deep within the crusts of the earth and amid buried oceans. There are locations under the tremendous pressure of existence, places that serve as a foundation for spreading reality.

The Teller's Stones form most often in these areas of cosmic burden. Rocks as white as Heaven that cast no shadow. They are the Books of Lojc, what were once normal rocks in a unique location have become repositories of ancient knowledge. The Lojcreltians shed information as they exist, information in an actual form that is unable to be seen but can be felt at times. Moments of inspiration or clarity are sometimes caused by interaction with such information.

But, The Teller's Stones are rocks, plants, sometimes simple aquatic animals, anything in the area, that has been exposed to information in this way for hundreds of years. They gather the data and begin to shed light similar to the Glow of Lojcrelt. The light of The Teller's Stones impart the answer to whatever question is currently on the mortal's mind. It does so in a way so innate that they might not even realize it was the work of a Teller's Stone.

- Lecroltins - Lacaruuts - LojjersLojcrelt's Mistakes

   Lecroltins are blob-like beings that float in dark waters. They were once mortals, they contacted the Glow of Lojcrelt, but were unyielding in their desire to maintain a largely material form. They could not forsake a body for access to enlightenment, it was too much for their minds to handle. They were formless, briefly after initial contact with His Ancient Illumination, but immediately collected a body from its limited surroundings. They are made of sea water and all it contains, salt, flotsam, bits of sand and the like.

They collect the information scraps given off by true Lojcreltians more easily that most things and come to glow brightly, quickly. They ebb and flow through water like a strange illuminated jellyfish. When they encounter a mortal, they will struggle towards it in an effort to obtain knowledge from it. The Lecroltins desire to remember mortality once more and will draw those memories from people it touches, while imparting their own knowledge as if they were a Teller's Stone. The mortal forgets things like pain, age, and death while learning the answers to the questions that surface as this is happening. The Lecroltin continues its attack until the mortal no longer remembers that mortality exists and then reforms as its previous self.

   Lacaruuts are created when the not-very-wise are touched by Lojcrelt's Wisdom. Thankfully, it takes one of truly low comprehension to achieve this result. To put it simply, the newly enlightened creature mimics new stimuli. They change their form to that of every new thing they encounter. Most of the time they appear as water, or a fish, sometimes an actual Lojcreltian or any of the sub-breed; anything really. In whatever form, they are also a poor copy of the original. They make stuttering movements or just somehow wrong actions that make people uneasy.

   Lojjers are the ones who resist the urge to assist in the maintenance of things after touching His Ancient Illumination. They become warped in mind and body but lack the servitude of true Lojcreltians. In all ways they can appear as a typical Lojcreltian, but they have differing motives. Their motives are likely even stranger than their kin's, as they have no guidance and simply make the world as they want it. They are dangerous to existence, but Locreltians can not differentiate between themselves and Lojjers

Additional Ideas (1)

Maybe one could be trapped in an inland sea (loch ness monster style) and folks have always come to swim in the water there as it is known that it can help you solve your most desperate problems or give you the wisdom you need to do something great. Scholars and schools have grown up around the area to take advantage of the mystical "sea".

Unfortunately others return from the sea with a lobotomy. But such is the risk of true knowledge.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Kassy
April 15, 2012, 8:36

Well done.

Living history, I like that.

Voted Dossta
April 18, 2012, 17:08

I simply loved this piece.  The writing, the atmosphere -- it really makes me want to use it one day.  I can imagine a religion springing up around Lojcrelt, some sort of "cult of the universe" whose sages seek an audience with the Wisdom.  Too bad it sounds like they'd never return after achieving enlightenment.  Overall, a Teller's Stone sounds like a worthy quest goal and provides plenty of motivation to seek it out.  Once again, I tip my hat to you, sir!

Voted Moonlake
May 24, 2012, 22:01
Basically what Dossta already said. Also, I like Lojcrelt as a new twist to the idea of an oracle.
Voted Strolen
June 16, 2012, 3:29
Pretty damn cool idea!
Voted valadaar
February 7, 2017, 11:05
This is really neat. Hard to get my head around, but still cool.


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