Special Equipment:

Cowpoke - An antique black powder revolver that looks impressive, with a heavy black barrel and really large calibre bullets. The gun has never fired since Dan gained it, but it still scares the hell out of some people.


Dan the Dastardly Dog is an anthropomorphic golden retriever. He stands five foot, eight inches tall, and is covered with light golden hair, and has the large ears, black nose, and other basic characteristics of a golden retriever. He is usually decked out in normal cowboy attire, with a battered grey hat the used to be white, red and white flannel shirt, dirty leather vest, and chaps and boots for riding. Most everything he has looks second or third hand, but generally not overtly trash.

Dan walks with a cowboy swagger, and tips his hat to all of the ladies, be they foxes or dogs (little animal humor there) and is a good guy. He also happens to be a good guy down on his luck, and usually trying to lay low until the heat has passed, but he is too good natured to spend his time hiding in some desert arroyo, he likes to be around other people.

He will pant when he gets too hot, and given his tail wags when he gets excited or happy he is possibly one of the worst poker players in the west. Still, he will stick with his friends, and is not afraid to throw down, but will find some way to get out of gunfights and shootouts since his own gun, Cowpoke, doesnt work.


At one point in time, Dan was a company man, working for the Arizona Railway Company (ARC) where he rode shotgun with the workers, protecting them from the wild natives who didnt like the cowboys, railroads, of large hosts of immigrant chinese cat laborers.

Everything fell apart one day when Dans soft heart got him in trouble. He saw one of the chinese cat immigrants being beaten by a fellow lawdog, and he intervened. In the scuffle, the assailant was killed when his own weapon accidentally discharged. The railboss blaimed Dan for the event and ordered the rest of the lawdogs to see him strung up as a murderer.

Dan was aided in his escape by one of the workers, the one being beaten, one Litterbox Larry. The two made good their escape, foiling the lawdogs, and blinding the railboss by blowing up a wagon full of blasting powder. The two treked across the desert to Demadex Canyon, a little mining town in the Arizona Territory, and became fast friends of the locals after her thwarted the corrupt sherrifs plans to sell the town to the ARC.

He remains an outlaw, and the...reluctant sherrif of Demadex Canyon. He keeps the criminals and toughs in line, but has to run and hide anytime the real lawdogs show up. The locals are more than happy to help him, and Dan is constantly dodging the amorous advances of Miss Kitty, the proprietor of the local brothel, who has fallen in love with the dashing lawdog.

Roleplaying Notes:

Dan the Dastardly Dog, and Litterbox Larry are both creations of my wife, and I have decided to post them here for everyones enjoyment. Dan is not meant to be a serious character, but more in line with the reluctant hero from the 1970's spaghetti westerns. Litterbox Larry is more of the 1970's chop socky kung-fu transplanted into the west. Litterbox Larry will be posted later, pending reaction to Dan.

Thanks! Even though it is spelled dog, pronounce it dawg, and everything will be alright.

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